Logitech Digital Video Security Story: Things Really Do Go Bump in the Night…

Congratulations to April’s customer story winner S. Hill from Columbus, Ohio.

How eerie is this: you install a Logitech video security camera to keep an eye on your car parked out front and catch three attempted break-in’s in one week.

Mr. Hill not only caught these guys on video but he took extraordinary measures to notify his neighbors by circulating flyers and posters around the community. And if that wasn’t enough, he contacted the local news station, which aired a story about what was happening in his community, how he was taking precautions with video security, and how he was rallying the community to put a stop to it.

Thanks to Mr. Hill’s activity in his community, many of his neighbors have also purchased and set up Logitech cameras to keep an eye on things. What a great way to make a statement to the bad guys — “this is our neighborhood and we care about safety and security…move on!”

Watch Mr. Hill’s video


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