Take a Look at Our Newest Mouse for MMO Gamers

Today we announced the latest addition to the Logitech G-Series: The Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse, a highly customizable and easy-to-use mouse specifically designed for MMO gamers.

The mouse features 20 programmable buttons – including 12 thumb buttons, set in two groups of six on a meticulously designed thumb panel – all in easy reach for quick and easy no-look navigation and faster game play. With three default profiles – two for MMOs and one for general gaming – it’s set up for optimal use right out of the box, no drivers required. And, it has a G-Shift button that easily doubles the number of actions you can perform, giving you complete control in your favorite MMOs.

Check out the video below to find out more about the Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse – and let us know what you think in the comments.


Brand Manager at Logitech


  • Hey

    Im an MMO player, with rather small hands, so my current mouse is the G9/G9x.
    I tryed the G700 and a lot of the new mouses out there and ended always comming back to my wonderfull G9.

    How will this mouse compare to G9/G9x in size matters?

    Offcurse if you tip me there will be any replacement for the G9x anytime soon I rest my case 🙂

    Thank you

  • How about a G600 variant without the buttons at the side? You know you want to release it.

  • Just the mouse I was looking for my Diablo 3 gaming. Question. When will this mouse be release? Reading from other tech sites it seems in July. Would the July release date be only in the U.S. and what about outside of U.S.? I am from Canada and can’t wait for this mouse to release in the same month as well.

  • Logitech:
    -I need a wireless gaming mouse
    -for people with smaller hands
    -with non gaming mode with low consumption
    -with AAA battery that can be changed very fast
    -to be lightweight
    -to have ceramic pads that does no wear easily or to come with replaceable pads
    -instead of scroll wheel to have touch surface which recognize at least 5 gestures (horizontal, vertical scroll in both directions and click) (my G5 already has damaged scroll wheel)
    and maybe:
    – to be able to program a button to lower the DPI only while pressed
    – to have touch surface on the side for gestures with thumb finger
    – to have mini joystick button
    – generally i need a way to have more triggers but without adding too many physical buttons
    – to be able to set lower wireless range for lower power consumption
    – to be able to recharge it wirelessly by putting the mouse on wired mouse pad that gives power
    – to be able to fine-tune the weight by using a water reservoir
    – and generally the mouse to be water resistant

  • This looks great! Buuuuut, what is the price tag? I didn’t see one anywhere and usually when that happens it’s because it’s a LARGE number. How much is that sweet G600 in the window please?

  • I really want to be excited about this mouse, but I use the wireless trackman, so let me know when you upgrade the trackman with these buttons.

  • I’m planning to buy a new mouse real soon. When does it come to India? And the price? (In INR if possible :p )

    • Hi Sahil, it should be available in your region sometime this month. The cost will be roughly 4460 INR. Please keep an eye on the website!

  • Does Logitech have plans in the works for a variant along the line of the Naga Hex.with 6 side buttons?

    • We currently can not comment on future product releases, but you can stay up to date by joining in on our forums: forums.logitech.com. Thanks for your input!

  • Love the new MMO mouse, preordered mine with Amazon already!

    Any love for a Logitech G13 refresh in the near future?

    • We’re glad you love the G600 MMO Gaming Mouse. At this time we can not comment on future product releases, but you can stay up to date by joining in on our forums: forums.logitech.com

  • I’m a big fan of the G500 model. The fact that I won’t have to purchase a Razer product to have the extra buttons for MMO gaming is wonderful, though I wonder if the G600 will be as comfortable as the older model’s ergonomic shape. For long sessions it really helps reduce strain.

    • Hi John, we started from scratch to understand the demands of today’s MMO games, then put significant research and testing into the development of the G600 to deliver on the needs of those gamers. We think users will be able to see and feel the difference when using this mouse.

    • Hi Josh, we put a great deal of effort into really understanding the demands of today’s MMO games. Significant research and testing went into the development of the G600 in order to meet those demands. We believe you will certainly be able to see and feel the difference!

  • Thanks for the video. How does the mouse compare in size (esp height) versus the G700 and the G300? Thanks.

