Keep employees engaged and informed with our latest release of CollabOS

Over the past few years, businesses have learned a lot about what it takes to make hybrid work effective and engaging. We know that every employee needs to feel seen, heard, and included whether they’re working from home or in the office. 

CollabOS, our unifying operating system running on the latest Logitech video collaboration devices, helps make that possible. With CollabOS, these devices work seamlessly together and continuously improve to provide equitable meeting experiences for everyone. Our latest CollabOS update extends multi-screen support for a third display, adds multi-camera views and expands features designed to give every employee a better view during hybrid meetings and a simpler experience when they come into the office. 

Here are four key features from the update that empower IT to make hybrid work simpler and more engaging. 

Grid View available for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android

Previously available for Microsoft Teams on Windows, RightSight 2 Grid View is now available for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android on Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini.

Grid View enables Intelliframe on Microsoft Teams Rooms to better frame in-room meeting participants, giving each person their own individual frame in the video gallery alongside remote participants. It gives everyone more equitable representation in the meeting by detecting faces and zooming in on each person to give them their own frame. Remote participants will be able to see in-room participants’ faces better, and read facial expressions, creating a more inclusive meeting experience for everyone.

Zoom Interoperability and Three-Display Support


With the update to Zoom Rooms 5.13.5, users on Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini can now join both scheduled and ad-hoc Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Webex meetings. 

Three-Display Support

See more and show more with Zoom’s three-screen support, now supported by CollabOS. This Zoom feature allows for greater display options to showcase the active speaker, gallery view, and shared content across three screens.

Three display support is available for Rally Bar, Rally Bar Mini, and RoomMate utilizing a USB to display adapter. View our support article for more information about compatibility options.

Display digital signage with Appspace on RoomMate

CollabOS now supports Appspace on RoomMate enabling employees and office visitors to be informed and connected. Connect RoomMate to your display to show digital signage like maps, menus, company news, announcements, and more to help people navigate and maximize their time in the office. Learn more from Appspace on our new integration.

Get started with the latest CollabOS 1.8 update today

Update your Logitech video collaboration devices to the latest version of CollabOS 1.8 using Sync now, or with Microsoft Teams admin center and Zoom Device Management as the updates become available. Also be sure to check out the CollabOS release notes.