ISE 2022: Barcelona-bound

It’s an understatement to say that the world has changed since the last time we met at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE). A lot has happened, and continues to happen, through the pandemic, humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, and countless other unforeseen events. Despite the uncertainty, our industry has accomplished innovations that far exceeded expectations. 

Two years ago we said goodbye to Amsterdam as host city, and now we’ll say hello to ISE’s new home: Gran Via at Fira Barcelona, one of the largest and most modern venues in Europe. And we, as a proud sponsor of ISE 2022, can’t wait to show you what’s new from the Logitech side of things.

So come say hello to us in booth 2L340, in Zone Hall 2, where you’ll see how we’ve made it our mission to create equitable meetings for every participant in every space, whether it’s an open workspace, home office, conference room, or a combination of them all. Additionally, see how experts in education, healthcare and government empower their workforce to deliver consistent learning experiences, high-quality care and efficient services in the hybrid world.

Only the best for the new world of hybrid work
One of the most significant ways our world has changed is that remote work advanced practically overnight, and now hybrid work is here to stay. With it, our collective expectations around work-life balance, wellness, sustainability, and inclusivity have evolved. Organizations are responding by creating spaces to fit the spectrum of needs: some are back in the office, others are permanently remote. Many enjoy a mix of both. For every scenario, we have you covered so you can enjoy immersive video experiences wherever you are.

Work from home
Check out the “ultimate WFH workstation” that landed Logitech on Fast Company’s Top 10 list of Most Innovative Companies: Logi Dock! See for yourself why this all-in-one docking station ensures that working from home isn’t a compromise. Pair it with these sleek, certified Zone True Wireless earbuds to amp up your WFH productivity.

Hybrid work
A little of this, a little of that. Remote one day, the office the next. It’s a new way of working and we’re obsessed with making it equally great for everyone! To see what we mean, make sure to visit with family–the Logitech Rally family! Our premium modular video conferencing solutions for any-sized rooms, Rally Bar, Rally Bar Mini, and Rally Plus, have studio-quality 4K video, exceptional audio clarity and smart features. Rally Bar and Rally Bar, with RightSight 2 Speaker View, are bringing hybrid teams closer together by dramatically improving the experience for remote workers meeting with their in-office colleagues. And these meetings are simple to join with Tap IP which gets you in the meeting with—you guessed it—one tap, on a network-connected touch controller. 

Now everyone can have an equal seat at the table, even during brainstorming sessions. It used to be that whiteboarding belonged only in the office. And when a remote worker joined a video call, they had to squint to see the white board, or rely on photos taken after. Enter Logitech Scribe. With built-in AI, a custom lens, and a one-click to share button, Scribe easily broadcasts whiteboard content into video meetings with outstanding clarity. 

In the office
Return-to-office, in all its forms, is big news and an even bigger deal for companies needing to spruce up their tech–or what we like to call raising the bar. 

Tap Scheduler was created to help make scheduling meetings easy as many hybrid workers return to the office. Spot an available room down a hallway with colored LED lighting. Up close, see meeting details and reserve a room, whether it’s a phone booth, video room, or hangout nook, without all the detective work. Green means go–what could be easier? 

Ideas Galore
But as you know, trade shows aren’t just about the products. ISE brings us opportunities to share ideas and learn from others. One such opportunity is the Smart Workplace Summit on Tuesday, May 10. Learn how Siemens worked with Logitech to enable collaboration across four countries to develop the City Performance Tool–a leading-edge simulation tool that gives cities guidance on how to achieve their environmental targets.

Beyond the Logitech Booth
Many Logitech Collaboration Program (LCP) Partners will be featuring Logitech solutions at their booths. At the Zoom booth (2C200), for example, you’ll have the opportunity to experience how Logitech products like Rally Bar, Tap IP, and Logi Dock work with Zoom. From interactive displays to audio systems, conferencing and collaboration to cable management and integrations, you’ll find Logitech products all over the exhibit hall:

Logitech’s LCP Program has over 100 partners and is growing fast. The newest partners to join the collaborative include i3 Technologies, a hardware and software provider that promotes hands-on, collaborative learning; and Kramer, a leading technology company with end-to-end solutions in the Pro AV space.

We’re excited to see you at ISE! To register using a free registration code, please go here.