    • The Logitech G600 dimensions(L x W x H) are 118mm x 75mm x 41mm, the G700 is 126mm x 80mm x46 mm and the G300 is 112mm x 73mm x 35mm. Hope that helps!

    • We never comment specifically on our competitors, we believe users will be able to see and feel the difference. We started from scratch to understand the demands of today’s MMO games, then put significant research and testing into the development of the G600 to deliver on those needs.

  • I am in need for G600 it looks great than other models of Logitech i guess.. need to buy one but currently its not available in INDIA (Chennai – City).. i would like to know when it will be available in India? any time soon i can buy in India?

  • When will this mouse be released in the Netherlands and do you have enough copies to satisfy demand?

    • Hi Farid,
      You can go to logitech.com and on the front page, there is a “choose your location” link at the bottom where you can select a Country and then they can see availability/order/pre-order from the site nearest to them.

    • Hi Raul, the Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse will be available in the U.S. and Europe beginning in July 2012. Please keep an eye on the website!

  • Can I use the G-shift button for something other functions then the standard function? I’d like reprogram it to use it as a weapon switch in guild wars 2 instead of the normal shift function which is neat but 12 sidebuttons is enough for me.

  • Hi, currently using a G700 but I could always use more buttons. 😉 However, I don’t see how I’d be able to reach all 12 side buttons without shifting my hand around; they’re spread too far front-to-back. Personally I’m not sure I could use more than 6, probably in a 3 high x 2 across configuration with the middle row flatter than the top and bottom. I like the idea of the ring-finger shift key, tho’ it might be easy to hit by accident since I use that finger to grip the mouse. I don’t suppose the sensitivity of the button can be adjusted?

    The G700 side buttons are just about perfect – I can hit all 4 by barely moving my thumb, and I like the top buttons too, tho’ they are a bit oddly shaped. I’d say move some of the G600 side buttons up top. Here’s another idea: the scroll wheel rarely gets used in an MMO, so make it small, move it off to the side a bit and add a small column of buttons up the middle for the middle finger. That’s the only place I can think to place more buttons… anything on the right side would be hard to hit since I need to grip the mouse there.

  • I have a few questions/comments:

    1- Why are the side buttons labelled as G9, G10, G11, G12, etc, and not 1, 2, 3, 4, etc? I know in the heat of battle you shouldn’t be looking at it, but it helps, especially when games display what the buttons skills are bound to under the skill icon. (eg: WoW, Diablo 3, Guild Wars 2)

    2- The placement of the G7 and G8 buttons seem a bit awkward. How easy is it to reach these buttons?

  • why not make a mouse with 4-6 buttons on the side but with the ability to move them forwards or backwards so you can get a perfect position for them

    would probably be the perfect mmo mouse

  • It’s been a while that I have been waiting for something corded similar to the naga but from logitech.
    But the g600 mouse wheel looks different from the one on most other logitech gaming mouse.
    It doesn’t have a frictionless wheel like the other logitech mouses?
    That is the main reason I m sticking to logitech mouse. The competition doesn’t have this feature.

  • Hi, I have just preordered the mouse. I work with AutoCAD and 3D Studio MAX a lot. Is it possible to program all the buttons for this programs too or is it just for gaming?

  • Will the G600 have the ability to use “scripting” in LUA like the G13 and other G-series keyboards?

    If so, how far does the functionality go?

    • Sorry for the late reply Jim. To answer your question, yes, the G300, G400, and G600 all support LUA scripting, just like the keyboards. To start a script, right-click on the profile you wish to configure and select Scripting. In addition to the LUA scripting commands from the keyboards, you can now use the following:
      – Note that the left/right mouse buttons are not reported for performance reasons.
      – Note that in scripting, the mouse devices report as buttons, not G-Keys.
      – Added new function: “SetMouseDPITable” for programatically setting the DPI table values
      – Added new function: “SetMouseDPITableIndex” for programatically setting the current value in the DPI table

      Hope this helps!

