New: Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110

Today I am pleased to announce our newest gaming keyboard, the Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110. As the successor to the G11, it has the following features:


Customizable backlighting: We put in red and blue backlighting LEDs and give you control in the Profiler software over how they are mixed together, so your G110′s backlighting can be red, blue, or pretty much any shade of purple you can imagine.

G110 keyboard_TOP_Blue G110_TOP_RedLed_72_dpi

12 programmable G-keys and three M-keys: Give you the power to assign up to 36 single keystrokes, multi-key macros, or intricate LUA scripts. And, using the MR key, you can configure macros on the fly. The Profiler software also allows you to configure each M-key mode to have a different color backlighting, so you can know at a glance what mode you’re in.


Automatic game detection: Lets you create separate custom G-key programming profiles for every game you play.

Game mode switch: Easily disable the Windows and Context Menu keys, so that accidentally pressing them doesn’t kick you out of your game.


Integrated headset support: Works with any standard headphones or headset with 3.5mm plugs, like the Gaming Headset G330, and turns them into a high-quality USB audio device.

G110 Keyboard Connection

Hi-Speed USB 2.0 hub port: Plug your flash drive or favorite gaming mouse into this convenient low-power port.

G110 Keyboard back

One USB cable: Unlike other gaming keyboards with these features, the G110 gives you convenient audio jacks and a USB hub port without a tangled mess of cables at the back of your computer. All you need is one available USB port.

Mac and PC software included: Whether you’re a Mac or a PC, we’ve got you covered.

The Gaming Keyboard G110 will retail for $79.99.  It will be available in North America starting in late November, and in Europe in January.


Global Product Marketing Manager


  • ….can’t get it at malaysia …>< i like this keyboard , coz of the got micro key, backlight and it look cool and i think still within my budget

    hope got more info about the date comming to Malaysia , coz is time to change my keyboard.. if too long , i mayb getting other 1…plz advice ^^

  • I’m from The Netherlands and I’ve noticed that only the UK and Belgian keyboard layouts are available for the G19. Is there any chance that the G110 (and perhaps also the G19) will be available here with the US-International layout?

    Because, like a lot of other people, haven’t got the time nor patience to get used to the UK layout, especially after working with the US-International layout since… well… ever since I started using a computer.

    • Hi Michelle,

      There is a US-International layout for the G110, which should be available when the G110 ships in Europe. Whether it will be available in shops around where you live in the Netherlands is difficult to say, however.

  • Just got the g110, looks and plays great. Quick question, I noticed I can record keystrokes with delay within the Logitech software but can I do that within a game? I know the “on the fly” macros can be done in game but they disregard delays in between keys. The game in question is Aion, thanks

    • Hi tbilt,

      Click on “Settings”, then “Profiler”. In the third section down there should be a checkbox that says “Record delays during Quick Macro creation.”

  • How long (approx.) is the usb cord ?
    Do you have any information about bigining of shipments of G110 with russian layout (ENG/RU id 920-002240) ? I already see in our stores (Latvia) keyboards for Finland (2239) , but nobody knows when russian layout will be ready…
    Is there any possibility to control brightness of the keyboard, using some kind of software?

    • Hi Dimitracos,

      The cable is around 1.8m (6′) long.
      There will be a Russian layout available, but whether it is or will be available for purchase in Latvia is not possible for me to say.
      The brightness can be controlled in the color adjustment area of the software.

  • nice keyboard
    but when will it be released in uk?
    and do i have to pay for shipping?
    kinda like the keyboard looks good and the G-key would be useful for me :)

  • Hi, I’m very interested in this keyboard.

    2 questions:

    1. Is there any anti-ghosting ability?
    2. Will this be available with Italian layout? (or at least UK international?)

    Thanks for replying,

    • Hi Clemente,

      The G110 will recognize five simultaneous keys around the WASD area, and it will be available in an Italian layout.

  • I’ve heard reports that the back-lighting isn’t 100% even on these is that true? other then that it seems like a great board.

    • Hi Deadly55,

      Overall, the backlighting brightness is consistent across the keyboard. The characters on the keys are illuminated by reflecting light up through the key chimney and then through a painted, transparent keycap with the characters etched off by laser. Light only comes up through the key chimney into the center of the keycap. For most of the characters on the keyboard, this does not affect illumination as the entire character is contained within the illuminated area. Some key legends, however, require more space than is available to be illuminated if they are to be legible. In these cases, the corners of some characters may be dimmer than the centers. This is most likely what other people are describing as inconsistent backlighting.

