2012 Fall Tokyo Headphone Festival

The 2012 Fall Tokyo Headphone Festival was held on Oct. 27-28 and is known to be one of the biggest trade shows for headphones and earphones in Japan. Although the venue was relatively small, about 5,500 attendees packed inside, and more than 100 headphone brands participated.

Logicool (Logitech in Japan) was on site at the show and displayed our UE custom monitors for attendees to try out.

Many attendees were in line upwards of 30 minutes prior to the event’s opening.

Logicool UE booth

Fans were excited to receive hands-on time with the UE Custom Monitors.

It is a common practice for “audio geeks” to bring portable amplifiers with their iPhone or digital music player and connect them with an optical cable.

A fan shows off his iPhone and amplifier

We loved being a part of such a fun event. It was especially great to meet our customers in person and to learn about their passion and enthusiasm for headphones and music products.

If you’re in Tokyo next spring, come by the Headphone Festival 2013 event. We look forward to seeing you there!


Senior Public Relations Manager, Asia Pacific & Japan


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