Introducing Harmony Link: Turn your iPad into the Best Remote in the House

With thousands of channels and seemingly unlimited choice of shows and movies, getting to the content you are looking for is often a challenge. To address this, Logitech has developed the Logitech Harmony® Link and Logitech Harmony Link App for iPad®.

Working together, Harmony Link and the Harmony Link App turn your iPad into the smartest remote in the house. Just select a show from the personalized, in-app TV listings on your iPad and tune to shows with one touch. Or, using the award-winning Harmony technology, you can select an activity such as “Watch a Movie” and Harmony Link automatically switches all of your home entertainment settings with one touch. Product Manager Ian Crowe walks through the product highlights in the video below.

If you don’t have an iPad, Logitech Harmony Link also works with the iPhone® or iPod touch® as well as Android smartphones letting you turn these devices into a universal remote. At launch, these smartphones will not receive personalized program guides from the downloadable app; however, Harmony Link will deliver complete activity-based control over up to eight devices in your entertainment system.

With Harmony Link, now you can essentially turn your iPad or smartphone into a complete ultimate universal remote. We hope you are as excited about the power of Harmony Link as we are. Watch for the product to shelves in October for $99 (MSRP).


Vice President and General Manager, Digital Home Group


    • Hi Mattias,

      Harmony Link app does not currently support Android 3.x tablets, but we plan to increase our device support in the future.


  • Hi, I was thinking about something like this for a long time. When will it be available in Australia. Would be great to get an answer better than somewhen soon or next year. Happy to also purchase it in US directly if you let me. Regards, Uwe

    • Hi Uwe,

      Harmony Link is launching in USA and Canada this year. We plan on launching in additional regions next year (I know that’s not the answer you’re looking for). Please be aware that buying in USA and using in Australia you will not get the TV listings data that enables the one-touch access to TV show.


  • I already have the Revue. Will you guys ever make an iPad version of the Harmony remote for Revue? I would love to have all of the controls on one page using the iPad’s resolution.

    • Hi Mark,

      We’re definitely interested in bringing the Harmony Link app functionality to Revue users although there is no definite timetable for that right now.



  • I presently use a Harmony 1000 to control my system. The Link is exactly the next step I have been hoping for from Logitech! Will I be able to transfer the settings from my 1000 (online?) or will I have to start over again setting up the Link? Thanks!

    • Hi Bob,

      You’ll have to reenter your account information for Harmony Link. Since you set up you Harmony however, we’ve made significant changes to the Harmony online setup that will make this a lot easier.


  • That’s an awesome announcement. I have 2 questions though:

    – will the Android app be available on (and designed for) Honeycomb tablets ?
    – what about the European release date and MSRP ?

    Thanks !

    • Hi Tom,

      Thanks for your interest. As you saw in our announcement , Harmony Link is launching in USA and Canada right now. Keep watching the blog for updates on any new markets we’ll launch the product in.



  • Hi. Will it be possible to use an existing Harmony remote with the Link, in combination with the iPhone? Say your spouse starts chattering away and walks out with the phone, can I pick up a “normal” remote and start zapping?

    • Hi Dan,

      Great question. Existing Harmony remotes don’t have Wi-Fi capabilities so are unable to connect with Harmony Link. Of course your existing Harmony remote will continue to work, but it will not share ‘state’ information with Harmony Link so things won’t be perfectly in sync if you use both.


  • Will the software powering this make it into the Revue as the Revue was originally advertised to have this functionality

  • Any word on the actual compatibility list? Could the AppleTV possibly be controlled from this as well? Sounds exciting!

    • Hi Mark,

      Yes Apple TV is controlled via IR so it is perfectly compatible with Harmony Link. The Harmony Link app does not allow you to browse the iTunes store or your personal media libraries but offers complete remote control of most IR devices, including AppleTV.


  • Thank you for including Android! I was waiting for Griffin’s Beacon, but they keep delaying the Android App.

    • Hi Guy,

      With Harmony Link we are currently focused on iOS and Android. As we talk to our fans and hear what they want, additional mobile OS support will be evaluated.


  • Is there easy to use multiple room support? As in I get 2 harmony links, one for my home theater and one for my family room, can I easily connect to 2 different ones on the same wii network?

    • Hi Chris,

      Yes you can have as many Harmony Links as you like on your network. The Harmony Link app will allow you to easily switch between them and will display the controls appropriate to the entertainment devices configured for each Harmony Link.


  • Hi, very nice product !
    I hope that Android Tablets (honeycomb or ICS) will be shortly supported ???
    And so I will buy it !

    • Hi Ray,

      Thanks for your enthusiasm! We do hope to bring the full Harmony and TV guide capabilities to Android tablets in the future.


  • That UI looks astonishingly ugly. How ’bout spending some bucks on a graphic designer?

