Together We Game: One Vote Closes, Another Opens

TWG_WayIn_400x300_Tower We’re building a Tower Defense video game vote by vote, and it’s time for the next step! Last week, we voted on theme, with Computer Interior as the clear winner. Thank you to everyone who participated; we received over 7,000 votes! Your contributions are what truly make this Together We Game. Now that we have our environment settled, it’s time to move on to other elements of the game development. Our next vote is for our game’s playfield, and the polls are now open now at First, here’s a bit more information about your choices:

  1. Fixed Path – You have a main tower that you defend at the end of a drawn out path. The enemies follow this path in order to get to your tower, which you must protect. Example: Kingdom Rush
  2. Open Field – This is lain out more like a sports field or a real-time battlefield. Your enemies don’t follow any specific path.
  3. Non-traditional Grid – A normal grid is something like in Plants vs. Zombies. What we’re talking about is a few things: the grid might not necessarily be squares, and in each level the grid might alter.

Now go vote for your favorite at! And if you want to get in on the deeper discussion, stop by our subreddit where we’re already talking about next week’s vote: Tower Type.

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