Logitech Unveils Squeezebox Radio and Squeezebox Touch

There’s no question that digital music has changed way we listen to music. The next wave of change we’re watching in the music industry is streaming music, as well as the desire to discover new music. Keeping that in mind, we’re excited to announce our newest Wi-Fi music players – the Logitech Squeezebox Radio and Logitech Squeezebox Touch – which will help you bring together your personal music collection, free Internet radio stations and subscription services – such as Rhapsody, Pandora and Napster – at the touch of a finger.

Product Marketing Director Sam Feng recently recorded a brief video to introduce you to the new Squeezebox products and the world of Wi-Fi music players.

The new Squeezebox Radio is easy to set up with no extra wires or speakers needed. You just plug it in and connect to your home network and – like magic – you’ve got access to a world of music, including your DRM-free iTunes Plus downloads. And the Squeezebox Radio’s color screen can display album art, track and station information, visualizers and more. And don’t let its compact size fool you, this Wi-Fi Radio’s got plenty of punch and fits in number of small places (for the ultimate in convenience, there’s even an optional rechargeable battery pack).

If you already have speakers, the Squeezebox Touch can connect to them in minutes. The 4.3-inch color touch screen lets you easily select and play music, as well as view album art. Plus, to provide a better listening experience, the Squeezebox Touch supports sampling rates of up to 24 bits at 96 kHz, delivering rich sound with very little distortion.

In addition, both products feature our new “App Gallery.” For instance there is a Facebook application that allows you to share your Squeezebox music recommendations with your friends, and a Flickr application which lets you display pictures from your account.

Whether you’re a long time Squeezebox customer or new to Wi-Fi music, I think you’ll find it worthwhile to checkout one these great new products.


Director of Business Development


  • I think it has a great design and but what I’m missing is a Webradio / Digital Terrestrial radio crossing, so far I only came across either Webradio or Digital Terrestrial radio.
    Maybe we see a new edition in the future that can do both?

  • I have a fairly straight-forward question about the Squeezebox Touch. I would like to know whether the Duet Remote will work with the Squeezebox Touch to provide remote control over WiFi with album art and all of the display functionality that it provides with a Duet Receiver?


  • Hi,

    I’m trying to preorder a squeezebox touch here in Sweden as it looks absolutely great. But.. I find that in Sweden the Squeezebox Touch cost about $ 200 more. At Logitech.se it’s $ 492 and at logitech.com it’s $299.

    That’s no good is it?! Why is that ? I suggest you give logitech.se a good smack so they behave. Thanks.

    Best regards, Magnus

  • Hello: A simple question… can one access itunes genius mix streams on a squeezebox or via squeezecenter? Could not see this point addressed on the Logitech support area. Thanks. Richard

  • can i ask when the battery pack is going to be available in the UK for the Squeezebox Radio, think this feature will really make the radio portable and usable….squeezebox in the bath at last!!!

    • Hi Dave,

      The rechargeable battery pack will be available in the UK starting in December.


  • So when will I be able to (pre)-order a Touch from your website in the UK? It is listed on the site with a price but the link to order does not work, do you know when it will work?


  • How/when will the red version of the SB radio become available? It is so much better looking. In the Logitech shop there is a link “choose color”, but it doesn’t work.

    • Hi Sebastian,

      The red Squeezebox Radio will be available very soon on Logitech.com in Germany. Right now, we are experiencing some problems with adding the red Squeezebox to your shopping cart if you are using Internet Explorer. We should have this addressed soon. In the meantime, try using another browser if possible.


  • Hi Matt,
    squeezebox looks really cool, would love to try it out. I´d like to know if on-demand streaming services with thousands of streams are also accessible. I also run a website of this kind and would love to know if there´s a way to offer our 15.000 dj sets and radioshows to squeezebox users. Maybe you can give me a note about that. Thx! Georg

  • @Matt Cuson: I tested both, Firefox and Safari, with the german shop. I see no way to select the red version of the SB radio.

  • I’d like to know of the new Squeezebox Touch display gives you the large font scrolling type of display found on the Squeezebox 3, since I want to be able to see and control what is being played from across a relatively large room with the remote. The high brightness fluorescent display on the classic Squeezebox is great for that purpose when the large font is used in the high brightness mode. Can I do the same with the new Touch and will it be as visible across a large room? Is there a font and brightness adjust?