  • Does anyone know the dimension of the packaging/box of this keyboard?

    When will this be available in the Philippines?

    • Hi Patrick,

      The package measures approximately 53cm x 23cm x 6cm. I do not have any information on availability in the Philippines. Your best bet would be to check with local retailers.

  • Hi Chris,

    I could see that some Canadian retailers in have the G110 in stock. However it’s only available in US English. Do you plan to release a French Canadian version?

    Thank you,


    • Hi Frederic,

      At this point in time we have no plans to release a French-Canadian version of the G110. The way the keyboard is manufactured requires that we limit the number of different layouts we produce, and French-Canadian unfortunately does not make the cut.

  • Hey Chris thanks a lot taking time to answer our queries. :)
    I wanted to ask something regarding the anti ghosting option. Recent keyboards i’ve bought i’ve had problems with the anti-ghosting. Can you tell me if capslock is included in the cluster around wasd? I use caps lock for leaning and many of the keyboards i’ve bought recently, caps lock is not supported in their anti-ghosting feature.

    • Hi Saqib,

      The G110′s Caps Lock key was included in our WASD area anti-ghosting optimization, so it should work for most 5-key combinations you’d want to do.

  • I have been using this G 110 for a week now, during day and night, and have some comments. Given that many people besides young gamers will be attracted to this kind of keyboard, it is unfortunate that Logitech designers did not make the letters larger. The pale backlighting, combined with the unusually tiny letter dimensions, make the device difficult to use for those of us over 40 who have less than youthful eyesight.
    Certainly, the concept of illuminating the keys is welcome, and the manufacturing finish and feel of the keyboard are all top line, but I must say the tiny symbols are just so disappointing.
    And, please, when will they ditch the number pad on the right side of the board? So useless.
    I think that area would be a fine media control center, or even a finger pad with L and R mouse
    functionality, like on a laptop. And a scroll wheel on the left side, or both sides, would be an added delight.

  • Hey thanks chris for your reply. I just read on the site that the keyboard has multiple color leds. Is it possible to set specific colors for specific keys?

    • Hi Saqib,

      The backlighting color is the same for all of the keys on the G110. It is not possible to make some different than others.

    • Hi sHades,

      There are currently no plans for a PT layout for the G110. As with the French-Canadian layout mentioned above, we are limited in the number of different layouts we produce, and Portuguese is not on that list.

  • i still never have seen the g110 in a german electronic store ! :-P
    i hope i will get one of this awesome keyboard!

    kind regards from germany!

    • Hi frank,

      The G110 just arrived at our European distribution center within the last couple of weeks. It should be widely available in both retail and online shops in the very near future.

  • yes same here. Cant find it in pakistan nor india. Hope it gets shipped to the subcontinent pretty soon. Chris any idea on the time line before the keyboard gets here to asia?

  • Any idea if the release date for the Azerty version of this keyboard for belgium is near? :(
    also the price doesnt seem right, 80$ does not equal 79.99€ :D hope they will lower it once it hits the shelves


  • I doubt this, but would be very grateful if you’d have any idea when does it come to Slovenia. I know it’s all about marketing but I’m still a little disappointed concerning a fact that you are a swiss company and your products are typically released in the USA much earlier than in Europe. I know that my opinion won’t change anything, but I just had to let you know :). I still enjoy using your products a lot.

    • Hi Rok,

      The G110 is available for European distributors to order, so if a distributor in Slovenia has done so it should be available there in the near future.

  • Hi! I want to get a G19 keyboard…. but I need it for gaming and for work as well, so once I’m portuguese I really need one with a portuguese layout.
    Could tell me if there will be a PT layout version of the G19?


    • Hi Cláudio,

      Unfortunately, there are currently no plans to manufacture a Portuguese layout of the G19. It is possible that this could change in the future if there were sufficient demand from Portuguese retailers for such a product.

  • Thanks for answering my earlier post. I have another question about macro management. I cannot locate anywhere in the Key Profiler software that shows all my current “On-The-Fly” or “quick” macros. I would like to visually examine what is stored in all the keys, as well as edit it. I can see the regular macros but not the quick ones. Also I would like to be able to stop a macro (regular or quick) from running while in game. It gets to be a liability in game if the macro misses its target or PvP suddenly occurs and I just started a 10 second macro. Currently I have to fight thru the macro with new commands, hoping I can out click it, lol. I have noticed I can change the M key, which stops the macro, but is there an easier way?

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