    I’d be more willing to buy this if you’d

    – fix the standard Harmony configuration UI software not to take ten thousand kicks to reconfigure a single button. The whole thing feels like a Windows ’95 installation wizard. Way more painful than it has to be.

    – support the Harmony config UI on Lion

    – hire a graphic designer

  • 2 Questions:

    1. Will it import Activities from existing Harmony One’s? Seems like a basic feature.

    2. Will it take advantage of Bluetooth to control devices like the PS3 that use Bluetooth remotes?

  • Will it support additional IR blasters? I want to put this in a concealed cabinet. I current use the Harmony 900 and have the little blasters on each shelf.

  • I agree with the others. Please add Revue use via the app. Even charging for the app for those using the revue would be okay.

  • This looks absolutely brilliant. I want one in the worst way.

    It would be great if this little device could control other wireless devices in the home– maybe a line of logitech switches for any electrical device? Want to turn on your house lights while you’re away? The Logitech Harmony Link could do it potentially.. Control your TV, stereo, blu ray player and why not also turn on/off/dim the lights, maybe even a door intercom for guests… total home integration!

    Will this be able to be controlled when you are away from your home? Like could I turn on my tv or turn off my stereo from work? Would work great with wireless nanny cams or security cams too.. Worried about your dog? Look at your iPad, check the camera feeds from your home, move the cams around, then turn the tv on for him and tune it to animal planet! hah!

    (also, Mattias: sorry, but get an iPad! It confounds me that so many people still don’t recognize that Apple products are by far the best designed on the market today).

  • Hi,
    Looks definately like a interesting product. In my house setup I have all equipment like DVD player, receiver, tv tuner etc located in a techincal room. In three different rooms I only have a TV (Living Room, Bedroom, TV room) connected via CAT5toHDMI to the techincal room. Can I have multiple Harmony Link? One for each TV and one located in the Techinal Room. Is it possible to control the links across each other in the same activity?

  • Will it be possible to program this with the Harmony software over USB like previous Harmony remotes, or is required?

  • I have a Harmony 900 that gave out on me recently. This sounds like a great way to go for a replacement. Will it work with my bluetooth blaster i already have for my Playstation 3?

  • Hi Ashish,
    Just wanted to add my voice in support for an android (honeycomb) app.
    I’m definitely interested in having this sort of control, I used to have a 1000i but found it to be too glitchy for everyday use.

    I think you’ve got a winning combination here.

    Also from Australia.

  • I am one of many others who would love to see this functionality integrated into the Revue. I am a long time Logitech consumer and would be a very happy customer to see this functionality added to my Revue!

  • I’m curious about how this integrates with my current harmony remote. Can I use link to just push channel changes to the cable box? For instance, i startnup my av system with the physical remote. Then I want to use the link channel guide to choose programs. Can i do so without link trying to power on the system (since link won’t know everything is on)?

  • So exciting! We have an existing Harmony 880 remote and absolutely love it! We also have the Revue and truly love it too, and we’re looking forward to the many possibilities still as yet untapped with it.

    I would definitely purchase the Link if it was fully supported on Android tablets (aka, the rumored soon-to-be released Amazon Kindle tablet) and had the same functionality as the iPad version (guide data).

    Thank you!

  • Great Looking product! I would like to eventually see a similar product with RF capabilities. Any word on such a product coming out soon? I’m debating between this device or one of the harmony remotes.

  • Hey there,

    very nice product – will possibly replace my H900.

    BUT I gut one question:

    Will this work with several iPhones and iPad? When I start an activity on my iPhone, will my iPad know what activity is active at the moment (which means that only the HLink will know what activity is used and will communicate that to the devices)t? Or does each app on each device have its own memory what activity is used at the moment?

    Thanks for clearing that up!

  • This sounds really great, but I have been unable to find a release date anywhere. Is this just vaporware? Is it available next year? Please give us a clue. I hesitate to pre-order anything that is not going to be available for many weeks in the future


  • This product will become so much more attractive to many if you have a dedicated remote that supports it in addition to an app. Do you think that will happen in the near future?

  • excellent product!!!!

    When will it be available in the UK?

    Will it turn on all my devices in sequence? for example a “watch TV” button which will then turn on my TV, satelite receiver, and av receiver in sequence?



  • Great product. Been waiting for this as a long time iOS and Harmony user.
    Am I correct in thinking that I can buy this in the US and use in Holland with my iPhones. Or will the iPhone/iOS app be only available in the US appstore?

  • The best ever expected device from Logitech for me! (Use Logitech remote unit at least for 5 years and without any problems. )
    But I’m quit confused that sales for Europe not planned this year. Hope I’ll be able to find any reseller in USA to ship it to Ukraine.

