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We hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday! Since we missed a week, here’s two weeks of Logitech in the News.

The New York Times’ Personal Tech blog included Logitech’s line of Squeezebox products in their post on the popularity of internet radio stations, which can be streamed through most Squeezebox products (such as the Logitech Squeezebox Radio or Squeezebox Boom).

For the gamers out there, NPR provided their favorite PC gaming peripherals. They call the Logitech Gaming Mouse G500 “the best mouse I’ve ever used for gaming, hands down.” Also, ZDNet tried out our Ultimate Ears 700 earphones and said they’re “quite powerful, clear and crisp.”

Much more coverage below:


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  • I absolutely love this remote!!!
    If I could make one suggestion and that would be to place “Parental Lock” on an Activity.
    I have children and have set up the PVR to lock out channels when the Activity “Kids TV” is selected.
    However when I go to watch Activity “Adult TV” I have to manually go through the PVR to turn the parental locks off, which is quite a process. If Activity “Adult TV” had a number lock (Parental Lock) on the Harmony One remote to be entered before setting up the TV, PVR etc, then I can have the remote unlock the PVR.
    Turning the PVR off and then back on turns the parental locks back on, there for all the Adults have to do is ensure the PVR is turned off when finished viewing activity “Adult TV”.

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