BAYADA Home Health Care Videoconferences with Zoom and Logitech


BAYADA Home Health Care, a provider of in-home health solutions, has experienced explosive growth in recent years. With more than 300 offices in the U.S., the company recently began to take its services global.  Now that its employees are spread far and wide and there is an increasing patient preference for home-based care, the company found itself looking for a more economical and accessible videoconference alternative to its cumbersome traditional conference room systems.

In walks Zoom.

A new case study by Zoom in collaboration with Logitech and BAYADA Home Health Care explains how Zoom Room software coupled with our video collaboration hardware met this need perfectly and is allowing BAYADA Home Health Care to continue to operate with the agility and speed necessary to provide the quality of care it has to its clients thus far.

Wondering how? See the full case study here.

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