  • Im so excited for this! Already have it on pre order! Just a quick question, will it have advanced settings, such as delay powered on for activities? As with my current harmony remote and with the types of hard ware I have I am unable to turn everything by activities and have to power each item one by one to sync properly

  • Great announcement!
    I was also waiting for Beacon from Griffin but I think I will now stick to Logitech if you can manage it to release Android 3.x or probably 4.x support beginning of next year.
    Without support of Android tablets it makes unfortunately no sense for me.
    Oh yes and I forgot to mention that I am from Europe so please let us be next after the US and Canada 😉

  • Wow.. this sounds like exactly what I’m looking for !

    Looking to leverage my APPLE products (namely iTOUCH and iPAD) to graphically control my devices and eliminate clutter. I’m currently doing this with my SONOS system too. A couple of questions.

    I need to control:

    – LG Plasma TV
    – Comcast Cable TV Box (HD)
    – Yamaha Surround Sound Receiver
    can i actually change inputs on this using LINK as well?
    – Sony CD Jukebox (holds 400 cds)
    – Panasonic Blu-Ray Player
    – JVC VCR

    Again — the LINK looks like the solution I need .. can you confirm that I’m good to go with the devices I just described?

  • How far does the blaster reach with IR. I have a TV that uses IR and my other components are about 25 feet away where the link will be placed. Also if needed can I use two Harmony links if needed, one at the tv and the other one about 25 feet away?

  • Right now I have a Harmony 1100 with 3 RF extenders. Each RF extender is in a different concealed cabinet controlling devices in that cabinet. When I press the 1100 remote for a specific activity it sets everything up via the 3 RF extenders and works great. I would like to purchase the Harmony Link to perform the same funtion but over my home Wi-Fi via my iPad2. Is this possible? If so, would I need 3 Harmony Links? I want to make sure that if I program an activity that activity can communicate to all 3 Harmony Links to setup the task at hand.

  • Does the Harmony Link support the Sony Google tv blue ray player. RF is needed to communicate directly to it, but I suppose it could be done via wifi/Ethernet??

  • Since it was released yesterday in the US can you please let me me know when it will be available in Canada ?


  • The harmony link looks to be a powerful player in the home theater control arena, although I find the 8 device limit per Harmony Link a bit low, especially for larger systems. As a systems integrator, I have heard a lot of buzz surrounding this piece of hardware. It has been hinted at, and people have quipped about it, but I need to ask the question directly. I’ve read that these ‘Links’ can support multiple rooms of operation, but is there a way to bridge two Harmony Links to work in “harmony” with one another in one room? (much like to RF extenders with the harmony 890). I only ask as this would allow the more of clients to consider this control platform.

    I have also been thinking about the control paradigm with multiple room/multiple link setups. A system that uses two links in one room would only be viable if you did not have to tell the remote software what link to use, rather, you could assign links in the setup/programming as to streamline the users’ experience.

    Is this possible? Does anyone else want this? Am I asking too many questions!? Thanks for any response regarding these questions/postulations!

  • Hi.

    My Yamaha HT reciever and most of my sources are in the theatre room (Zone 1). I have a TV and zone 2 speakers in lounge over an HDMI extender from theatre. How can I control devices in the theatre and zone 2 in the same “Activity” or from the same page or screen? Do I need 2 x harmony links or some sort of extender to use with one harmony link? I want to be able to control both zones within the one activity or one control page. All signals going to both zone would be OK. Please advise best option?
    EG I want to have an activity to watch the Bluray player in the theatre with the zone 2 amp in the theatre on the zone 2 TV in the lounge?

  • Can you use both an ipod touch and an ipad? I’m not concerned about using both at the same time but if my wife is using the ipad in the other room, I still want to have a remote. Possibly even loaded on an android as well. It is possible the ipad and the ipod could be in use still leaving the need for a remote. Thanks.

  • Add me to the list of those seeking Windows Phone support! Nokia is on board, where are you Logitech??

  • This device looks great and I am interested.
    I note on one of the comments an Australian was advised not to buy from USA as it would not capture programs from Austraian TV providers.

    I am living in Vietnam (SCTV cable TV) will this device be released in Vietnam?

    Kind regards

  • I love it ! It’s brilliant and much better than Griffins Beacon because it’s wifi and does not use batteries. Only problem is “select” button on AppleTv does not work. Directional arrows work but have to use actual AppleTv remote to hit SELECT to watch Netflix etc. Please tell me how to fix infrared code for that button.

  • Hello,

    i am living in holland and ussing the harmony1100 and the ONE.
    i want use the LINK but i cant download the app in the dutch
    in the US app store will the download not work because i live in holland.
    I know that the Guide funtion not will work in holland, but i want the link even without that function.
    is there a way to buy the link in the US, and download the app for using it in holland

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