Introducing the New Logitech USB Headset H570e: Compatible, Comfortable, Convenient

Is your company doing away with phones and cubicles and moving to an open work environment where your surroundings can be a little distracting? Unsurprisingly, Wainhouse Research estimates that 38% of SMBs are considering moving from a traditional PBX service to the cloud. This new workspace creates the need for a softphone — a software application that lets you make calls over the internet from a computer with your keyboard and mouse. Calls then take place through a headset or a microphone and computer speakers.

Now back to the distracting work environment. Once you’ve made the transition from a traditional phone to a softphone, you’re probably going to need a headset. Good news! Logitech just introduced the Logitech USB Headset H570e: a new headset designed for comfort and ease-of-use available in stereo for people who need to block out surrounding noise during desktop calls, and in mono for those who prefer to have an open ear to their surroundings.

USB Headset H570e

The new enterprise-quality Logitech USB Headset H570e headset is stylish with unmatched features in its category:

  • A durable and adjustable padded headband for all-day comfort, with a metal reinforcement that provides strength and flexibility for the best fit.
  • The leatherette headset ear pads are designed to be comfortable for hours of use and can be easily cleaned or replaced as needed.
  • Compatible with most unified communications (UC) platforms, it has digital signal processing which enables precise tuning for both the mic and speaker so conversations are more life-like.
  • Acoustic echo cancelation blocks unwanted noise coming from the speaker from entering the mic path, and the noise-cancelling microphone blocks out distracting ambient noise from the surrounding environment.
  • A dynamic equalizer which automatically switches between voice and music modes, delivering the best sound quality for whatever you’re listening to.

This affordable USB Headset H570e can help companies of all sizes to realize the benefits of hands-free crystal-clear communication. No more worries about your ever-changing workplace environment, we’ve got a headset that allows you to clearly hear whatever is being said or played.