Logitech Introduces Notebook Kit MK605

Whether you’re setting up a make-shift, laptop workstation at your kitchen table or your office desk with the goal of getting some serious work done or just want a little more comfort when using your laptop on the couch or at the corner cafe, you don’t’ want to be dragged down by discomfort. However, because the primary draw of laptops is their portability, they are designed in a way that can cause strain on your arms, wrists, neck and back.

Logitech has an entire family of laptop accessories designed to enhance your experience, comfort, and productivity no matter what you’re doing or where you’re doing it and today, we’re adding the Logitech Notebook Kit MK605. Combining a pivoting riser with a wireless mouse and keyboard, the Notebook Kit MK605 is our first all-in-one solution to feature our recently announced Unifying technology, providing a convenient and flexible way to make your laptop experience more enjoyable.


Depending on the task at hand, you can pick and choose which components to use:

For more involved tasks you can use all three. Or, when chatting with friends you might just need the keyboard, while when surfing the Web from your favorite coffee shop you’d be more comfortable using your mouse.

The pivoting riser lets you choose from three different angles to bring the screen to the ideal, eye-level height for you and fits laptops up to 15.6 inches.

The wireless keyboard gives you a full-size layout with a number pad in a compact design.

The wireless laser mouse delivers smooth, responsive control and is small enough to go wherever you do.

Also, because it features Logitech Unifying technology, you can leave the receiver plugged into your laptop at all times and can pair it with up to four more compatible mice and keyboards.


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  • It’s a Mouse/Keyboard/Stand kit. Now, is not a Netbook a device with a keyboard and mouse integrated? Is not a Netbook a device that when it’s opened the display stays standing up like the stand in the picture? So… This kit is not for netbooks guys! This is a perfect kit for Tablet PC owners, for UMPC owners and for MID Owners. All of them devices that most of the time come without a keyboard! So name it properly!

  • Where did this item go? I almost ordered it on Wednesday when I first saw it but wanted to wait until pay day. When i went to order it today, it was gone and i can’t find the page from the link or by going to logitech.com.

    It looks like a great item and I’d like to order it but would like to know when it will again be available and how to order it.


  • Hi, i have a question regarding the Unifiying Technology, do i need the software for the secure connection?

    • Hi David,

      Yes, you will need to download our SetPoint software in order to take advantage of the benefits of our Unifying technology.


  • Hi, thanks for the reply, i just bought the k340 keyboard, but there is no option in SetPoint for encryption =(

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