Officisms: What We Really Mean

LFB Image October

Officisms. We all say them. “Just circling back…” “I’ll be out of pocket.” “Let’s touch base at COB.” They’re insufferable, but they serve a purpose. And then there are some phrases we hear specifically, almost exclusively, while videoconferencing. At first glance they appear to mean one thing, but oh, how you are so mistaken.

Below is a sampling of our favorite videoconference phrases and then what they really mean.

  • Sorry can you repeat that? You were breaking up. = I wasn’t listening.
  • Sorry my video isn’t working today. = I need to multi-task and don’t want you to know.
  • Sorry I’m late, my last meeting ran over  = I just woke up.

We’ll be posting a slew of these over the next few weeks on our social channels so stay tuned!

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