  • I’m a left-handed MMO game player and I want to scream RACIST every time you put out a mouse I can’t use. Rightest?

  • Looks like a great product. Can we expect Mac OS X compatibility for this mouse in the near future and if so, is there a release window proposed?

    • The Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse will work on both Macs and PCs. It will be available in the U.S and Europe by the end of June. You can visit our website to learn more, to purchase it, or find a retail location near you.

  • I have been waiting for Logitech to put out a gaming mouse like this for years! I’ve tried other MMO gaming mice and they work well, but don’t have the quality feel that all my other Logitech peripherals have. My naga’s laser just died, and I’m back to using my old MX518, which still works beautifully after… 6 or 7 years. I’ve preordered the G600, but it just can’t come out soon enough!

    I also own a lot of Logitech stuff. Will this conflict with anything else, like the G930 headset, G13 gameboard, or the G110 keyboard?

  • This is a very nerdy question, but it’s really relevant for the kind of mouse it is; what is the actuation force required for the side buttons?

  • Is there any plan for this awesome mouse to have a wireless version in the (near?) future ? This would be great ! Nice work anyways, looks really great, enjoyable alternative to the naga which I don’t like that much.

    • We can’t comment on future product releases, but you can stay up to date by joining in on our forums: forums.logitech.com. Thanks for your input!

  • I am looking forward to trying the G600.

    I am currently using a G700 and just wanted to comment on how much I liked the 3 top buttons (G8, G9, G10) and the shape of the mouse wheel on that model. The design makes all 3 buttons aswell as the side to side and press action of the mouse wheel very easy and comfortable to use. Those 3 buttons could easily be used as modifiers (shift, control, alt) for the thumb buttons on the G600. I hope that a future variant of the G600 will become available that shares the top button design of the G700 even if it increased the price. Thanks

  • I am also looking forward to trying the G600!
    My Logitech mice history is following: MouseMan® Dual Optical -> MX500 -> G5 -> G500. Unfortunately G500 has very “light” Left & Right buttons so I have often encountered with unwanted misclicks. The mouse profile is also slightly different from G5 so G500 is not quite comfortable for me as G5 was. So I hope that G600 would have better L & R buttons and it would fit better into my hand. And there is a bonus in thumb buttons matrix 😉

  • I want to make sure, one response says just for Windows and then another will work for Mac and Windows. I just want to make sure it will work with Mac before I order.

    • Out of the box, the mouse will work with both Macs and PCs. The software that can further configure the mouse is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.

  • Still eagerly awaiting a G800/G900 wireless mouse that’s lightweight + durable + wireless version of either the G5/G500 or G9… That means only 2 side buttons on the left, but still wireless.

    The G700 has too many buttons and didn’t feel right for me as a FPS gamer, I’m still using a G5 Blue/Black from 2007 or a G400.

    Oh and I hope those Avago 9500 and Avago 9800 sensors would stop having the slight always-present acceleration… At least optical sensors don’t suffer from the same issue, so how about a wireless optical mouse?


  • Hey there

    Was wondering if/when pre-ordering for New Zealand was going to be available soon 😀


  • Sound like a really nice mouse!

    Just want too know if there’s a wireless version?

    If yes
    Will the price change? and how much will it be?

    Thx for info!!

    • Hi Anthony, we can’t comment on future updates at this point,but thanks for the interest. You can keep up to date by joining in on the conversations in our forums: forums.logitech.com

    • Hi Peter, the G600 MMO Gaming Mouse will be available in the U.S. and Europe beginning in July 2012. Please keep an eye on the website!

  • Hi, can the g gamepad g profiler mac osx software be used to configure g600 on mac? Have that and want to buy this but need full compatibility with mac so deciding between this and naga..

    • Sorry for the late response Ramit.
      The G600 currently does not have Mac software, but you can configure the mouse’s onboard memory with configurations on a PC and then use it on a mac. If you do this, we recommend using a report rate of 125/second to account for OS X’s built in mouse smoothing.

