E3 Product Announcement: Logitech Flight System G940

E3 is underway in Los Angeles and we’re on site showing off our newest product, the Logitech Flight System G940. Here’s an overview video with Mark Starrett, global product marketing manager for the G940. Look for the product to be available worldwide in September.


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Director of Product Marketing, Gaming Business Unit


  • I have the G25 racing system and it is excellent.

    Very interesting from the point of force feedback. That would make flying a whole lot more real.

    The inclusion of a yoke will have me nipping out to buy a system.
    And the system buttons on the throttle console is a great idea.

    It seems there would be a market for a yoke so please consider it.

    Until then I’ll continue with my Saitek Pro Flight setup.

    Kind regards

  • Where is the profiles downloads for this system? I just bought it and was wondering where I could download profiles for it.

    • Hi Nathaniel,

      The installation software for G940 includes profiles for most of the current and recent flight simulations. Once the install finishes, it will automatically detect and add the profiles for your software. You can also scan again any time you’ve added a new game by clicking on “Profile, Scan for new games” from the Logitech Profiler menu.


  • When is this product going to be released? I check on google for the release dat of logitech g940 but nothing comes up….

    • Hi Jason,

      The Flight System G940 has been released – I did a quick check and saw that it is available and in stock at Amazon.com and other online retailers.


  • Hi;
    Just took delivery of the G940. It looks great, but unusable.
    Can’t find anywhere that can show how to use it with vista 64. The information provided with the hardware explanes nothing, even on your website. Am using logitech with regards to webcams, keyboards and the like and they are excellent. I hope the G940 will be in the same class once it is usable.


  • I am a pilot with 12500 hours along with 25 years of “virtual” flying. The idea of a force feedback HOTAS setup appeals to me greatly as I long to emulate the feel of real flight. In principal the G940 meets that wish. But after two months of use I find that the frustrations far outweigh the improved precision and feel. Without going into a long dissertation my issues are, in short:

    1) The R1 and R2 wheels transmit wild, random inputs as the throttle is moved.
    2) The mini-stick is very inaccurate, even after calibration.
    3) The profiling software has huge issues: a) limited ability for the user to adjust FFB settings, b) no working ability to adjust the spring for non-FFB games, c) problematic profile switching from game to game, and
    4) MOST IMPORTANTLY, zero customer feedback from any Logitech representatives in recent weeks. Mark particularly was doing a fine job of addressing customer concerns but that input seems to have ceased in mid-October.

    I must say that I feel a little be stupid in not having returned my hardware during the time-frame that the ability to do so was available to me. I believed then what I was hearing that all issues would be addressed in future software releases. But now that all such promises have stopped, I am convinced that my hardware problems are not software solvable.

    • Hi Eric,

      The problem you describe with thee R1 and R2 rotaries should not happen. They are independent of the throttle controls, and only should respond when moved. It could be that sensitivity in the game itself or settings in the profile are set too high and small inadvertent movement is being detected. If not, there may be a problem, and you should contact support for assistance with replacement. The mini-stick could be a similar situation with sensitivity. Set properly, I can easily move a target cursor on radar screens in Lock-On and other sims. The challenges with so many simulations are the many different ways to adjust and assign controls. It takes some tuning to get the responses you want in each one.

      The profiling software and drivers do give the ability to adjust force feedback forces. You can adjust overall effects strength, Spring effect strength, Damper effect strength. You can also enable spring forces in non force feedback games, and adjust the centering force. The adjustments are global, the settings are used for all games. We do not allow individual force profiles per game, as it becomes too complex for most users, with limited benefit. In most cases, we prefer to work with developers to provide realistic tuned responses from the game itself, for the best possible responses. G940 is the first force feedback flight controller, so pre-existing software is not optimized for its features. We expect that to change in new software coming out.

      The profile software does allow users to adjust axis sensitivity and null zones independently for each profile. We think the best choice is to adjust it within the game, but we offer the option so that games without adjustments can be tuned to the user’s preference.

      Profile switching generally works well, but there are some cases where it doesn’t, so you can choose “Options”, “Global Profiler Settings”, “Apply Persistent Profile”, and the profile will stay loaded at all times. The reason profiles may not load come from the way the game runs. Sometimes the game runs a different executable than is linked to the profile. Steam games, and DCS: Black Shark are examples. Sometimes other programs in the background can confuse it. Team speak, Track Ir & Touch-Buddy are examples.

      We try to keep an active presence in the main flight simulation forums, as well as the Logitech support forums. Once the latest software version 5.08 released in October, The number of issues had significantly reduced. We will continue to improve the software, but cannot comment on features and release dates.

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