Integrating Technology and Feng Shui Principles

For a PR campaign in Europe recently, Logitech worked with Paul Darby, The Feng Shui Doctor, to understand feng shui and how it can be applied in homes. We received such great feedback on this campaign that we thought we’d share some of his top tips with you here. Also included are some of the articles that resulted from this campaign. Enjoy!

  • Complexity = confusion. Always keep any arrangement of objects, colours and technology as simple as possible.
  • Work with the chi to help accentuate and maintain a steady, measured, continuous flow of energy throughout the space
  • Do not confuse the energy – or chi – in the room. Keep it natural and simple
  • Up-lighters in the corners of a room, or in alcoves, help move slow, stagnant energy and negativity. Get rid of ‘dismal puddles’ of energy and let the light shine through
  • Bright lights near your computer will raise and move the chi energy around your workspace and keep it moving. This helps with creativity, positive thinking and ideas
  • ‘Growth’ colours – green and yellow, symbolising plants and sunshine – should be placed in the east and southeast, as these ‘rising sun’ colours raise and support the natural energy – or chi – within you and in the spaces around you
  • ‘Fiery’ colours – reds and yellows – should be placed in the south so they attract positive energy / enthusiasm and opportunities towards you
  • A few well chosen ‘solid’ colours are better than ‘busy’ patterns
  • Place evergreen plants in the east, southeast, north and south areas of the home. The ‘evergreen’ of nature helps to move the natural chi energy around, creating a continual steady flow which brings out the best in you and the space around you
  • Rounded metals, such as brass, copper bowls and/ or vases should be placed in the west, northwest and north feng shui locations of the room, as this transforms slow and stagnant energy into positive, steady flowing energy. Note: these vases and bowls should be empty as they ‘wait for opportunities to land in them’
  • And finally, do not over clutter the space you are working in.

For more information about Feng Shui Principles by Paul Darby check out the following links:






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