To the Big Apple and the Logitech Loft NYC

Hi, I’m Praneet Kailey. I’m a northern California girl with over 10 years of experience in Marketing, Communications and Public Relations. I also happen to be a social media enthusiast, a lover of all things tech and an avid world traveler.

SFO to JFK, non-stop, well….that was the plan, at the very least. What took place in actuality was a mutation of this, to be kind. After cancellations and delays, some time in Chicago and 3 hrs of sleep over 48 hrs (you’d have thought I was traveling around the world) I finally made it; touchdown NYC! In case you are curious, east-coast storms and air-traffic-control chaos, both, were to blame. Nonetheless, I had arrived.

What occurs next speaks volumes. Most people in this condition seek out the nearest bed and collapse, not I. Why you ask? Allow me to explain: I entered the NY loft for the very first time and I was in awe. It is incredible, so incredible that I was now wide-awake. The 13 foot ceilings seem to go on and on, the general scale of the property (approx 3,200 sq ft) is mind blowing, and every detail from the direct elevator entrance into the loft to the marble master bathroom, are jaw dropping.

NYC_Living Room


This place is sophisticated, spacious, classic, dramatic and technologically outfitted to the max. What a grand place to “geek out” in. There are currently 3 massive flat screen TV’s dispersed throughout the loft and each is of course beautifully equipped with the Logitech Revue enabling Google TV to your heart’s content.

Eventually, I stopped gawking at the endless Logitech products gracing every room, docked my iPod on the Pure-Fi Anywhere docking station by my inviting bed and drifted off to catch the few hours that I could before yet another monumental day (details to come soon).

So you see, tired or not, if there is any place able to inspire and excite, this is the place. The adrenaline rush upon entering this new stomping ground of mine (still pinching myself) was unparalleled, and I really cannot wait to share it all with you at all the events we have planned.


'Host with the Most,' New York City


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