New: Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110

Today I am pleased to announce our newest gaming keyboard, the Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110. As the successor to the G11, it has the following features:


Customizable backlighting: We put in red and blue backlighting LEDs and give you control in the Profiler software over how they are mixed together, so your G110′s backlighting can be red, blue, or pretty much any shade of purple you can imagine.

G110 keyboard_TOP_Blue G110_TOP_RedLed_72_dpi

12 programmable G-keys and three M-keys: Give you the power to assign up to 36 single keystrokes, multi-key macros, or intricate LUA scripts. And, using the MR key, you can configure macros on the fly. The Profiler software also allows you to configure each M-key mode to have a different color backlighting, so you can know at a glance what mode you’re in.


Automatic game detection: Lets you create separate custom G-key programming profiles for every game you play.

Game mode switch: Easily disable the Windows and Context Menu keys, so that accidentally pressing them doesn’t kick you out of your game.


Integrated headset support: Works with any standard headphones or headset with 3.5mm plugs, like the Gaming Headset G330, and turns them into a high-quality USB audio device.

G110 Keyboard Connection

Hi-Speed USB 2.0 hub port: Plug your flash drive or favorite gaming mouse into this convenient low-power port.

G110 Keyboard back

One USB cable: Unlike other gaming keyboards with these features, the G110 gives you convenient audio jacks and a USB hub port without a tangled mess of cables at the back of your computer. All you need is one available USB port.

Mac and PC software included: Whether you’re a Mac or a PC, we’ve got you covered.

The Gaming Keyboard G110 will retail for $79.99.  It will be available in North America starting in late November, and in Europe in January.


Global Product Marketing Manager


    • Hi Anderson,

      The G110 features red and blue backlighting LEDs only. There are no green backlighting LEDs in the product, so it is not possible to make it green or yellow.

  • Woo! First comment!

    This keyboard looks just fantastic! I might buy it soon! I like purchasing from eBay though, so yeah. I’d have to wait for it to be there. Great work! =D


    • Hi dsbilling,

      The G110 is the successor to the G11, which also does not have a GamePanel LCD. For those people who want this feature, the G15 will continue to be available.

  • Wait… it’s the successor to the G11… and it has one less USB port, no music control and less G keys.

    You guys aren’t very good at the whole “improvement” thing, are you? Granted, perfection is when there is nothing left to remove, but I think that’s usually in reference to unwanted or unused features.

    Ever since you discontinued the original G15, I’ve been waiting for you to either start making it again, or make a keyboard that at least matches its features.

    • Hi Quxxy,

      I appreciate your comments and concerns. Ultimately it is questions like yours that help us to define and create each successive generation of products. I personally read a significant amount of feedback from many sources, and integrate that into my understanding of what customers would like to see in our products.

      While I absolutely see validity in your message, the G110 does feature quite a few improvements over the G11, including integrated USB audio (vs no audio), a Hi-Speed USB port (vs full-speed), additional backlighting options (vs blue-only), and a more compact size. And, as you correctly surmise in your (unposted) followup, there are media controls in the upper right corner of the keyboard. ;)

      We have to make tough decisions about features with every new product we release. For our previous G-Series keyboards, Hi-Speed USB, audio jacks, and customizable colors were very frequent requests. In order to add those features without exceeding the available power budget of the PC’s USB port, however, we were only able to include one USB hub port on the keyboard. Similarly, the 18 G-keys were a popular feature with many, but the fact that the keyboard didn’t fit into keyboard trays was just as big an issue for many others. In the research we’ve done and the conversations I’ve had with customers, 12 seemed to be the best compromise between functionality and product size.

      Again, thanks for the questions and comments – we’re always looking to improve on the work we’ve done in the past. Even when it’s brand new. :)

  • Awesome! looks like you guys really listened to the gamers this time around.

    I’m really a fan of the headphone audio jacks, It will most likely solve my MBP audio input problems without the need for me to go out and buy an adapter.

    And bringing back more G keys is great.

    Looking forward to it, hopefully if this is at a reasonable price ($75 or less) I will definitely be picking this up.

