Solved: Missing Umbrella – A Logitech Video Surveillance Customer Story

Over the years, we’ve received many customer stories describing how our cameras have helped to solve a mystery. What happened to the package at the front door? Who forgot to close or lock the front door? Why is the cash drawer short today? Which neighbor’s dog is leaving his calling card on my front lawn? The list goes on and on. This latest story is pretty incredible. Without the watchful eye of a Logitech security camera, this customer most likely never would have found out why his backyard umbrella was found in the front street more than a 100 feet away. Here is the story in his words, as well as the amazing video:

My wife and I purchased the WiLife camera system for peace of mind. We do not have any major issues in our neighborhood. We have a bus stop across the street, however, and we want to make sure the kids don’t cause too much of a ruckus. Since we have two cameras, we pointed one facing the front yard and the other one facing the back yard.

Recently, we had a very bad storm. When my wife arrived home from work that day, she noticed a large umbrella lying in the street and thought it looked like our umbrella from the patio in the back yard. Sure enough, when she checked the back yard patio, the umbrella was gone! How did the umbrella end up in the street, about 100 feet from the front of our house? More fascinating: How did the umbrella get over our two-story house and a tall fence?

Did someone jump the fence, steal it, and then dump it in the street? We were befuddled. Then, I remembered that we have the Logitech camera monitoring the back yard. So we went to our computer and started playing back the recorded footage from the day. Finally, we thought we saw something. Did we just see what we thought we saw? Did our umbrella fly over our two-story house? We played it over and again several times, even in slow motion.

High winds and rain are normally not conditions that will launch something into space. But on this day, there was an exception. Unfortunately, we had to buy a new umbrella since this one got dinged up on reentry.


Chief Product Officer, WiLife


  • Your product needs to support the iphone. Please release an iphone app for Platinum users. It will also increase your sales.

  • I am interested to get some of your cameras but I’d like to connect them to my Windows Home Server not my laptops. Does the software work on Windows Home Server?

    • Hi Waldo,

      While the Microsoft Windows Home Server is an ideal location to store video from our cameras, unfortunately, it doesn\’t meet the minimum system requirements to run the Command Center software.

      Best, Evan

  • Just bought the WiLife indoor and outdoor system. Set both cameras up easily. Was disappointed that I am not able to use my Iphone to view the video online though… After spending $570 for the setup I would have thought that the video format would be universal.

  • I really want to get some cameras and have been watching them for 3 years now, they really really need to be updated. The tech and quality can be much better now, I think its time to update the cameras. When can we expect new models ?

  • I was just about to purchase these cameras. They appeared to have everything I needed. Until I noticed the video was WMV9. No iphone support there. Please update the cameras to support a format that will work on iphone and you’ll have a sale. Until then, I’ll keep looking for an alternative.

  • iPhone app or compatablty is a must. If iPhone users are willing to drop 200-600 per phone and pay the extra $360 (for each phone, per year) for the data package required by AT&T, then it is my guess these users will have the money to spend on thr WiLife system. I was also a little shocked that these cameras did not have higher video quality.

  • hi i just purchesed your product and i to am just realizing it doesnt work on iphone i dont want to return it but not left with much choice……………..

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