Plug-and-Play Meeting Rooms Make it Easier to Return to Office

Wireless BYOD (bring your own device) is the new standard for virtual meetings

This is a guest blog from our alliance partner, Barco.

Some employees have returned to the office, others are staying home, and many have adopted a hybrid model. Video meetings are the central piece to achieving collaboration and connectivity among hybrid teams, but is your organization equipped to support easy, employee-powered meetings that serve both onsite and offsite users? 

One secret: enable your team with wireless BYOD (bring your own device) spaces that are easy and quick to deploy. While 77% of employees agree that meeting rooms should be outfitted with video conferencing technology, IT managers are faced with the challenge of equipping spaces with technology that is easy to launch for all team members, regardless of technology proficiency. If the solution doesn’t foster employee confidence, it will go unused. 

What a professional BYOD meeting space should look like in the hybrid age

Whether employees are working remotely or from the office, the virtual meeting experience should be intuitive. Usability is key. Onsite teams should be encouraged to bring their own devices, like laptops and tablets, for a plug-and-play experience that is beautifully accompanied by premium audio and video. A professional collaboration space should showcase all attendees equally which is why the Logitech MeetUp camera, with its 120° field of view, adjusts to capture every person in the room.  

Hosting a hybrid meeting, with your own device, should be a single click away

When outfitting a meeting space for virtual collaboration, the goal should be to provide users with an experience that comes with little-to-no learning curve. When teams have the ability to use their own devices, and unified communication (UC) platform of choice, they can confidently deploy meetings without having to worry about room licensing, calibrations, or technology limitations. Barco’s ClickShare Conference and Logitech MeetUp all-in-one conferencecam make meetings easy to set up and host. Plus, users can share their views wirelessly both remotely and in the meeting room.

BYOD meeting spaces aren’t optimal; they’re critical

Some organizations standardize on a single cloud platform, but others allow their teams to use the UC&C solution they prefer. Barco research shows that on average people use up to six different UC platforms. For organizations that support a variety of platforms, BYOD-friendly rooms are a necessity. Empowering all employees to easily and confidently launch a video call from their laptop will ensure that the solution you’ve invested in actually gets used.  

ClickShare Conference gives users the power to simply walk in and wirelessly connect to Logitech MeetUp with a single click. Power a video conference from the user’s own device, using a preferred conferencing solution, all while benefiting from the AV setup in the room. As an added bonus, ClickShare gives the user the ability to control the meeting content with a single touch. 

According to ClickShare research, 81% of all collaboration results in a mixture of face-to-face and hybrid meetings. The novelty of video calls has faded, and knowledge workers are craving more interaction, engagement and collaboration. Humans crave social interaction, which is why face-to-face meetings, whether in person or virtually, will continue to be a cornerstone of professional collaboration. 

Today’s video collaboration expectations have made it critical that you identify solutions that make it easy for you to manage devices across your enterprise while also giving users fast, simple, intuitive digital experiences. Whether you’re using Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, RingCentral or another platform, Logitech and Barco give you the confidence you need to host that important conference call, every single time. 

Learn more about Barco + Logitech Joint Solutions at InfoComm

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