New Logitech Wireless Headset F540 Delivers Wireless Audio for Console Gamers

What do you do when you’re gaming, and you hear…“Turn that down!”?

You could turn it down, but where’s the fun in that? Instead, try on Logitech’s newest wireless headset, the Logitech Wireless Headset F540, a rechargeable headset that lets you connect up to three audio devices – including both your PS3 and Xbox 360 – and delivers wireless stereo audio and voice chat without cords or tangles between you and your TV.

The Wireless Headset F540 includes a wireless base station with three analog inputs – making it easy to connect up to three audio devices, including your game console, TV, DVD player, Logitech Squeezebox, MP3 player or other sources. And, all the controls you need are right on the headset – including independent voice and game volume levels, microphone mute, and an input selector that lets you switch between any connected audio source without leaving the couch.

Get your first look and lean more by watching the video below.


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  • Alright, these are sexy and wireless which makes them very tempting, but I am reading that headphones should be surround sound.

    I’m not really picky about the surround sound if it adds to experience, just not sure at what price points certain features begin to lose their advantages.

    • Dark (and Matthew):

      Thanks for the comments/questions about stereo vs. the more expensive digital surround sound. We’ve received great feedback from our beta testers about the stereo audio quality — and look forward to additional input from you as these become available later this month. We chose to go with stereo/analog for the F540 because we felt it was important to deliver a really good living-room experience — combination of PS3/Xbox 360 compatibility, wireless, rechargeable, comfortable design, and high-quality microphone — at what we believe is a compelling value.


  • The price tag is a bit hefty for something that isn’t surround sound. Console headsets just seem to be over priced in general as compared to what they offer.

    Also it looks like we still need to use a RCA cable to connect these to our television for the sound? If this was somewhere around the $90 range I would have definitely went for it… but 150 is a lot to be shelfing out for something when there’s already so much competition.

  • Very interested in these. One question, maybe two. I am just as interested in using these for watching TV and movies. I have two sources (PS3/Dishnet) which I run HDMI cables to a Denon audio receiver with an HDMI cable out to the TV. I am trying to figure out the best way to hook up the headphone base to my system. Taking into consideration my set up, would it be best to run RCA cables to the Denon receiver since that controls all the switching along with, I’m assuming a usb to the PS3 for voice chat enabling? With that said, my second question is about controlling the sound.

    How do these headphones control the volume level of the in house speakers while the headphones are powered on? Is there an automatic mute of the house speakers when using the headphones? Thanks- Seth

  • I have a couple questions that i hope someone can answer. Firstly i know that turlte beach x31 which i previously owned have stereo sound and when i used them i could easily tell where people were in call of duty. Will i be able to pinpoint (to a certain degree) where people are with this headset (i.e 8 axis hearing)? Secondly i live in canada so will i be able to get this headset before blackops comes out (when do you guys start shipping)? Thank you in advance for answering:)

  • the web states that the F540 will be shipped and sold on october of 2010, but it has not been released yet. its already 10-25-10, Is there any word when the F540 will be sold and what store will hold the headset.

  • Yeah, you are right. I have used Logitech Wireless Headset F540 of my friend for few months and it was simply great for listeners and gamers. But its really very costliest device for me.

  • I see the US and Eurpoean release dates have been published. Do you have any idea when they will be available in New Zealand? Thanks.

  • I own a g35 since it was released in Europe and i loved it. But when i actually flew onto the news about a Headset, which is able to get the sound WIRELESS from my PS3 and Xbox360 while i can also use it for my PC as i always did, i was stunned.
    I actually dont know how that will work but if it really works like that its worth those 150 bucks.

    So i just wanted to ask is, do i have to plug some Wires form my PS3/Xbox to the F540 wireless station or is the PS3/Xbox supported on-the-fly and i just have to plug my PC soundcard to the f540 wireless station ?

  • Hey guys logitech has just started selling the new headset and for now all I know is that you can pick it up at there online store!

  • I just got these and am pretty disappointed at the lack of foresight – RCA for gaming? Really? Why when Turtle Beach, Triton and Astro all use Optical? I can already tell the sound quality is much more inferior and am afraid to say I will be returning these.

    I also don’t even use my PS3 AV cable – it’s just pretty lame that I would need it for the Logitech set up, all because this thing didn’t include optical =(

    The leather feels outstanding though, and I love how light this headset is and the general look isn’t cheap, cheesy or overly gamer-ish. It’s perfect, and if anything reminds me of an F-117 stealth bomber with its nice edges.

    I don’t know. =| Wrong market, in my opinion. Seemed to try too hard to reach out folks watching their TV instead of playing their games. Surround sound is definitely a must for my night watching and playing, and I’m not sure (despite the box clearly saying for xbox 360) why this would even try to compete in that area.

    Logitech is on the spot with their PC peripherals, why not consoles? Maybe next iteration.

  • When plugged in to the USB charger do these things disable the wireless and use the USB?

    I’m just not a fan of wireless, especially not a transmitter and receiver next to my head for hours at a time, so if it can be used wired and reduce EMF and microwaving my brain then that would be great. Otherwise is Logitech going to release a wired version of this?

  • Hello Troy

    I live in South Africa and want a pair of these (sexy beasts) for christmas. WIll it be released here at any stage, or even before christmas, and also the RRP of them? I Currently have your ProChat USB for my PS3 but the F540 look amazing!

  • I posted a comment before but it disapered… dam third world internet 🙁

    Haha to the point will these be in South Africa for purchase? If so will they be here before christmas?

  • Checking back in over a month later, see my answer from above was never responded to. Anyways, I bit the bullet on these and purchased them today. They are currently on sale for 112. More in my price range for what they offer. Btw, free shipping too.

    Would still love an answer to my question above. Thanks- Seth

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