Ultimate Ears’ Artist to Watch: Age of Evil!

Metal. One word, people. I’m not even sure you can handle it, but I am gonna talk about it. I feel like I should be using a different font or something when I talk about metal music. I grew up on staples like Anthrax and Metallica so it was easy for me to choose a Heavy Metal band to be part of Ultimate Ears’ Artist to Watch program.

Age of Evil! Now that’s a metal band name and these guys aren’t messing around. I wanted to talk to them about our program but they just through me into the mosh pit. Took me three days to find my way out. I have to thank Simon (an Ultimate Ears colleague) for bringing this one to me like a sledgehammer to the head. The dudes, two sets of brothers, hail from Scottsdale, Arizona and have just released the album “Get Dead.” I would say more, but when Marty from Megadeth says you are down, then you need no more introduction.

If you think your ears can handle it, go feast upon this craziness on their MySpace page.

Upon return from their world I advise you to take a couple days off and fully digest what just happened. While you do this, I’ll head back to the lab and dig up some more tasty nuggets for the next time we meet…


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  • I saw these guys in New York. Their stage presence and energy blows so many other bands out of the water. It’s mind blowing how young they are, and so talented… especially the lead guitarist, Jordan Ziff.
    Buy the cd and go see them live if you get the chance. You won’t be disappointed.

    Keep it metal!

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