  • Hello, I just have a quick question. Is it mandatory to install the drivers that comes with the keyboard in order to get the headphone and usb ports to work? And thanks for answering all the questions so far, Chris. It’s really informative and also, when are you guys not going to make the software not use up so much memory and system resources? The setpoint software has some really neat features but don’t see why it destroys my computer resource wise. I’m using a laptop btw, so it could be that I just have a slow laptop.

    • Hi Jonathan,

      The audio jacks and USB port use standard drivers already present in Windows and the Mac OS. You do not need to install software for these features to function – if you plug the G110 in, they will just work. The programmable G-keys and backlighting color adjustment features require the software to be installed, however. The memory footprint for the Profiler software (which controls these two things) is around 7MB on my Vista system.

  • looks bad ass… u guys hit the nail in the coffin with this keyboard. I have been looking around for a nice backlit keyboard for a while now, but for some reason they all didn’t fit right. I like the size and the led feature.

  • What’s the maximum current output for the USB port? I Have an original G15, and the USB ports only allow up to .5mA, preventing me from even attempting to use my Thumb drive(at least, one of my thumb drives…) I’m just curious about how much current is left over (From USB 2.0′s 2.0mA Max output per port) after powering a sound card, back-lights, and a keyboard…

    • Hi Clubbavich,

      As with the G15 and G11 before it, and per USB spec, the USB port on the G110 provides a maximum of 100 mA of power. Powered ports, such as those you would find on your PC or on the G19, can provide up to 500mA, but require an external power supply.

  • On the audio front, I like that I could plug my current headset into the keyboard, but as a gamer I do not like that USB Audio will be stealing cycles from my CPU to process the audio. It also means that my audio card will no longer be used for cool effects! This also means there will be yet another audio device showing up everywhere and I hope it isn’t difficult to “turn off” this USB Audio because I would rather be using my sound card and making use of those extra CPU cycles!

    Personally, I would much rather have had a fatter cable with real wires for the I/O of the audio.

    • Hi Schuthrax,

      The USB audio device is only visible to your system if you have a headset (either headphones or microphone) plugged in to it. If there is nothing plugged in to either of the 3.5mm jacks on the keyboard, the USB audio device in the keyboard does not enumerate and therefore will not appear in your list of audio devices or prevent you from using your existing sound card for your headset should you prefer to do so.

    • Hi Paul,

      I’m not sure how exact you need them, but my best measurements are as follows:

      With the palm rest attached its maximum dimensions are approximately 510mm wide by 240mm deep by 24mm tall (to the top of the keycaps). Without the palm rest it is 190mm deep. It is a standard, full-size keyboard with extra width added to account for the two columns of G-keys.

  • I think Quxxy meant no volume controls. I see the media controls, and I think I see a mute button, but I don’t see volume up or down buttons. Personally I prefer a knob, slider, or wheel of sorts, over buttons.

    Also, I’ve had a few game controllers in my time, and I’ve always thought it would be sweet if instead of including software on a CD, they integrated flash memory and saved the software/profiles there, to be automatically run when the device was plugged in.

    Open source software would be nice too, that way people like Jonathan can compile their own Lite versions.

    • Hi perrinoia,

      As with the G19, the G110 features a barrel-style volume control, which is located just to the right of the system mute button in the multimedia control area.

      We’ve thought a lot about your suggestion to integrate the software into a flash chip on the device, but ultimately it was one of those features we had to remove from the wish list. We’re constantly looking at better ways to deliver the software for our products, though, so we’ll continue to think about it. :)

  • Wow this looks awesome – definitely going to be on my Christmas list this year! What is the suggested retail price on this?

    • Hi Rob,

      The recommended retail price for the G110 is $79.99. This information should have been in the original message, so I have added it.

  • I’ll definitely be looking forward to it although I’m no gamer. It’s hard to find a good (aka Logitech or Microsoft) keyboard these days that is wired, doesn’t have flat or glossy keys and has a standard key layout (i.e. doesn’t have a delete key that spans two rows etc.).

    I would’ve bought the G11 if it wasn’t too wide. If only there will be a non-gamer version… I don’t have a use for the macros.

  • I really wish it had green… it seems like it’s the most underrated backlight color of all, even though blue and green are the most popular case mod color themes.

    • Hi johny,

      Unfortunately, I’m not at liberty to reveal information about our future plans with regard to products.

  • WoW. Looks amazing!
    Now I have to wait. Also have a look at your Illuminated Keyboard because
    it also sounds interesting for me!

