Transform Your Laptop Audio with Two New Speakers from Logitech

One of my favorite things about back to school time is all the great deals on laptop and netbook computers. I love my laptop because it carries all my digital content (music, movies, & games) and, thanks to the Internet, it allows me access to fresh content every day. The biggest challenge with laptops in general is that they produce poor sound due to their tiny speaker size, which makes listening to music or watching movies a bit of a let down.

Fortunately, Logitech is announcing two new speakers that are as portable as your laptop but sound great. Whether you want a clip on speaker that can go wherever you take your laptop (Logitech Laptop Speaker Z305) or a wireless speaker system for up to 50-feet of freedom (Logitech Wireless Speaker Z515), Logitech has a speaker for you.

Interested in learning more? Check out Senior Product Manager Lynn Zartman’s video to get the scoop on these great new Logitech speakers.


Product Line Manager, PC Speakers


    • Hi Michael,

      These speakers are designed for use with PC and Mac computers, and are supported for iPad.


  • My son bought a logitech Z515 wireless speaker Model- 00096, P/N880-000159 from Toranto Canada in Oct 2010 and gifted it to me when he came back to to Indore (India) in Nov 2010.
    It work for awhile and I enjoyed it’s good quality sound , as I am very electronic product savvy but one fine day it stop working without giving any notice.
    I have visited two of ur service centre at Indore but they could not help out.
    Now I am in fix what to do .
    please help me out to get my wireless speaker working again.

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