Squeezebox App of the Month – Facebook

Did you know that in addition to having access to a virtually limitless music, the new Logitech Squeezebox Radio can also access your Facebook account? With Facebook and a Squeezebox Radio you can:

  • Share your music with family and friends by showing the song you are listening to on your Facebook wall
  • Discover new friends with similar music interests
  • Communicate with friends away from your computer
  • Read updates and view photos

Facebook on Squeezebox is currently available worldwide. Watch the brief video below to see how easily you can add Facebook to your Squeezebox.




  • Excellent! I just don’t see how you can share music played through your sqeezebox on facebook? Where to find the how to? Best regards,

    • Hi Luc,

      I’m Matt Cuson and I’m a part of the Squeezebox team at Logitech. When you’re ready to share your music with friends and family, press the More (+) button from the Now Playing screen and select Share this on Facebook. The song you are listening to will appear on your Facebook wall.


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