Going to PAX? Enter to Win a Custom Fitting of our Yet-To-Be-Announced Logitech G Audio Product

Headed to PAX Prime 2014? We’re looking to find the ultimate audio fan for a brand new Logitech G beta program and we’re kicking it off on PAX’s main floor.

We’re looking for one PAX attendee who is truly discerning when it’s comes to their audio and wants to help us test and perfect a product we have in the works.

Enter for a chance to be join our beta team on our Twitter pages starting August 26 at 12:00 PM PST and ending August 28 at 1:59 PM PST. All you’ve got to do is share a picture of your PAX Prime ticket with #sciencewins – and you could leave the show floor with all the prep work done for your inclusion in this very exclusive beta program.

We’re SO excited to include you in our development process and can’t wait to hear all the reasons why you want to be a part of this test.  Hope to hear from you soon!

Official Rules

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