It’s Been a Wonderful Logitech

Twelve days ago I infiltrated the walls of Logitech as Chief Holiday Officer, shipped inside a box of holiday decorations – Santa hat-clad and ready to score the inside information. Now, as I give up my garlands, candy canes and holiday plaid, I want to say a final “ho, ho, ho!” and thank you for listening to my devious scheme to gain the inside scoop on the best tech gifts this holiday season.

I suppose I should really be thanking everyone at Logitech for spilling secrets on Logitech’s greatest gadgets. However, since I’m banned from the premises for life, you’ll just have to do.

Today is the last day to bag some of the greatest tech gifts this holiday season! Vote for your favorite Logitech product of the season on Facebook for a chance to win it!

Until next year!


Chief Holiday Officer