Logitech in the News

Last week’s announcements are still generating coverage. Pocket Lint posted some great images of our new Wireless Guitar Controller for Xbox 360 and Geek.com covers our new Bluetooth Mouse M555b. Also, Gina Clark appeared on ABC’s “Ahead of the Curve” to talk about our new Logitech Vid.

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  • And yet with all of this still we have yet to see a single new or even technologically updated trackball.

  • I’ve been wondering if anyone dares to be different. I would not expect this from a company that has made one billion mice, or would I?

    Since the dawn of ages, or computers atleast, people have been used to the mystical sound: *Click* *Click* Its everywhere! Offices. Campuses. Homes. You name it.

    Would it be a radical innovation for a giant named Logitech to create a mouse, who does not want to be like others? It could be fast, slick and precise as the rest, but still different. It wants to be the one who walks smoothly on fresh new lawn but does not make a sound.

    Even though the ones controlling such device might not hear the familiar *click*, they will still know when they scratched the ear of the new beast.

    Do you dare to be different?

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