    One Question I have is: Does it is loud or quiet on Keystroke? The Illuminated
    has a special system, but i just want to ask because this one has normal Keys
    and i hate such loud Keyboards like I have at work :)

    Yours Sincerely

    • Hi Sebastian,

      The keys are standard rubber dome keys. They don’t have a physical or audible click component to them, but they are not quite as quiet as scissor keys.

  • “Unlike other gaming keyboards with these features, the G110 gives you convenient audio jacks and a USB hub port without a tangled mess of cables at the back of your computer. ”

    Excuse me, Logitech claiming they’re the only keyboard with that; my Razer Lycosa Mirror has one USB & audio jacks on the back of it…!

    • Hi Michael,

      Other keyboards with audio jacks and USB ports have two USB cables and two audio cables – making for a significant mass of cabling at the back of the PC. The G110 only has one USB cable coming from the back of it, which makes it much cleaner and simpler to connect. Additionally, with the G110 you don’t have to unplug your PC’s speakers in order to plug your headset into your keyboard.

  • Quote:

    I’ll definitely be looking forward to it although I’m no gamer. It’s hard to find a good (aka Logitech or Microsoft) keyboard these days that is wired, doesn’t have flat or glossy keys and has a standard key layout (i.e. doesn’t have a delete key that spans two rows etc.).

    I would’ve bought the G11 if it wasn’t too wide. If only there will be a non-gamer version… I don’t have a use for the macros.


    I’m in the same boat! It’s far too hard to find a keboard with the standard layout (as the g110 has) and a decent set of mdia buttons with a scroll-wheel volume control. Now call me picky, but it just makes sense.. For 5 years I had my logitech cordless MX duo keyboard before it started to die. it was pretty much perfect regarding keys and usage. standard layout? check! scroll dial for volume? check, although i prefer the g110′s scroll wheel system and location. decent compliment of media keys, INCLUDING a media key to open your music player, check!

    I’d love to see logitech do a version of this keyboard without the G-keys so that regular users could get on with typing properly. for heavens sake, i’ve resorted to using a dell keyboard because it’s the only thing that fits the bill at the moment..

    So in summary, I, and many others i’m sure, would love to see a very similar keyboard to the G110, without the G-keys, without the usb audio (even though i like the feature, it’s not necessary in a standard keyboard, gaming one yes, normal one, no), with some more media-type keys – a calculator button would be fantastic – but with the rest of the features retained.

    I’d love to hear any comments or information on a keyboard like this from you Chris :)


    • Hi Miles,

      As I said before, I’m not at liberty to discuss future plans with regard to products. Thanks for your kind comments, though. :)

  • Thanks for the response. It makes me feel a bit better having an actual human respond. :)

    I suppose it’s just that much more frustrating for me (and my mother who dearly loves hers — we have a standing agreement to immediately purchase any G15s we find at a reasonable price) because I feel the original G15 to be more or less as perfect as is practically feasible; it’s just that you don’t make them any more, so when this one dies, I’m stuck.

  • holy crap. This keyboard is flat out AWESOME looking. im liking the whole red and blue led thing.
    *bows as he isnt worthy*
    I really like the whole headphone and mic plugto the keyboard. quite helpful for someone like me whos soundcard for mic doesnt work properly. It seems like you really did spend the time listening to what the users wants. I not much of a macro user. (even thou Im a gamer) but its interesting to see them being used in the future with this. The price is awesome. im used to seeing a much higher price on logitech stuff.(my current mouse and keyboard set up cost me 150 bucks. mx5000 combo kit) now with this coming out HOPEFULLY. I’ll hear of a new Laser mouse coming out since mine is starting to feel the wear and tear of being used for two years.
    Also i kind of hoped that the volume control ont he keyboard would ahve been like the one seen on the mx5000. a touchpad/screen type. where you scroll your finger up and down to adjust the volume but none the less whatever is fine. it helps prevent from me accident hitting that pesky mute button thats right next to volume and the shift key. Also this wont conflict with setpoint will it? or will the program for this be like a different version of setpoint?

    • Hi SteWieH,

      The G110 ships with the G-Series Profiler software, which is completely separate from and does not conflict with SetPoint.

