New: Logitech Performance Mouse MX and Anywhere MX Mouse Featuring Darkfield Technology

Today we announced two new premium mice, the Logitech Performance Mouse MX and the Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX. Both mice feature Logitech Darkfield Laser Tracking, which allows you to use your mouse virtually anywhere you want — including clear glass (minimum 4 mm thickness) and high-gloss surfaces. Both mice are expected to be available in the U.S. and Europe beginning in August. Product marketing manager Greg Dizac recently recorded a video about Darkfield technology and the new mice.

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Director of Product Marketing, Mice


  • RIP Smartshift – What a tragic loss :(

    I love everything about the new performance mouse, after testing it in a shop. The size, the feel the new buttons, all excellent. Without Smartshift its just another nice mouse. The MX Rev is still king only becuase of the Smartshift

    Please bring it back in a new revision or release a MX rev2

    Long live Smartshift

  • Yeah I LOVE the smartshift technology. I just bought a Anywhere MX and I’m loving it. However, I am terribly disappointed that it doesn’t have smartshift.

    Why don’t Logitech do what Apple does? Apple disables the two button operation on their mice by default to avoid confusing users. However, for those who use two buttons, they can enable it.

    Logitech should have smartshift built into every mouse they have but have it as a default disabled option. Users who love it, like myself, can always re-enabled it.

  • Forgot to add, I WILL NOT be replacing my Revolution MX until smartshift is added to a future mouse.

  • Derek – good luck on keeping that promise. Given my experience with Logitech devices, your mouse is likely to fail before the next product line is introduced, whether they re-introduce SmartShift or not. ;)

  • I have had many Logitech devices, all have been good never broken. On the other hand, the last 2 MS mouses I had both failed.

    BRING BACK Smartshift !! :)

  • Erik, yeah I know what you mean. I love Logitech mice and have a lot of them over the years (Logitech My First Mouse, MX900, MX1000, MX Revolution and now MX Anywhere). I have a couple of MS Mice but they just don’t feel as nice to handle and/or reliable as Logitech. Maybe I should get another MX Revolution as a spare if I see any on clearance sale.

    I did stray before the Darkfield Logitech mice came out and bought a Razer Mamba as I have cradle charging problems with my MX Revolution (Very glad that Logitech FINALLY dumped the cradle charging. It was problematic with all 3 of my prior mice). The Mamba is not too bad performance wise but I miss the Logitech Hyperscroll. Not to mention, the Mamba developed a squeaking noise when you use the scroll wheel after a while. Terrible quality.

  • About smartshift, the only thing i have to say is: Thank you Logitech for giving me back the middle mouse button.

  • Voting for bringing back the Smartshift, too. I think this technology was the brilliant invention of Logitech, at least as great as invention of optical mouses. I’m using two MX Revs myself and have bought another one as a gift only because of Smartshift. And I’m sure I will not buy any new Logitech mouse until Smartshift is returned.

  • No idea if this post is still being followed, but I’m very sad I didn’t track it down before I bought the MX Performance.

    It’s going back to Amazon as we speak. The absence of Smart Shift is completely unacceptable for a power user and you’ve broken a very simple rule: don’t take away features from your users. Hide them or turn them off by default, but you’ve physically altered the MX wheel in this device so that I can’t even turn Smart Shift *on*.

    This is a huge oversight. The single most useful part of the MX Revolution is the free-spin wheel, because of Smart Shift. It has become a feature I use every day and has changed the way I use a mouse. Removing it simply isn’t an option, so I’m purchasing another new MX Revolution (I’m replacing my office mouse) from New Egg.

    I’d also like to comment that changing the side-scroll indent behavior so that it offers little-to-no tactile feedback is of great annoyance to me as well. I know everyone has a different personal preference, but I use my side scrolling buttons for forward and back operations in my browser–NOT for side scrolling. (Side scrolling is incredibly rare at 1680px, as it turns out.)

    Removing any tactile feedback makes it hard to tell if the side click is even engaged.

