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Squeezebox owners – have you had the chance to check out the new Logitech Squeezebox Controller App for Android? Ubergizmo wrote that Logitech “put their Android engineers to good use” with the creation of this app that allows you to control your Squeezebox via Android smartphones and tablets. We’re excited to have the chance to improve upon the Squeezebox line, already counted by CNET “among the top music-streaming devices on the market.”

In other news, there were a few great reviews of Ultimate Ears products this week. The 200vi Noise-Isolating Headset got strong marks from UK tech site Latest Gadgets. Big Picture Sound gave the UE 700 Noise Isolating Earphones 3.5/4 stars noting that they “provide a 3-D listening experience in a slick, compact design.” Dave Rees of Gadgeteer summed up his sentiment for the UE 7 Pro Customer In-Ear Monitors by stating “The overall listening experience is awesome…..sorry to gush, but I call them like I see them.”

Lastly, ZDNet and Gizmodo both picked up on our Global Remote Control Trends Study and its examination of where people lose and find their remote controls. ZDNet found the results regarding where people found their lost remotes to be particularly interesting, with eight percent finding it in the bathroom, and another eight percent in a dresser drawer. Check out highlights from this portion of the study on the Logitech blog.
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  • I have a need for a modification of a TV remote.
    When I change from the TV to my vidio game the volume is either too loud or too soft. I was wondering if you could make me a remote with three more buttons. They are programmable volume buttons that I can program for different volume levels so I can change the volume by pressing one of the buttons. This would save me the inconvenience of of holding down the volume button for about 30 seconds.

    Thanks, Joe

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