E3 Product Announcement: Logitech Flight System G940

E3 is underway in Los Angeles and we’re on site showing off our newest product, the Logitech Flight System G940. Here’s an overview video with Mark Starrett, global product marketing manager for the G940. Look for the product to be available worldwide in September.


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Director of Product Marketing, Gaming Business Unit


    • Hi catmanx1,

      The G940 will generate forces from firing rockets or guns, as long as the simulation or game has those forces included. Our goal is to faithfully reproduce a realistic flight experience and include all the forces the game uses.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • I will be getting this upon release because I like collecting new tech.

    I am curious though to whether this will support older games that support force feedback such as X-Wing Alliance and the Descent FreeSpace series as an example. I still dual boot WinXP32 along with Windows 7 just so I can use the 1999 Logitech Wingman Force (the large one that utilized steel cables and was the best ever made IMO) in Windows XP for the older force feedback titles. I have 5 of these babies just as spares.

    I am also curious about the centering mechanism used. One of the biggest complaints / failures of force feedback joysticks was/is the deadzone created and lack of a consistent center point since centering was performed by the force feedback motors.

    The optimal design here would be to have centering springs like a non-force feedback joystick that are just strong enough to center the joystick on its own without negating the effectiveness of the force feedback motors and then utilize the force feedback motors to reinforce the centering strength if desired.

    Ideally, it would seem like it is a normal joystick that doesn’t have force feedback if so desired, because it is centered by springs and not by the force feedback motors.

  • Looks like they thought of everything:

    I have been using the AVB Top Shot Pegasus FFB for years- It self centers very well, so I don’t know why the comment on a ‘spring’ centered jstick, as that very spring can warp off center and there is not a digital’ way in correcting this as you would by using hardware drivers and programming with the ffb.

    I ve always wanted a a throttle and pedal set-up, but nothing has come to market that would pry me away from my AVB ffb.
    This might just do it.

  • That looks really nice, but it’s too bad it doesn’t have the number of hat switches and rotaries that most HOTAS users are used to though.

  • I “had” a AVB Pegasus (I think you can even get them for $9.99 new now if AVB USA is still sellng them) and it self centers well for a force feedback joystick, but there is still the looseness around the center, because it is constantly being centered by the force feedback motors.

    This has been an issue with all force feedback joysticks with the exception of the first feedback joystick, the CH Force FX, which I believe utilized centering springs that were standard in the CH Products Combatstick, Fighterstick, etc..

    I can’t say I have ever seen a spring or springs in a joystick “warp off center” whether it has been a Logitech, Saitek, CH Products, Thrustmaster, Gravis back in the day, etc. While a digital way obviously woudln’t resolve that problem, I have never ran into that as a problem.

    The AVB was my second favorite behind the original Logitech Wingman Force. I thought their strength and smoothness of effects were always better than the more popular MS Sidewinder Force Feedback 2.

    • Hi Clint,

      Thank you for being a loyal Logitech fan. The chances are good that your older force-feedback games will work, as long as they were written to work in Windows 98 or later. Windows 98 fully supports USB and DirectX, which G940 uses to communicate with game software.

      G940 uses the force feedback mechanism to center the stick. However, the level of precision in the stick gimbal is very good, and accurately positions the stick to a consistent center point comparable to a spring based stick. And unlike a spring stick, G940 can operate without a centering force for greater realism in helicopter sims, and in airplane stall conditions.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Looking very nice. Are the controls interconnected, or can they be connected (and hopefully be sold) separately? I’d really like to get my hands on that throttle, not so sure about the stick however..

  • Hello. It would be desirable to learn, whed and under what price, the given model will be will extend in Russia?
    Yours faithfully =RedS=TerDes

  • I have at this moment a Saitek X52, And I need to change it to a better model. The problem with the X52 is that a lot of axis are actuated by potentiometers, and bad ones, if you keep it on the carbon track that change the resistance will get damage at some point and will cause Jitters!!! And a Jitter, even controlled by the software driver can ruin the fly

  • Thanks for the response, Ruben. I was already sold on the product and even moreso now from your response. Now I just have to make an addition to my gaming desk for and additional HOTAS setup. 🙂

  • Will the forces be more like the MSFFB2,when im rollling down the runway,the stick is loose,when airspeed picks up,the stick tightens.Is this a completely new FFB compared to logitechs other FFB’s.I have tried several logitech FFB’s,but quite honestly have not been pleased,i always go back to my MSFFB2.If this is a whole new platform i would be willing to give it a shot

    • Hi workky,

      It\’s an all-new force-feedback system. All the mechanisms have been redesigned. Our goal is to accurately generate the forces as they are intended by the simulation, so if the simulation makes the controls light when slow, stopped or during stall, that is what you will feel.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Looks good, I may have to buy one. I have used CH gear and its top notch. I currently own a NXT modified Cougar HOTAS.