    • Hi Dday,

      The G110 will be available in Australia around the end of November, and will retail for $99.99 AUD.

    • Hi Mr X,

      The keys are made of transparent plastic which are then given a coat of silver paint and a coat of black paint. The black paint is then etched off with a laser so that the silver remains, and the key is sprayed with a UV-cured hard protective coating. This process is the same one we use with the current G15 and G19 keyboards.

    • Hi [TMC]Kuyaglen,

      The two methods for getting white backlighting are to either use white LEDs, or to combine red, blue, and green LEDs and allow the user to mix them into white with software, as we do with the G19. We discussed backlighting color options with many different customers, and their clear preference in these discussions was for the ability to choose the product’s backlighting color on their own. As there is not sufficient power available over USB to support RGB backlighting plus a USB hub, we chose the two colors most frequently requested by our customers – blue and red.

  • Hi Chris,

    As a longtime and excessive utilzer and giver of gifts of Logitech products (Let’s cover the least 6 years… 2x MX700′s, 2x MX1000′s, 3x G7′s, Z-5500′s, G15 (3x 1st & 2nd Gen), 4x G5′s, QuickCam 4000, Logitech QuickCam Ultra Vision SE, Cordless Action PS2 controller, Freedom 2.4 Cordless Joystick, 2x Cordless Rumblepad, Driving Force GT, G13, DiNovo Edge, G9, MX5500, MX Duo, Illuminated Keyboard, etc… ) I have one concern here…

    With the recent addition of my G13, I now have 6 Logitech applications running simultaneously (1 for the G9, 1 for the LIK, 1 for the QUVSE, 1 for the DFGT and 2 for the G13….). As you can imagine, these are taking up one big honking memory footprint, even with my 12GB.

    Is the G110 going to require another seperate app?
    Are there any plans to consolidate input drivers?

    • Hi Wulf,

      All G-Series keyboards and gameboards (G11, G110, G13, G15, and G19) use the same software. The G110 will, at launch, include a CD that contains the same v3.03 software that is currently available for download from our website. If you already have v3.03 installed for your G13 and plug in a G110, it will be automatically recognized with no additional software install required.

  • I was just wondering what the release will be for Australia, and also the pric (in AUD)?

    I’ve been considering getting a new keyboard for a while now and as a gamer I was looking at getting the G15 v2; I was wondering how the G110 will compare to the G15 v2 from a gaming perspective.



    • Hi Alex,

      The G110 will be available in Australia around the end of November, and will retail for $99.99 AUD. The G110 is nearly identical to the orange G15 in terms of key feeling and key response. Though it lacks the G15′s GamePanel LCD, it does feature integrated USB audio jacks, a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 hub port, six additional G-keys, and more backlighting options.

  • I have the G15 Gaming keyboard, the one with 18 G-keys x 3 modes = 54 G-keys. I’m not sure why two keyboards would ever be named the same model and have different number of G-keys, but that’s for another blog.

    I like everything on the G15 board including the LCD display and layout of the volume controls. The spinning volume control knob, in my opinion, is a much nicer control, easier and quicker to use, has more precision and is in a better location than having a button or slider bar.

    Improvements in the customizable backlighting colors are a plus, but you had to know the users would also want to use green and yellow and mixtures of them. That’s like doing something halfway, or 2/3rds in the color world spectrum.

    USB 2.0 port support is a big plus and will be greatly appreciated!
    Maybe two cables would be acceptable to the community to get a 2nd USB port and green color added.

    The LCD display will be missed as well as the 54 total G-keys. I personally use over 36 G-keys, so the G110 G-keys would be a downgrade for me. I never did like that the “other” G15 keyboard lost all the extra G-keys.

    Also, most people read from left to right, so having the G-keys numbered 1-6 down the left side of the first column of keys and then 7-12 in the 2nd column is just a little confusing. Placing G1 and G7 beside each other and then G2/G8, etc. doesn’t seem to be the best logical layout vs. G1/G2, G3/G4, etc.

    The G15 and G110 are gaming / power user keyboards and I would venture to guess that the vast majority who buy these more-expensive types of keyboards aren’t worried about keyboard trays that they’re trying to squeeze a smaller keyboard into. Full sized, high quality keyboards are the only ones I ever use. I always pitch any keyboard that comes with a new PC that feels like cheap plastic or has been shrunk or had the keys rearranged from the normal layout or the spacebar shrunk. Hopefully the G110 keyboard does not feel cheap.

