This Mom’s Back-to-School Essential: A Good Night’s Sleep

Guest Blog Post By Hannah Williams (@HannahLilyWilliams)

Picture this: Me, asleep on my couch in the living room at 2AM. A Lifetime movie is playing on the TV (because that’s my white noise these days). I’m alone out here—my husband has woken up and gone into the bedroom to sleep, because he knows that when I’m asleep on the couch, I am NOT to be woken. Seriously, I’m a working mom with both kids starting school, I can’t afford to lose a minute of sleep. All of a sudden…


Someone is pounding on my front door.

I LEAP off of the couch. I realize quickly that I’m the only person who is awake due to this loud banging on the door. We’re not expecting anybody…heck, we’ve JUST moved to this neighborhood and don’t even know our neighbors. I’ve played out this moment so many times in my mind, planning how I’d protect my kids, or how I’d defend all of us if there was a potential break-in, yet in this moment I completely freeze up. I finally run into the bedroom to alert my husband, who was equally stunned. All the while…


The pounding continues.

Neither one of us knows what to do. Our door is an old, mid century piece, with a small pullopen peep hole on the door itself. In that moment, there’s NO WAY one of us is willing to walk up to the door to open it.

After a bunch of back and forth between me and my husband, I frantically start looking for a weapon, as my husband finally inches towards the door. All the while, our mystery visitor is continuously knocking. I can see their silhouette blocking the light going through the little peep hole in the door, and seriously, it’s the creepiest thing ever. My husband finally musters up the bravery to yell:


The man on the other side of the door states, “It’s me, your next door neighbor. I want you to know that your garage is open.”

Sounds fake, but ok. My husband goes to check, and it in fact is our next door neighbor (what was he doing out at 2AM on a Tuesday? But regardless, we are super grateful), and our garage is definitely wide open.

Cue both my husband and I feeling really, really, dumb. In that very moment, I turned to him and said, “We need to get a camera out there RIGHT. NOW.”

Fast forward a couple weeks, and I’ve had the opportunity to try the Logitech Circle 2 home security camera. This company found me at the exact moment that I needed them, and I swear it was fate. This amazing camera gives me alerts when someone approaches the door, so I know what to expect before anyone even rings my doorbell. I can access stored video footage if anything suspicious happens in front of the house. The camera works both indoors and outdoors, so I’m able to mount it right on the front of my house, to see every visitor.

Since installing this Circle 2 security camera, sleeping is a dream. I never have to worry about who is at my door, who is lurking on my property, or what to do if we get an unexpected visitor.

On school nights, this mama can’t afford to lose any sleep, and thanks to Logitech, I no longer have to worry about that! Seriously, the peace of mind it provides is priceless.