Logitech Expands Harmony Universe

If you’re a Logitech Harmony user, you already know that the universe of Harmony compatible products is amazing. More than 270,000 devices from more than 6,000 brands products are already compatible. And, we’re adding more new features and functionality every day through partnerships with other leading home control and entertainment companies. Today, we’re excited to tell you about two additional offerings that we’re bringing to our customers. logitech-harmony-ultimate-home First up, Harmony will become the first universal remote in the Icontrol Networks ecosystem. Icontrol Networks’ vision is to provide a connected home solution for every household, so people worldwide spend less time managing their lives and more time living them. They’re a great addition to the Harmony ecosystem (and for our users) because they add millions of potential new devices to the roster of Harmony compatible products.

We’ve also partnered with IFTTT to bring recipes to the Harmony Home. Now Harmony users can set specific actions to trigger automatically. For example, when your iPhone with the Harmony Control app enters your home in the evening it can trigger adjustments in your household environment – think turning on your favorite song or the lights in the living room (or both) when you open the door.

Cool, right? Below are some of our favorite IFTTT Recipes to get you started. We’ve really enjoyed working to get this ready for you, and we’re looking forward to bringing you more great capabilities in the future. Let us know in the comments what new partners you’d like to see us bring on board and why.


End a Harmony activity when you answer a callIFTTT Recipe: End a Harmony activity when you answer a call connects android-phone-call to harmony

Start a Harmony activity when you wake upIFTTT Recipe: Start a Harmony activity when you wake up connects up-by-jawbone to harmony

Start Harmony activity with calendar eventIFTTT Recipe: Start Harmony activity with Calendar event  connects google-calendar to harmony

Use your location to start a Harmony activityIFTTT Recipe: Use your location to start a Harmony activity  connects ios-location to harmony



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  • To clarify, IFTTT is only compatible with our latest products:

     • Ultimate Home
      • Home Control
      • Home Hub

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