    I will wait to see how this ends up, most good HOTAS are so because the sensor last years without starting to spike, wear surfaces last a long time, and strong software.

    Also you REALLY need to consider having adjustable width pedals. The CH are too narrow for most people, and although we have all gotten used to them, when the Saitek came out which are wider, tons of people bought them.

    Anyways its looks good, I hope it can stand up.

  • Great news Logitech. It was about time to have a FF HOTAS. The rudder pedals being included is a major plus… no more twisty-shaky stick compromise like “others” have.

    looking forward to it.

  • Macintosh drivers and software included?

    If it has Mac software for programmable key macro’s and configurations, I will toss my X52 and get it today!

    • Hi Frantish,

      Unfrotunately, the Flight system G940, drivers and software are not compatible with Apple operating systems.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • It’s all about the software, I know FSX did not simulate aircraft forces correctly.

    I hope you guys did your math!

  • Looks very nice! I like how logitech is releasing premium equipment that’s relatively affordable compared to full blown simulation setups that costs thousands.

    One question though, where is the news about the Logitech G27 wheel? I’m waiting to buy one and I haven’t heard any solid news about it. The G25 is around 3 years old now, and it’s due for a revision!

  • That looks like a real thing, and it’s just like the dream come true.

    Thank you mr. Starrett for creating such a system. At last – there’s something new, produced BY the simmer FOR the simmers. Long time has passed since we saw a new HOTAS with that level of thorough design. The functional side and ergonomics are just what many people have been dreaming about. Hope the sensors are good, and device proves to be reliable enough.

  • Hi!

    The joystick looks great!
    May one ask a couple of questions. Does this support MSFS9? What are the dimensions of the joystick?
    Looking forward to the release!

    Kind regards


    • Hi Magnus,

      The G940 should work just fine with FS 9. We include profiles for FS X, and nearly all the commands are identical.

      The dimensions of Logitech Flight System G940 are (L x W x H):

      Joystick: 228.0 x 194.0 x 247.8 millimeters
      Throttle: 228.0 x 194.0 x 183.9 millimeters
      Rudder pedals: 350.9 x 338.0 x 168.2 millimeters

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Nice looking kit but I have one question regarding the use of twin throttles and rudder pedals.

    Way back in the mists of early PC flight sims Suncom released a joystick and throttle combo that was based in the F15 Eagle controls (Thrustmasters Cougar is based on the F16) and all you jet jockeys will know the F15 is a twin engined aircraft and they were very nice indeed. However the problem was that you couldn’t use rudder pedals and the twin throttles together as Windows could only support a joystick and either one throttle and pedals or two thottles – with one throttle set up as a rudder.

    How have Logitech dealt with this issue?

    • Hi John,

      The Flight System G940 is a USB device and doesn\’t have the limitations of older game port controllers. When installed, Windows and the flight simulations see G940 as three devices; G940 Joystick, G940 Throttle and G940 Rudder Pedals, even though only one USB port is used. That way, you can assign each throttle to a separate engine, as well as assigning rudders and other axes as you wish. For single engine aircraft, or simulations with only one throttle input, you can assign one throttle and then lock them together.


  • The G940 looks great, but!

    Firstly, I’m being forced (no pun intended) into the market for a new joystick & pedal system. At the moment I have both the Logitech formular force wheel/pedal & a Logitech wingman force joystick that both still work perfectly. They are the ones with a serial connection & a USB converter. I specifically bought them for the USB connection. However, once I’m forced to stop using Win XP & upgrade to either Vista or Windows 7, neither of these joysticks will work because Logitech can’t/won’t write a driver for these older sticks. I’ve tried a 32bit beta version of Win 7 & it doesn’t recognise either device, & niether does 32bit Vista. How hard can it be? I’d like to be able wear these joysticks out.

    Secondly, with the exchange rate, the G940 will probably be over $500 for me. If I do decide to buy, I’ll have to junk my 2 perfectly good joytsticks. So the full cost to me will blow out to at least $1000. Even more if I want to continue to enjoy car racing sims.

    So for all your future customers, I hope you’ll maintain support for your later products like the G940.


