Logitech in the News

Lots of Harmony love last week! CNET put the Harmony 600 and 650 remotes to work and said the 600 is a “powerful universal remote with great ergonomics.” They reported that they “have no problem recommending the Logitech Harmony 650.” TechRepublic’s “Geek Gifts 2010” included the Harmony 650, which they said is “very stylishly designed. It feels good in your hand and is well balanced making flipping through channels a breeze.”

Also, The Toronto Sun reviewed the Squeezebox Touch last week. Here’s their verdict: “The Squeezebox Touch is a useful and stylish audio transport with a ton of audio & Internet connections. If you want easily access music from around your house, stash a Touch in each room or just move a single unit around and you will never be without song.”

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