    The G15 palm rest is attachable if the user wants to use it. The G110 palm rest appears to have been shrunk as it is tapered and only gives full palm support in the middle of the board (unless there is an attachable piece not shown in the blog that gives the additional full length-of-the-keyboard rectangular palm rest shape). If the palm rest is just as shown, then I think this will be a big problem. My hands (as well as most people) rest below and slightly on the outside of the A-S-D-F and J-K-L-; keys as I type. It appears that the G110 palm rest does not give full support to a user’s palm under the A-S-D-F section.

    I just upgraded my G-Series Key profiler software to the latest version (3.03.133 8/13/2009). I was hoping (and had submitted an email to Customer Support back in Jan 2008) that the G-Series key profiler would be easier to use. None of the ideas I submitted have been improved on so maybe you can shed some light on these items.

    1.) Need a simple way to rearrange what’s assigned from one function key over to another function key.
    a.) Would be nice to have a graphical window to drag / drop / rearrange key assignments (in case we want to rearrange a lot of them) and allow us to SAVE or CANCEL our changes (don’t allow the changes to take affect unless we approve everything after we look over our proposed changes).

    b.) If a graphical rearrangement window is to hard, at least allow us to CUT / COPY / PASTE one key’s info to another key (this should be added to the context menu items when we click on a function button).

    Currently I have to retype everything into a new key when all I wanted to do was move it to another key.

    2.) SHORTCUT assignment’s Browse button dialog needs tweaked
    a.) When I assign a SHORTCUT to a G15 keyboard function key and click on the BROWSE button in the EDIT SHORTCUT window, it OPENS a dialog box that ALWAYS points to my DESKTOP. It would be nice to have it point to the last location I used while using your software.

    I usually have to drill into MY COMPUTER, then pick my drive letter (C:), then DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS, then my user name or ALL USERS, then START MENU, then PROGRAMS, then find the program I want and point to it’s shortcut.

    Then every time I go to assign another shortcut, I have to do this all over again… Every time…

    It would be very nice and user friendly if the browse button would open the dialog box to the last shortcut location we were at while using your software.

    b.) Also, if I EDIT an EXISTING function key that has a shortcut assigned to it already, and I want to change the shortcut assignment and I use the BROWSE button, it STILL opens to my DESKTOP. In this case, it should open to the location where the current shortcut points to and allow me to start my browsing from that location.

  • dang this will cost a lot in Canadian dollars :C, this keyboard missing one thing which i’m looking for -slim key cap :P although i will pick up this keyboard when it hits stores :D

  • Some games block using macroes (like World of Warcraft) are we still able to use keyboard macro with this keyboard?


    • Hi Vrhunski,

      I use healing macros all the time with my druid, but I logged in just now to make sure that World of Warcraft does not currently block macros. They do frown upon (and will ban for) using macros to play the game unattended, but if you are at your keyboard playing the game you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. The G110 functions exactly the same way that the other G-Series keyboards do with regard to macros.

  • Chris, just a quick question on the keystroke depth, Lately it seems most KB’s have taken a shorter stroke depth more akin to a laptop keyboard than the older more tactile KB’s. I run a G15, Is this going to be closer to that, or a laptop?

  • Shame about the reduced number of G-keys but besides that it looks great! I’m saddened to see that this will not be in Europe until January will there be a way of importing to the United Kingdom via the Logitech store or will i have to purchase via a third party?

    • Hi Tom,

      The US Logitech store is unable to ship product to Europe. Additionally, there will be no UK layout G110 keyboards shipped to the US, so if you’re interested in the UK layout it will be available in January.

  • Hi Chris,

    First I admit I like the Logitech series of keyboards. I had many models throughout the years and I had found the best being the Wave. How come the gaming keyboards no longer feature this economical design? We know the G110 is designed for games. Wouldn’t it be more logical to make the keys brighter to read and sense instead? My current keyboard is a G15 keyboard and it had perform perfectly. The only concern I had with this keyboard is the keys are quite dark and I could barely read them even at maximum light settings. I admit there is something very thrilling when shooting aliens in the dark whenever I am playing games. NTL keep up the good work and see you at the games.