  • Hi Reuben

    Thank you for your reply, I had always thought the twin throttle issue was an operating system limitation rather than a hardware problem.

    I have one last query regarding the software that controls the G940.

    I often play helicopter sims and used my previous throttle as a collective however in the past the supplied software with the Thrustmaster TQS didn’t work very well in this mode. However third party software tended to do a much better job, specifically Fox2 Pro was good but Calena’s wasn’t.

    Has the option to use the throttle as a collective been considered with the driver software?

    • Hi John,

      With the sims we\\\’ve tested, including DCS: Black Shark and Microsoft Flight Simulator X, it is easy to use G940\\\’s throttles as a collective. The sims allow for reversing the throttle so that you pull back for more collective pitch. Alternatively, the axis can be reversed in the Logitech Gaming Software if the sim doesn\\\’t allow it. Either of the two rotary axis can be assigned to the engine throttles if desired.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Hi Ruben

    Thats great to hear, I think this pretty much seals it for me and I’ll be buying the G940 when its released.

    So far I’ve only seen the estimated price in US dollars, its there any indication of the pricing for the UK?

  • Sir, is this unit powered via the usb only? What type of ffb adjustments will be allowed with the software? Are the leds on the base of the throttle also allowed to be programmed?



    • Hi T,

      The Logitech Flight System G940 uses an AC adapter to provide the power for the force feedback system. The G940 connects to the PC with a single USB port.

      The driver software has adjustments for overall effects strength, spring effect strength, and damper effect strength.

      The throttle panel buttons can be programmed to four states, red, green, amber and off using the available SDK.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Good job, but Your competitor offer also a flight Yoke for non-combat simmers.
    What does logitech plan about such a device ?

    • Hi Mauro,

      I\’m sorry but I can\’t comment about future product plans.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Thanks Ruben…one quick follow-up. Is the self-centering mechanism in the pedals adjustable, or can it be turned off?

    • Hi Tom,

      The throttles are not force feedback. Only the joystick X and Y axes are force feedback.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • When can we expect the release in Holland, Europe? It will be in september but wich date. Some stores say 11/9 others 27/9. Can’t wait to by this set, this is where I was waiting for.

    Thanks in advance for your reply!

  • So what’s the reason the G940 will not work on a Mac? It would take like a week to port your key programming software.

    Seems my money is going to your competitors.

  • Here we are at the eve of the release and a couple questions are in my head. One that has come to mind that I have seen a comment on, but doesn’t appear fully answered….

    What do we do in regards to reverse engines/thrust? Would we have to assign one throttle for forward thrust and one for reverse? I suppose that wouldn’t be a bad thing seeing as turns will be made easier with toe brakes and not left and right brake key assignments!

    I currently have the Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 joystick. I’m glad the days of twisting the joystick are over. Its been a pain unintentionally slipping some of my approaches. And having my hands free to set things up on taxi to takeoff is a bonus.

    The other question is in regards to the buttons below the throttle controls… When depressing the buttons, they change colors.. but can that same button be pressed twice for the same key stroke and the color will change? For example… With FSX the ‘G’ key raises and lowers the gears. Can I assign one of the buttons to have no light for gear up and the light to become green after depressing the button to lower the gear? Can it go amber or red if the gear was to fail locking in the down position? Hopefully you’ll say yes, but I feel like you’ll say no because the joystick isn’t going to know the status of the gear in the game and that it’s just a button. *fingers crossed*

    Thanks in advance for the answers! I already have mine preordered regardless of what your answers will be.

    P.S. YOU WILL DEFINITELY HAVE AT LEAST 2 TAKERS HERE IF/WHEN LOGITECH COMES OUT WITH A YOKE RATHER THAN JOYSTICK FOR THIS SETUP. (Damn consumerism) I may be used to the joystick already, but I’m with Microsoft on their motto for flight sim. I like it to be “As Real As It Gets.” I may be a military pilot, but it’s for a C-130, not an F-22.


  • Ok… so stupid me… I watched the video AFTER I left the comment. The throttle button controlled by the SOFTWARE is an AWESOME thing! One question out of the way!

    • Hi Brandon,

      Thrust reversers in Flight Simulator are operated by key command (press and hold F2) instead of an axis, so it can\’t be directly controlled by a throttle. I would suggest mapping F2 to a throttle button. On touchdown, reduce throttle, press and hold the button. This actuates the thrust reversers.

      In other simulations, you might be able to assign one of the two throttles as you suggest, or use the R1 or R2 rotaries to do it.

