Introducing Options+: Upgrade your experience with the next-generation Logitech app for mice & keyboards

Logitech Options+ app, available today in an open beta for Windows 10, macOS 10.15 and 11 , is designed to help you create and communicate more efficiently than ever using Logitech’s mice and keyboards. With Options+ you can work at your best, no matter the task or the app, and be at your most productive by customizing every aspect of your devices to suit your needs, workflows, and preferences.

The app combines the best of the current Options software with a newly redesigned, intuitive interface, that helps maximize your productivity in a next-generation, free-to-use, app. Work faster with predefined settings optimized for your favorite apps including Google Chrome, Edge, Safari, Zoom and Teams. Configure the buttons and keys of your device to perform your common and repetitive tasks, saving you time and improving your workflow so you can work smarter and adjust the scrolling experience and cursor speed to your liking.

We invite you to join the open beta for Options+ here with your supported Logitech device, and share your feedback using the button provided in the app. Options+ launches in eight languages — English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Spanish and Russian– so we look forward to hearing from everyone around the world. Your input is very important during the open beta phase, allowing us to continually make improvements and deliver the best experience possible. As with any beta app that has not yet been commercially released, you may encounter bugs in this version but we plan to bring improvements, features and more devices to you on a regular basis. 

Options+ will become the single stop to help you create and communicate more effectively with your Logitech mice and keyboards – but this is just the beginning. It’s a modern platform that sets us up for the future and allows us to develop and offer new features and experiences not possible before. We look forward to your input to help us deliver the best experience possible for our Logitech community.