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A wide range of reviews came in last week from the Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse to the Logitech Squeezebox Radio.

Digital Trends gave our G500 Gaming Mouse an 8/10 and said they prefer it to our G9x Laser Mouse because it “delivers nearly all the same features, and it’s a better fit for our hands.” The Future of Things reviewed out Darkfield Technology, which allows you to use your mouse virtually anywhere you want — including clear glass. This technology is included in a handful of our mice, including the Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX, which Everything USB reviewed and said “the overall product execution leaves little to be desired.”

Also, CNET UK tried out the Logitech Squeezebox Radio and gave it a 9.1/10 and said it’s “one of the best Internet-radio streamers currently on the market.”

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  • My computer mouse is troubling me form few months.Planning to replace it.The detail provided about Logitech mouse in this post are quite impressive.So I’m thinking to go for it.

  • I bought both the G500 and the G9x to see which was better.

    The G500 is a very nice mouse for people who like the palm grip. Its too much mouse for me since I have more of a claw/palm hybrid grip. The one thing that I really didn’t like was where my ring finger and pinky had to rest. I found it far too cramped on the outside of the mouse and couldn’t find a comfortable place for those two fingers to rest unless I pulled my hand back to a position that didn’t seem right for its ergonomic shape, as a result I’m taking it back. Total comfort is too important for a mouse I will be using gaming for hours at a time.

    The G9x surprisingly was very comfortable for all five fingers. Despite its odd boxy look, I found it to be a lot more comfortable in my hand than the G500. I also liked just having two buttons on the side instead than the congested three buttons that are on the side of the G500 which are much more tricky to press in the heat of battle. Although, the 2 buttons on the G9x could have been redesigned so its a bit easier to tell them apart without looking, perhaps more of a bubble shape to define them. The huge flaw of the G9x, and the sole reason why I am also taking this mouse back, is the middle wheel button which requires far too much force to press. If the G9x wheel button was like the G500 in its resistance I would have kept the G9x for sure.

    I have also tried the Razer Lachesis and Habu but returned them as well for different reasons.

    My 2 bits. 😀

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