Squeezebox App of the Month – SIRIUS

SIRIUS Satellite Radio

Now you can get even more out of your SIRIUS subscription. With a Logitech Squeezebox Wi-Fi music player and a subscription to PREMIUM SIRIUS Internet Radio you can enjoy SIRIUS entertainment in any room in your home – 24/7 – without having to turn on your PC.

With SIRIUS and a Logitech Squeezebox you can:

  • Listen to over 80 channels including commercial-free music, plus expert sports talk, news and entertainment
  • Enjoy Howard Stern, 24/7 SIRIUS NFL Radio, Martha Stewart, NPR and more
  • Discover special artist’s channels including E Street Radio, Grateful Dead Channel and more

If you already own a Logitech Squeezebox, simply add the SIRIUS app to your player and you’re ready to rock.

SIRIUS on Squeezebox is currently available in the United States.


Director of Business Development