  • I don’t understand why U sell short your mouse. I’m not a gamer and I’ve pre-ordered g600. You forgot about all the professionals who need button shortcuts…for example 4 key shortcut in Photoshop with just one click of your thumb…at least that’s what I’m planning:)

  • 1. What are the measurements of the sidekeys?
    2. What is the reference size of a thumb used for designing the side keys?
    3. Will there be a model which is higher to make the side keys a little bit bigger?
    I didn’t buy the razor naga because i pressed at least 2 keys at the same time because of my big fingers and the flat ordering of the keys.

  • This would be the best mouse ever, except that for no reason I can comprehend, you seem to make about half your stuff without Mac support. If you just had no Mac support, I’d understand, but since you have at least some, it seems like adding a few more things to those drivers shouldn’t be too hard.

    I have a KVM switch. My mouse has to work with multiple computers. I like the G600 way better than the Naga for feel, but they have Mac drivers for the Naga, and you don’t have Mac drivers for the G600.

    Come on, guys. Throw us a bone here.

  • Hiya. I am VERY excited to this mouse. but my hands are abit smaller than usual,Will I still be able to use this mouse effectively? Also when does this mouse come out in NZ (Price would be nice too!)And when I do buy it from a store will I get a warranty from you guys? I’ve had a couple of nasty experiences with previous mouses and lost abit of money.

  • So no left handed version… As a south paw I am deeply sadden and disappointed. I would gladly pay double for a left handed mouse such as this one. Lucky for me and other lefties out there, Razer will be producing a left handed version of the Naga mouse. Now if only Logitech will do the same….

  • The fact this mouse isn’t available for OS X (Mac) is a deal breaker for me.

    Also, I would have loved a Logitech alternative to a Razer Epic because of the way Logitech makes so much better wireless mouses with those tiny USB receivers.
    Now, I am stuck with either a wired Naga classic or a Naga Epic with a huge wireless receiver (of no use when you take a laptop on the go and plan on a bit of gaming).

    Logitech have, at least, a well designed MMO mouse; they have great wireless mouses; they have many Mac-compatible offerings. But why, oh why, didn’t they manage to put all this in one product?

  • Hi
    I read an earlier input in amongst the comments and whant to evolve that a little bit:
    Why don’t you (now when you have a golden opportunity) release this mouse in both left and right hand edition?
    Razer have amongst other ignored us left handers in all their introductions of advanced MMO mices and that makes us (left handers) a large group lacking a modern advanced MMO mouse.
    Lods of money to be made in that segment!
    Nothing that you thought about or is that an upcoming release?
    Give it serios thougt please!
    All other products in the segment that you have released is superb, thanks for them.

  • Hi,
    I’m a mac user, and i really want this mouse. Will this mouse come out for mac at some point or does it already work on mac?

    • Hi Niles, we cannot comment on any unannounced platforms or software. Currently, no. BUT, you can assign functions to the memory of the mouse and use it on a Mac without software (Plus, the thumbpad is preassigned out of the box in very WoW friendly keystrokes, and IIRC, the WoW hotkey assignments are pretty similar cross-platform)

  • i am about to go pick up my logitech g600, and i decided to look into it a bit prior from my pickup. Go a bit further into the mouse i realised there is NO MAC COMPATIBILITY. That puts me of the product as i am a mac user, extremely disappointed.

    However i assume logitech will be releasing mac compatibility sooner rather then later. Meanwhile is there anyway i can use it on my mac by tweaking around with it a bit?

    • Hey Jayden! While we can’t comment on future Logitech releases, you can use the mouse. You can assign functions to the memory of the mouse and use it without software. Let us know if we can help. You can also visit the Logitech Forum to talk to other customers about using the mouse, here: http://forums.logitech.com/.

  • I’d buy a left handed one.. No one ever makes any cool left handed mice though so I’m stuck with an ambi mouse that sucks..

    Thanks Logitech for leaving me out to dry for the past 20 years of gaming with using my $5 microsoft ambidexterous mouse in sadness when I really wanted to spend $200 on a really cool ergonomic left handed gaming mouse.

    Make this gaming mouse as well as all of your future gaming mice left handed please.

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