Logitech Harmony Expands Skills for Amazon Alexa

Alexa and Harmony

New Alexa features have Harmony users talking! Starting today, you’ll be able to access a new Alexa skill with Logitech Harmony that allows you to control your entertainment experience with Amazon Echo or Echo Dot even more.

We are constantly adding new functionality to Logitech Harmony hub-based products and are excited to add the following capabilities to our Alexa integration for folks in the UK and U.S.:

  • Volume Control: Simply say, “Alexa, tell Harmony to turn down the volume,” or “Alexa, tell Harmony to turn up the volume by 12.”
  • Direct Channel Navigation: You can ask Alexa to “tell Harmony to tune to channel number 29,” or, once you program your Harmony favorite channels,  “tell Harmony to switch to ESPN.”
  • Media Playback Control: Control the flow of your entertainment content by saying “tell Harmony to play (or pause, stop, eject or record.” You can also tell Alexa to “skip forward or back” which allows you to jump forward or back in your show by 30 seconds.
  • Sleep Timer: If you tend to fall asleep in front of your TV, you can simply say, “Alexa, tell Harmony to set a sleep timer for 20 minutes” or “Alexa, tell Harmony to clear my sleep timer” to cancel an existing sleep timer that you may have programmed.

And we’ve got some great news if you’re in the UK. Now, Harmony hub-based owners in the UK can also control their entertainment and smart home devices using the power of their voice. For example, with a “Good Morning” Activity, you can turn on the lights, bring up the blinds and turn your TV to BBC One — all at once, with one verbal request to Alexa.

Use your voice, and let us know what you think! Learn more about the the Harmony experience with Amazon Alexa at myharmony.com/alexa.