Logitech Expands Commitment to Enterprise, Launches Logi Bolt

Today we announced the expansion of our enterprise business offerings to include individual work setup solutions in addition to existing, industry-leading meeting room video conferencing technologies to meet the evolving needs of today’s enterprise IT to enhance the overall employee experience. Powering this expansion is the introduction of Logi Bolt, a new high-performance, secure wireless technology offering that provides a solution to key imperatives for enterprise IT – secure wireless connection, robust wireless signal and cross-platform compatibility for mice and keyboards. Logitech is bringing Logi Bolt to the enterprise on a global scale to drive enhanced employee productivity.

This new technology will enhance employees’ overall experience, whether they’re at home or in the office, so enterprise IT can feel confident that everyone’s devices are secure no matter where work takes them. In reengineering our devices for the enterprise, we focused on the four criteria that we know are important in the enterprise space:

  1. SECURITY: Enterprise mice and keyboards are paired to Logi Bolt USB receivers using Bluetooth® Low Energy Security Mode 1, Level 4 (Secure Connections Only mode). It’s a closed, secure connection to meet the needs of companies that block direct Bluetooth connections. 
  2. CONNECTIVITY: When paired via a Logi Bolt USB receiver, Logi Bolt enterprise products have a robust and reliable wireless performance. A Logi Bolt connection has been shown to outperform other wireless protocols in highly congested (noisy) environments.
  3. PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT: Enterprise devices include 2-year warranty, advanced replacement, and professional support for IT and end users.
  4. GLOBAL CERTIFICATION & DISTRIBUTION: Enterprise devices are globally certified in 100+ countries with packaging that is designed for how IT distributes work setups to employees. Wherever your users are, we can deliver.

Learn more at logitech.com/workdesk or logitech.com/logibolt or connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.