Ultimate Ears’ June Artist to Watch: Meese

Denver, CO: A town I find scary to fly into. The plane has to dive down into this valley and I just don’t like it. However, Denver does have a pretty interesting music scene, including this month’s Artist to Watch, Meese. The brothers Meese, along with Ben and Mike, have a new album launching next week (June 30). I must confess that after just a few listens to their song “Next in Line,” I was singing it around the office. Unfortunately for those in the office, my singing skills aren’t that great. Fortunately for Meese, any song that gets stuck in my head this easily tends to be pretty good.

Meese has shared a stage with other great bands like The Fray and Paramore. If you don’t think that Ultimate Ears has good experience in spotting brothers who know how to kick out the jams, I’d remind you that we got our start with two brothers named Van Halen. They’ve seemed to do pretty well.

Meese will be out on tour this summer so go check them out – I’m sure you’ll be able to sing their songs better than I can.


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