    I’m frustrated because it wasn’t entirely clear to me that Smart Shift had been removed. I understood that there was a button for shifting, but I imagined it was like any other hot-settable button. I didn’t realize it was a physical switch. I’m frustrated because you could have removed this functionality from the default for your users who are “confused” about the functionality, and simply made it a power user option, available to those of us who want to go through the trouble. But instead, you’ve made it an entire second click, which is simply mind-boggling in its uselessness, compared to Smart Shift. Smart’s in the name, and you’ve killed that from this mouse.

    I’m a dedicated purchaser of Logitech. I love the mice and the keyboards. (Please don’t stop making the Illuminated Keyboard. It’s the best thing I’ve ever typed on. Ever.) I think that you know a large part of your market is power users and taking away features in your new product versions is not a way to appeal to them. Quietly, I wonder if the real reason the feature was altered is because it was cheaper to make it a physical switch, but no point in speculating…

    I’m sad that my new mouse won’t work on glass, nor work while charging. But I’m willing to sacrifice that for the Smart Shift.

    Take this advice: many people have spoken here that they simply won’t upgrade until they can get a new mouse with Smart Shift. You’ve given us a great feature and then told us that we can’t have it because it confuses the dullards. This insults us and annoys us and we’re just a small, vocal group of people who tracked down the blog post and made a comment.

    I hope you strongly consider bringing back Smart Shift in future mice, because alienating power users is NOT a winning strategy and I, for one, have meticulously boxed up my mouse and am sending it back to Amazon–AT MY EXPENSE–tomorrow.


    –Chris Cardinal

  • Oh please please please bring back SmartShift, it was the best feature of the MX Rev. Please, pretty pleaseee !!

  • For the most part the mouse works fine. It’s biggest problem is with the scroll wheel. Side scrolling is difficult because the wheel doesn’t protrude enough from the body. Also, the edges of the wheel are very slippery, which makes side scrolling that much more difficult. And for some reason it doesn’t seem to side scroll in nearly as many programs as my older mice did. With some programs, I can see the scroll bar on the bottom of the page move, but the actual view is the same.

  • another vote for the smartshift feature, I bought my mx revolution at a discount (end of life) and bought the new revision this week at full price. Value-wise this is the other way round, ’cause smartshift was my nr1 favourite feature of the revolution !

    No cradle, no smartshift, no second scroll wheel, same price => bet the margins are a lot better on this new revision…

  • In my honest opinion the Performance Mouse MX is a rather big step back compared to the MX Revolution.

    Charging: It’s great that you included a little pouch for storing the charger and wires, and I’m sure it’s great if you travel a lot. However, I rarely bring my workstation with me on business trips, and having to pull out the charger and/or crawl under my desk to retrieve the USB cable that has fallen to the floor since the last time I charged the mouse is hardly a joy.

    Smart Shift: While I’m sure some n00bish users found this feature confusing I absolutely love it and have grown very fond to it. The cheap, manual switch on the Performance Mouse just doesn’t compare and I find myself not bothering to switch as it’s just a hassle to switch it on and off as I move between applications.
    People who found the Smart Shift confusing probably weren’t looking for a mouse as feature rich as the Revolution in the first place.
    Don’t let house moms decide what’s best for my work.

    Application switcher: While Document flip in Vista/W7 might not be the most useful feature it’s certainly more polished than Logitech’s own application switcher, AND, the second wheel used for Document flip on the Revolution could be configured to be used for zoom in a number of applications. Something I used quite often.

    The Performance Mouse MX should’ve been half the price compared to the Revolution. It certainly delivers half the performance.

    Anyone know of a store who still have the MX Revolution in stock?
    I’m returning my Performance Mouse.

  • I have to add myself to the list of users who rely on SmartShift. But it’s not the only reason I see the Performance MX as a step back for the MX series.

