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Plenty of product reviews to discuss! CNET reviewed both the Logitech C510 and C310 HD Webcams. The C510 scored an “excellent” 4/5 rating and they said it’s “an inexpensive solution for computers that don’t come with built-in cameras.” They tried out the HD Webcam C310 as well and said it “isn’t the most expensive Webcam in Logitech’s arsenal, but it certainly does a fantastic job of shooting 720p HD videos and 5-megapixel still images for $50.”

CrunchGear tried out our Z623 speakers and here’s what they said: “The Z623s are definitely worth your money, at least if you don’t need surround sound. They’re powerful, can be made to produce great sound with a little tweaking, and are convenient for a desktop setup. Recommended.”

Also, did you hear we found our ‘Host with the Most’ winners? Congrats to Praneet, Rob and Nixie! Stay tuned for details on the loft events – hope to see you there!

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