Ultimate Ears Goes Backstage With Alicia Keys

As far as we’re concerned, Alicia Keys is the Cat’s Pajamas, The Bee’s Knees or any other analogy for an amazing artist. She is also extremely gracious and invited Ultimate Ears out to her concert in Oakland, CA on April 10th for a rare and exclusive look at what it takes to pull off her show every night. She is backed by an amazing crew of talented and dedicated people who gave us all access to their world. We once again brought along our friend/photographer Greg Waterman who captured the night on film. This worked out much better then the stick figure drawings I made of the evening.

Over at our Ultimate Ears Facebook page we’ve posted oodles of pictures from the evening. We wanted to give people a look at what goes one before they get inside the arena. We think you’ll enjoy what you see. Fortunately, I was able to delete the pictures of me eating the uncrustables in catering and the also the one of me talking MMA with Ms. Keys’ personal security because I look like a 5 year old boy standing next to those guys – I’ve got a reputation to protect! Nevertheless, there is still lots of great stuff for you to see, including a hi-stakes game of UNO, so I implore you to head over to our Facebook page now!


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