    • Hi Abe,

      Squeezebox Touch will sense when you are using the remote control and will switch to a large font mode to make it easier to read from a distance. As you noted, the size and high contrast will not be as high as what you have with the Classic or Boom, but it is legible within 8-10 feet. And as with all our products, brightness can be adjusted and the screen will dim in darkness, and brighten up in well-lit rooms.


    • Hi Simon,

      The Squeezebox receiver must first be set up using the Squeezebox controller. Once set up, it can be controlled by any other Squeezebox player by synchronizing them. You can also use the iPeng iPhone application to control one or more players. Also, both Squeezebox Radio & Squeezebox Touch can act as a master controller for all other players, including the receiver. Just remember that you will need to have a controller to do the initial set up of the receiver.


  • Hi,

    1) Can SB play itunes playlists

    2) Can SB connect to an itunes library on am Apple Time Capsule NAS?


  • What is the difference (if any) between the Touch and the Duet (which I currently own) in the way that each transcodes Apple Lossless files being streamed from my PC HD? I was told that the SBD transcodes from Apple Lossless to FLAC using SW that runs oni my PC and then sends that stream to the Duet (wirelessly) wherein the Duet’s firmware transcodes to PCM for standard digital connection to my A/V system. Is this correct? Is this correct? Does the Touch work in the same way? My #1 priority is preserving sound quality which is why I rip everything with Apple Lossless. Also, does Touch support the streaming of 24/96 music files? Thanks in advance. I am been consistently very impressed with Logitech’s customer service and products.

  • I’m very interested in offering me the Touch for Xmas… It’s really the kind of product I was waiting for a couple of years. But I’d like to know if I just can plug an USB external hard drive, for instance a classical 2,5inch portable drive… The website only mentions the possibility to connect a USB key or Card Reader, which is by no way large enough for my collection and I can’t afford buying me a NAS yet…

  • Hi Matt,

    When would the rechargeable battery pack for Squeezebox radio be available in the market ? Can i use some other alternate battery pack till then ?


    • Hi Jayesh,

      The Squeezebox Accessory Pack is expected to be available in December at Logitech.com and Logitechsqueezebox.com. We do not have a specific date at this time.


    • Hi Jim,

      The Squeezebox Accessory Pack – which includes a basic remote and battery pack for the Squeezebox Radio – is expected to be available in December at Logitech.com and Logitechsqueezebox.com. We do not have a specific date at this time.


  • Matt:
    I’ve pre ordered it thru Amazon too, would like to know when exactly it’ll be available?
    Can’t wait….
    And about what Jemil asked, i’m curious too, whether the USB port support external hard disk, eg. those 500Gb or 1Tb, or is it only limited to USB flash drive.

    • Hi Benzene,

      The Squeezebox Radio is available now for purchase. However, due to an unexpected delay, the Squeezebox Touch will not be available in time for the holidays.

      Regarding your second question, right now, the USB port support is limited to USB flash drives; however, we will continue to look at additional opportunities.


    • Hi Dan,

      Due to an unexpected delay, the Squeezebox Touch will not be available in time for the holidays. We will provide an update on availability as soon as possible.


  • Will I be able to purchase a battery pack seperately from the accessory pack. Or could I make my own. It looks like the sort of arrangement that isn;t too special or hard to put together.

    I would rather not but another remote control when I already have the duet and iPeng as controllers.

    • Hi Paul,

      At this time, the battery pack for the Squeezebox Radio is not going to be sold alone, just as part of the Squeezebox Accessory Pack. We can not recommend making your own as it could void the warranty of the product.


  • Do you happen to know if some countries may get the squeeze box touch (first) when finally available? If so, what is your best estimate?

  • Is the Harmony 1100 Advanced Universal Remote Compatible with the SB Radio? If so, can you see the radio stations on the display of the remote?

    • Hi Jessica,

      You can use the Harmony 1100 to control the power for the Squeezebox. However, at this time, the track information does not appear on the Harmony display.


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