      G940 is very versatile and controls can be assigned in many different configurations.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • So I see it’s been testing with FSX. . .I thought FSX force feedback effects were always reversed? Is there a solution for that now in FSX or is it done via the Logitech software?

    • Hi Brett,

      The force feedback effects in Flight Simulator X work well on the G940. We haven\’t had issues with them being reversed.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • I have the new G940. Its very nice but in 64bit Vista I can’t get the 5.06 64 bit software to detect the joy stick but it shows up in my Joystick id# and under vista Game controllers. So I can’t set up any of the buttons with out the software. Any help?

  • A fix for the 64 bit os

    Thanks for your help Flappy. I was able to talk to my very smart friend Looky from Ireland. ” Robert ” and he helped me fix what was wrong. And here is how we fixed the 64 bit issue.

    Uninstall your Logitech Gamer software.

    Then 2nd

    We have to use regedit. This is what fixed the install.


    Then install your 5.06 software.. I didnt try the 5.07 yet… due to the 5.06 worked and I didnt want to try my luck..

    ” Make sure you dont have the stick unplugged and any logitech wheels ect.. only keyboard and mouse should be plugged in ”

    when the software tells you.. plug in the stick.. and it will give you 3 times in red .. do you want to use this driver its not msn cert.. say YES. make sure you say yes use it.

    After this it saw the stick in the software for logitech profiler.

    This was the fix. If you have the same problem I had were it wouldnt see the stick in the logictech profiler on the 1st install.

    I think it was due to I had a MOMO and the older 5.04 software and it was leaving the reg entries causing the bug.

  • I installed my new G940 on windows 7. The Profiler didn’t find Microsoft Flight Simulator X, it only found Lock on. So I tried Lockon first but pedals or throttle are not working.
    Same thing with FS X.. the rudder for examples acts like the joystick y-axis. SAme for the throttle, it doesn’t work, instead the R1 is doing the job. I’m new to this kind of joystick, any help would be welcome. Thanks

    • Hi Oliv,

      I\’m not sure why Flight Simulator X wasn\’t detected by Profiler, but we will be posting the profiles separately for download soon. it might have something to do with Windows 7, as we do not officially support it yet. We will have full support on or before Windows 7 launch in October.

      The G940 will work great with Lock On, bur every simulation has a number of unique settings to assign the controls. We included a set up guide that explains the steps to set up G940 with Flight Simulator X, Lock On and other sims. It is called \”Flight System G940 – Game setup guide.pdf\” and is located in the C:\\Program Files\\Logitech\\Gaming Software\\ folder. It explains the steps to assign the controls properly.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Tsat is a very fany!!!
    end E3 Product Announcement: Logitech Flight System G940 from left hand is not???
    that is a wery stupid!!!



  • Hi Ruben,

    thanks for the help. Most of the indications are working except that the rudder is not detected by FSX (I can’t assign the pedals). From the logitech gaming software: Device->Game Controlers-> Pedals->Properties the rudder is working.

    It may be because of windows7. Where can I know when the window7 drivers will be ready ?


  • Hi,

    I currently have a Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System, and i use that on the FSX. But the Saitek system doesn’t come with rudder pedals.

    I would love to also get a flight stick for combat missions. May i ask if the Logitech G940 Rudder Pedals can also work with the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System on FSX ? This is so that i can interchange between using yoke or stick depending on what aircraft i’m flying on FSX.


    • Hi Ron,

      You can use your yoke with G940 and FS X. However, the rudder pedals are part of the complete system and cannot be plugged in separately. You will need to change the settings in Flight Simulator, assigning aileron and elevator control to the yoke, and unassigning the G940 Joystick X and Y axis, so that they do not conflict.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Wow! now this i more like it, i lke it a lot. I like comerial airline flight sims myself, i am looking to build a 737 throttle . Will logitek plan to buil anything along these line?

  • First of all: a huge thanks! for the years of bringing great/magnificent products on the market.
    I still see logitech as THE best fabricant of peripheral devices for the computer.

    I do have a question of the upcoming G940:

    My MSFFB2 is about 10 years old and still works like a charm.
    Do the FF servo’s last as long as the MSFFb2?

    Also did logitech have the MSFFB2 as example or did you developed the G940 completely fresh?

    • Hi Crusader,

      Flight System G940 has a unique design, based on years of experience with precise and durable force feedback mechanisms developed for our award winning racing wheels. The motors and mechanisms are very strong. The processor is more advanced. The stick and rudder pivots have metal bearings, not plastic. It is designed for long-term use.