  • Looks like a great Keyboard.

    How ever the Lack of Green LED is extremely disspointing for 2 reasons.

    1 if it had RED green and BLUE leds you could make just about any color for the back light keys..

    2 I just plain like green more than red..

    I do hope logitec puts out a version with all 3 Red green and blue LEDs or at least on with blue and green…

    Also I wish there was a version with the big enter keys like the old mainframe/sgi workstation keyboards

    Like this

    That is what my non-lighted keyboard is like and I like it better than Usa layout.

    Now I have to pick between this or a g-19…

    I got a satiek eclipse 2 lighted keyboard and was not happy with it at all the keys are spaced out funny the back light is not that great. I cant use wasd and hit all the number keys on the top row with comfort and stuff like that.

    So I went back to my old non lighted keyboard. this looks like a good replacement
    I liked the g-series a lot i have a g-15 on another PC…

  • Oh yes and about power for RGB lights…. I would much rather hae RGB lights than a hub,

    IT is nice to have a hub in the keyboard and all but I would much rather have RGB lights since I could just buy a powered USB hub If i needed it, but geting RGB lighted keybaord would require a soldering iron and more time than I am willing to spend and a voided warrenty.

    and my PC has like 9 usb ports and I use 3 at the most… but that is just me

  • Hi,

    I would like to know if will be available in brazil, or if I can buy by internet and a friend send to me from Us. And when will be available in Us.


    • Hi jonathan,

      The G110 should be available in Brazil in early to mid December. It will be available in the US in late November.

  • Hi there, this keyboard was looking alright.

    I’d like to voice my opinion on what I think makes a good keyboard, and how this has failed-

    1) Audio. As both a competitive gamer and serious music listener, I want my audio exact. This means a soundcard, which means any sort of USB sound input is useless to me. This is starting to be featured on many products now-a-days, I hope it doesn’t become too prominent. I think everyone should deserve to hear great audio, and at the moment 99% of onboard/USB sound just doesn’t provide it. Granted some people don’t care, but I prefer to think they are ignorant to how much better a good sound card and output is.

    2) Responsiveness. 8ms lag time? If this is a gaming keyboard, I am extremely suprised to hear you haven’t invested more on getting the fundamentals right, and would rather be going for extra features and colours. Razer are doing things right at the moment, if they’re to be believed, they have perfected a wireless mouse with 1ms response time. I have to say no wireless logitech mouse I’ve ever touched has ever felt anywhere near responsive, and I want the same from my keyboards. Surely after all this time you could be improving on response times in a tried and tested wired keyboard? 500 or 1000hz would have had me sold on this keyboard, but 125hz puts me off.

    I do applaud you getting 5 simul keypresses around wasd, I am assuming this includes all the shift/ctl/alt keys on that side as well.

    3) Ergonomics. I really don’t get the impasse between gaming and ergonomics. For some reason, they just can’t go together, at least that’s what everyone seems to think. I don’t see why not. Everyone using the computer for long periods of time should have a comfortable and easy to type on keyboard, gamers especially. I absolutely love what you’ve done with the logitech wave, this is the keyboard I use at the moment. All your mice also usually fit the hand really well. So I just don’t get why you won’t apply some of what’s in the wave to your gaming keyboards. Instead it is always the old rigid square layout which is always bad for the wrists in the long run.

    I’d also be interested to know what percentage of owners of logitech keyboards with G-keys actually use >80% of them. I’ve never seen the point of custom keys, the number of games that can make use of them have always seemed to be a very small minority to me. I’m sure there are differing opinions on this but I wonder what the stats are on their use.

    And if you were going to go with customisable colour I just can’t see why you didn’t go with 3 leds to really let people much around, it would’ve given the feature a FAR better impact. I’m sure 3 would be far more costly to implement, but I’m also sure you realise that given that the large percentage of ‘serious’ gamers likely to buy this keyboard are male, different shades of purple probably wouldn’t be their choicest feature to have.

    In this respect, if the costs were too high, and I was making the design decisions, I would have simply produced the keyboard in 3-5 different colours (hopefully still cost effective) to let people have their choice and perhaps being able to spend the money saved on variable lighting on other features in the keyboard.

    • Hi Matt,

      Thanks for your commentary – it’s very useful to know what people think about what we’re doing so that we can improve in future products.

