The Best Tablet Case for Class


Homework, research and projects require your attention even after the last bell, and that means plenty of travel time to libraries, school supply runs, and even quiet spots to study. If a tablet is your most important learning tool, you need the right kind of protection to make sure it stays safe when you’re on the move. Lucky you – the Logi BLOK family of ultra-protective cases has the versatility and durability for all your school – and after school – activities.


A Case for Every Case

  • Logi BLOK Protective Shell for iPad Air 2 and iPad mini can withstand a drop from up to six feet onto surfaces as hard as concrete. Its square corners have absorbent polymers that protect the weakest part of your iPad (the corners), and the sleek design feels as if you’re using your tablet without a case.
  • Logi BLOK Protective Case for iPad Air 2 offers the same drop protection, but adds a screen cover that converts into a stand that holds your iPad at any angle within a 50-degree range.
  • Logi BLOK Keyboard Case gives you drop protection, but with a detachable keyboard that doubles as a screen cover so you can type your notes and then transport your iPad safely across campus.

You’re on-the-go even when you’re deep in study, and you need a case that keeps your tablet safe in any environment. That’s the Logi BLOK family – meet them all here.