GLAAD Releases Findings From LGBTQ Gaming Report


Last week, Logitech partner GLAAD released its first State of LGBTQ Inclusion in Video Games report, which provides a comprehensive look at LGBTQ inclusion in video games. The report was created to educate the gaming industry on the current state of LGBTQ representation that exists, make a fact-based business case for LGBTQ inclusion, and provide a playbook for more authentic representation.

Key findings from the report include the following:

  • One in five (17%) of active video game players are LGBTQ, but less than 2% of games on major consoles and PC include LGBTQ characters, based on publicly available tags and lists denoting LGBTQ-inclusive content.
  • 7 out of 10 non-LGBTQ gamers said learning a main character in a game is LGBTQ would either positively influence, or make no difference to their likelihood to buy or play the game, while LGBTQ gamers are not only more likely to buy or play such a game, but nearly 3 out of 4 say seeing characters with their gender identity or sexual orientation represented well in a game makes them feel better about themselves.

As an advocate of the LGBTQ community, Logitech remains committed to developing products and platforms that promote inclusivity and accessibility for all, and authentically represents users of its gaming products. 

Logitech, through the Logitech Cares Fund held at the Tides Foundation, has been a partner of GLAAD since 2021 and proud supporters of projects including the GLAAD Gaming Report and its Social Media Safety Index (SMSI), which seeks to hold social media platforms accountable and provides recommendations for LGBTQ safety, privacy and expression.

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