      The decision to only include two colors of backlighting LEDs was entirely driven by the power budget of the USB port. There is just not enough room in the 500 mA alloted to a USB product to have three-color backlighting, a USB hub, and a USB audio device. And, since it is not permitted under the USB specification for a product to have two USB cables, we had to make the tough decision to only include two backlighting LED colors in the G110.

  • Will the european version have the same layout as the US version?
    A lot of european keyboards I’ve encountered have a smaller left shift key because there’s a | \ key right next to it.
    I personally find this very annoying because on those keyboards my pinky rests on the edge of the shift key, instead of comfortably on the flat part. (maybe I just have small hands…)
    I live in the netherlands, if that helps.

    • Hi Gittun,

      The European layouts for G110 are the same ones we used for G15 and G19, and have the left Shift key size that you describe.

  • Chris Pate wrote:
    “The area around WASD is capable of recognizing five simultaneous keypresses.”

    Is that all?. multiple simultaneous should be all over the board. Especially around the arrow keys plus left alt + shift simultaneous. Quite a few games are not wasd.
    So Chris, tell me if this is an ‘all games’ board?
    When i play Need for speed undercover will it be numb on the right arrow key when pressed simultaneous with forward arrow key? 4 years ago the standard Logitechs did fine, then the newer generations sucked at this point so when my old Logitech had lost most letters (they wear off) i went Merc Stealth. Sadly on this awesomely fine Merc the letters are wearing off as well.
    If your board does great on the ‘simultaneous keys’ issue and also offers robust not weraing off letters i might consider going Logitech again.

    • Hi Merc,

      Only the area around the WASD keys has been optimized for 5-key simultaneous input, as the majority of games that people play that require 5-key simultaneous input are first-person or MMORPG-type games that use WASD as their primary movement input keys. This is the same type of performance as on the G15 keyboard. The G19 features full 5-key simultaneous input across the entire keyboard.

  • Hi Chris,

    first, thanks for answer so fast.

    so, if will come to brazil, the keyboard layout will be english(without ç), or will have “brazil” version with ABNT2 layout ? do you have some website from a logitech resaler here in brazil?


    • Hi Jonathan,

      There is no Brazilian or Portuguese layout version of the G110, so you will most likely see the US/English version in Brazil.

  • one model for both Mac and PC/win?
    then I have to have the Windows logo on your keyboard?
    if it is really so dramatic;)

  • Hello,

    I do not know what keyboard layout this is but will there be one that is like the US layout but with: an “L” enter key, a large back space key, and a large shift key (basically a two row enter key) – or in other words, like a UK layout without the pound key/large left shift key. Why is Logitech not offering this kind of layout? I can read from the comments that you provide sound explanation why chose certain features and I appreciate the answers. Please enlighten me on this one.

    Thank you very much!

    • Hi Fleeb,

      We manufacture our gaming keyboards with a standardized layout scheme. The layout you are describing is not one that we use for gaming keyboards. The G110′s variants has the same layouts that we used for the orange G15 and the G19 keyboards.

  • Hello Chris,

    I’m French and I am really interested in this new keyboard G110, it is possible to get one free? ^ ^ I’m joking, Logitech products are really great for the gamers, thank you for making quality products. I have a G9, a product of quality !!

    (if you have one free for Europe, do not hesitate, contact me at ;)

    question : sincerely, the keys they are a lot of noise? I want a silent keyboard…

    see you later

    ps : an european model please if iyou offered me a free ^^ and sorry for English , have a good day !


    • Hi f!g4,

      The keyboard has standard rubber-dome-style keys, and sounds about the same as a G15 or G19. It is not as quiet as a notebook-style keyboard.

  • I’m defiantly going to buy this keyboard when it’s out in the UK, but how much can I expect to pay for it in the UK? Around £50? Hope it’s around that number! Any more then £55 and I’ll have to look at something else!

  • Hi it looks great ^^ but I would like to know if you are going to sell a spanish version with letter “ñ” and accents. I hope so cause it’s annoying to have to use a keyboard for gaming and another one for writting and working :S

    thanks a lot,


    • Hi Laia,

      We will sell a Spanish-layout version in Europe (part number 920-002237). In the Americas, we will have the US-layout version.

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