    The button that now switches the Performance MX’s wheel behavior is a programmable button on the MX Revolution. And the old thumb wheel, which has three functions all within reach of the thumb, have been replaced by two buttons, further apart, with the top one very close to the two standard thumb buttons.

    This effectively removes two buttons from the MX, and makes the thumb buttons more difficult to differentiate. I’ve become used to a very specific button setup, and if something happens to my MX Revolution, I’d sooner buy a used one off eBay than buy the newer model.

    I absolutely love Logitech mice. They’ve always made me happy. But discontinuing the MX Revolution in favor of the Performance MX seems a bit backward to me. I hope to see SmartShift return to the MX line, as well as the Search button and Thumb Wheel, or a suitable 3-buttons alternative. until then, I’m gonna take extra special care of my MX Revolution. It’s the only mouse I feel comfortable using, and I don’t know what I’d do without it.

  • PLEASE bring back SmartShift!

    I was forced to hand over my 2y/o MX R to the Mrs so she could use it at work.
    We replaced it with a Performance Mouse MX.

    I miss my Revo already and it’s only been a day… :(

  • Bring back the smart shift!
    I’m bitterly disappointed when I got the “upgrade” to the MX revolution and find out the built quality is not as good and the killer feature were taken out. Performance MX for me a step backward for logitech mice. Just saying it’s an upgarde just because of the darkfield tech is not an excuse.

    BTW I buy mice like I buy shoes. I’ve bought the mighty mouse, magic mouse, sidewinder x6, x8, arc mouse, explorer mouse, G5, G7, kensingtons and lots more. But finally only 3 mice I’ve stick through with till now, VX nano for my MBP, MX revo for my pc and x8 for my gaming pc. I love logitech mice but if this is their idea of going forward, I’m afraid you’ll see me buying discontinued used logitech mice on ebay rather than buying new products.

  • SmartShift +1

    Really like the SmartShift on MX Revolution (I am using it right now). It is more convenient this way than using a button switch.

    I am looking for a mouse that has SmartShift, wired, and lots controls, basically a wired version of MX Revo that is both suitable for gaming and working. The scroll button can also be wider and make the “click” stronger, because MX Revo’s scroll button is on the heavy side and can accidentally spin (in click mode) when press and release.

    The G500 gaming mouse almost has it, unfortunately it doesn’t have SmartShift, but imo it’s better than the more expensive G9.

  • I woud suggest you to go with Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX because mouse focuses on the mobile user, according to Logitech Anywhere where you should take it as literally as possible. It also has small mouse with left and right beside the two side buttons, an extra button below the scroll wheel and a scroll wheel. With scroll wheel that can not be clicked, but pressing it switches between the stairs or in vertical scrolling continuously, Logitech’s called free-scrolling technology. For more details check out

  • I’m finding another reason to sorely miss my MX Revolution – the Performance MX doesn’t turn itself off when inactive. I’m finding that if I go to bed with the mouse at full battery (full enough to display 3 lights), when I turn my computer on after work the next day (~18 hours later), the battery is low or critical. With the MX Revolution, I’d stick it in its cradle every 2-3 days, but with the Performance MX, it seems that I need to plug it in every night.

    No SmartShift, no cradle, less convenient button positioning (my thumb isn’t that long!), all for the same price? This is a major downgrade, and a pretty big disappointment.

  • I absolutely love my MX Revolution but wish it had even more buttons. I always hoped Logitech would add more assignable buttons to the Rev’s design but now they discontinue the Revolution and replace it with this crap that has two fewer assignable buttons than the Revolution. Who cares if you can use it on glass — WE WANT MORE BUTTONS!

  • I just began searching for another MX Rev for a Christmas gift this morning. I love mine and know my friend would also. Discontinued and replaced with this junk? No thanks…

    “No SmartShift, no cradle, less convenient button positioning (my thumb isn’t that long!), all for the same price? This is a major downgrade, and a pretty big disappointment.”

    The absence of SmartShift alone is enough for me to skip this. That was the best feature Logitech has ever had… why get rid of it?

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