Never Having to Say “My Battery Died”

Everyone gets excited about new devices fresh out of the box, but that excitement quickly turns to panic when battery bars slip precariously from green to red. It happens to the best of us, and there’s nothing more frustrating than being stuck with a dead device. To avoid the perils of a dead battery, we’ve gathered some essential energy-saving tips.

Battery Primer

Your devices don’t run on the Energizer bunny, so pay attention to manuals when it comes to charging and recharging new devices. Most laptops, tablets and mobile phones use lithium-ion batteries, which operate most efficiently when they’re charged between 40%-80%. While we spend most of our time worrying about keeping things on, it’s also crucial to let the battery completely drain about once a month.



Smart Phones

You’re going to regret those precious hours of Candy Crush fun when your phone call gets cut off due to a dead battery. With so many apps at our disposal we forget how many features are running simultaneously and eating away at battery life. Dimming your backlight and disabling Bluetooth is a first step, but you should also shut down apps, turn off Airdrop, Location Services and Data Push to extend life. Once you’ve reached the danger zone, you can always go into Airplane Mode as a last resort.


Minimizing your apps is a good habit to have, but for those of us who are absent-minded, tablet covers with auto-wake and auto-sleep features do the work for us. The Logitech Folio Protective Case keeps your iPad on standby, and lets it sleep when not in use to maintain battery life. For the keyboard devotees, all of the Logitech Keyboard Covers are easily rechargeable with an included USB cable and 3 months of battery life on a full charge (Based on an average use of 2 hours per day).

Computer Accessories

If you’re adverse to trackpads, a powerful mouse is your best ally. Keep it powered and portable with the Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630. Even if you burn through the up to 10-day battery life, just one minute of charge time gives you another hour of power — which could mean the difference between making a deadline or clinching a deal.


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