      Cheers, Ruben

    • Hi John,

      We released Logitech Gaming Software version 5.08 this morning. It can be downloaded from the support area for G940 and should be fully functional with your system, as long as your operating system is completely up to date with all service packs.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • I have the G25 racing system and it is excellent.

    Very interesting from the point of force feedback. That would make flying a whole lot more real.

    The inclusion of a yoke will have me nipping out to buy a system.
    And the system buttons on the throttle console is a great idea.

    It seems there would be a market for a yoke so please consider it.

    Until then I’ll continue with my Saitek Pro Flight setup.

    Kind regards

  • Where is the profiles downloads for this system? I just bought it and was wondering where I could download profiles for it.

    • Hi Nathaniel,

      The installation software for G940 includes profiles for most of the current and recent flight simulations. Once the install finishes, it will automatically detect and add the profiles for your software. You can also scan again any time you’ve added a new game by clicking on “Profile, Scan for new games” from the Logitech Profiler menu.


  • When is this product going to be released? I check on google for the release dat of logitech g940 but nothing comes up….

    • Hi Jason,

      The Flight System G940 has been released – I did a quick check and saw that it is available and in stock at Amazon.com and other online retailers.


  • Hi;
    Just took delivery of the G940. It looks great, but unusable.
    Can’t find anywhere that can show how to use it with vista 64. The information provided with the hardware explanes nothing, even on your website. Am using logitech with regards to webcams, keyboards and the like and they are excellent. I hope the G940 will be in the same class once it is usable.


  • I am a pilot with 12500 hours along with 25 years of “virtual” flying. The idea of a force feedback HOTAS setup appeals to me greatly as I long to emulate the feel of real flight. In principal the G940 meets that wish. But after two months of use I find that the frustrations far outweigh the improved precision and feel. Without going into a long dissertation my issues are, in short:

    1) The R1 and R2 wheels transmit wild, random inputs as the throttle is moved.
    2) The mini-stick is very inaccurate, even after calibration.
    3) The profiling software has huge issues: a) limited ability for the user to adjust FFB settings, b) no working ability to adjust the spring for non-FFB games, c) problematic profile switching from game to game, and
    4) MOST IMPORTANTLY, zero customer feedback from any Logitech representatives in recent weeks. Mark particularly was doing a fine job of addressing customer concerns but that input seems to have ceased in mid-October.

    I must say that I feel a little be stupid in not having returned my hardware during the time-frame that the ability to do so was available to me. I believed then what I was hearing that all issues would be addressed in future software releases. But now that all such promises have stopped, I am convinced that my hardware problems are not software solvable.

    • Hi Eric,

      The problem you describe with thee R1 and R2 rotaries should not happen. They are independent of the throttle controls, and only should respond when moved. It could be that sensitivity in the game itself or settings in the profile are set too high and small inadvertent movement is being detected. If not, there may be a problem, and you should contact support for assistance with replacement. The mini-stick could be a similar situation with sensitivity. Set properly, I can easily move a target cursor on radar screens in Lock-On and other sims. The challenges with so many simulations are the many different ways to adjust and assign controls. It takes some tuning to get the responses you want in each one.

      The profiling software and drivers do give the ability to adjust force feedback forces. You can adjust overall effects strength, Spring effect strength, Damper effect strength. You can also enable spring forces in non force feedback games, and adjust the centering force. The adjustments are global, the settings are used for all games. We do not allow individual force profiles per game, as it becomes too complex for most users, with limited benefit. In most cases, we prefer to work with developers to provide realistic tuned responses from the game itself, for the best possible responses. G940 is the first force feedback flight controller, so pre-existing software is not optimized for its features. We expect that to change in new software coming out.

      The profile software does allow users to adjust axis sensitivity and null zones independently for each profile. We think the best choice is to adjust it within the game, but we offer the option so that games without adjustments can be tuned to the user’s preference.

      Profile switching generally works well, but there are some cases where it doesn’t, so you can choose “Options”, “Global Profiler Settings”, “Apply Persistent Profile”, and the profile will stay loaded at all times. The reason profiles may not load come from the way the game runs. Sometimes the game runs a different executable than is linked to the profile. Steam games, and DCS: Black Shark are examples. Sometimes other programs in the background can confuse it. Team speak, Track Ir & Touch-Buddy are examples.

      We try to keep an active presence in the main flight simulation forums, as well as the Logitech support forums. Once the latest software version 5.08 released in October, The number of issues had significantly reduced. We will continue to improve the software, but cannot comment on features and release dates.

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