Now Available: Windows 7 Drivers

Windows 7 drivers are now available across all relevant Logitech product lines. Please look here to determine whether we are offering drivers for your particular product and here to download the drivers. If you have the correct drivers and are sill encountering problems, customer support can address any Windows 7-related issues.


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  • Thank you so much Logitech for making Windows 7 64-bit drivers! I highly appreciate your work. I must say, the Logitech team is fast. Not even 72 hours after the release of Windows 7 and you guys have 32 AND 64 bit drivers for Windows 7. Thank you so much Logitech Team!

    All the best -Neo_The_User Playstation 3 Developer

  • I have purchased a new PC with Windows 7 but keeping all my previous peripherals from various manufacturers. I wish to congratulate Logitech as being the only manufacturer from this list who is providing software/driver updates for W7. Your website was also a joy (easy & straight forward) to use.
    Thank you.

  • So if we are unfortunate enough to have been sold logitec equpment that you dont list then what? My webcam is P/N 861206 Windows 7 proff can’t find it and the dialog boxes come up blank so I can’t use it at all. It did work under vista surprisingly enough.

    Now what?

  • I am looking for a wireless LCD touch screen Keyboard. Hope, Logitech ables to made this product available. Wet or Dry would be ideal.

  • Some of the comments here are way off-topic.
    Here’s one that is dead on: How come neither of the Bluetooth mice (V470 and M555b) have Windows 7 drivers listed on their support pages? How come when, in Windows 7 32 bit, I install the SetPoint 4.7 Vista drivers for a V470 bluetooth mouse and then use the SetPoint control panel to update to 4.80, I am left with now Bluetooth Connection Assistant and therefore no way to connect the mouse?

    I’d say your boast about completing Win7 drivers across the entire product line is a bit premature.

  • There are a lot of products not on the list of supported devices. I have an older Fusion webcam that does not have Windows 7 drivers for it. Does that mean it will never have the right drivers? Is Logitech looking to correct that?

  • Hello Andy,
    I’m very glad you released Windows 7 x64 drivers for my LX710 Keyboard/Mouse combo, just wanted to tell you that everything is working fine except the Shuffle key, which is not working at all.
    Can you Logitech please fix this issue? It’s not a big deal but sometimes I used this key to turn the Shuffle function on or off on my media player.

    Thanks and Regards

  • I downloaded SetPoint 4.8 for use on Win 7 64bit computer and RM-63 mouse ….SetPoint installs…but when I dble click on the program, the SetPoint software provides a splash screen but NO method to adjust the keys on my mouse…it is WORTHLESS!

    I would attach a Screen capture but this stupid log doesn’t allow it…..thanks for nothing!

  • HI: I just checked for drivers for my logitech cam (Quick cam pro 5000 ) and my model according to P/N hasn’t got drivers for windows 7. I will install it and I’d like to know if you will provide for them or if the drivers for the other P/N cam will work

  • I have a Dell XPS M1210 with a built in Logitech web cam. After moving to Windows 7, everything on my notebook works, except the camera. Dell does not seem to support this camera. Does anyone know of a driver that will work with Win 7?
    I’m running home premium 64bit.

  • I love Logitech products and have several. Unfortunately, the best mouse you ever made, the *old* MouseMan Wheel (T-BB13), is and has not been supported since Mouseware 9.x. SetPoint does not work with it nor does Vista or W7, apparently. XP works just fine.

    Now I am no hardware driver author nor am I a computer science major but it totally baffles me that a mouse can not function when the only things it has to do are provide electrical impulses for three buttons, one scroll wheel, and one trackball. Let me take that back. It actually DOES function as the Left, Right, Scroll Wheel and trackball all work in all versions of Windows in “basic mouse” mode. However, you can not map the middle button to anything.

    I’m not looking for super-configurability here. Just basic mouse actions. Do you really need to build a special driver to map “Double Click” to the middle button? That’s really a toughy? Really? I just don’t get it. Honestly. Why can’t Logitech and Microsoft get together and devise a backwards-compatible driver that allows this to work right? How difficult can this be?

    I’m looking at the basic mouse control panel with W7 (64bit) and it has a heck of a lot of functionality that is very close to Mouseware capability but for one issue – it’s evidently capable of recognizing the 3-button mouse as a 2-button mouse only. Can’t map that middle button. Oh no! NOT possible.


    Come on. The entire mouse works! All electrical impulses are making it to and being interpreted by the OS. Is it really that tough to create a quick driver so we can use perfectly good albeit 12-year old mice?

    Why don’t I just shut up and buy a new one that works with W7? Because the button spacing on the newer trackballs is different enough from the old one to make it an issue for me. After all, I have been using this product since it came out and that means I spent over $100 for it.

    But you can’t create a simple way of letting us use it with Windows 7? Really?

    I’m just stunned. Really.

    Can’t you spend the $1000 and have someone write a driver?

  • I have wireless desktop M/N Y-RJ21, but cannot find Windows 7 drivers for this set. Strictly speaking, I am forced to buy from Logitech or another company the new keyboard and mouse. It looks like criminal behavior of Logitech company and irresponsible waste of resources.
    I shall buy one, but not from Logitech. Period.

  • Hello, I have a Logitech V470 bluetooth mouse and I’m shifting to W7 OS. However, I can’t find the SETPOINT 4.8 in the list though it is stated that it it compatible with SETPOINT 4,8. Hope to hear from you soon….URGENT! Thanks in advance…

    • Hi Jasmi,

      There seems to be an issue on our Web site where the Windows 7 option is not showing in the downloads page for V470. For now, you can still access SetPoint 4.8 by selecting a diffferent mouse as all of our mice utilize the same software. Here’s a link to the Anywhere MX Mouse downloads page:


  • Hi Andy,
    As a long-time and loyal Logitech customer, it truly puzzles me that Logitech doesn’t actively support Linux (esp. Ubuntu)

    Consider this: every time Microsoft- a Logitech competitor in hardware- releases a buggy OS, with all the millions of attendant issues, Logitech goes into overdrive to support them.

    Yet, when (Ubuntu) a competitor to your major competitor, with a growing and loyal user base, has users asking for better support, Logitech ignores them.

    Seems like faulty strategy to any sensible person. A number of hardware vendors (Nvidia for one) seem to have woken up to the true potential of the Linux market. When will Logitech join?

  • Robert Jones has it right. I have THREE expensive HID Logitech mice that I NEED the scroll button to work as double click. I guess this is a Planned Obsolescence move by Logitech. OK. I have purchased a new MICROSOFT mouse that allows me to program the scroll wheel to double click. And, even though Logitech DID provide Win7 drivers for the Quick Cam, I plan to discard it and buy ANY OTHER brand of web cam.

    I, at least, will not play on Logitech’s field.

    Prove me wrong Logitech: Provide drivers that recognize my existing mice in Win7.

  • hi i have a V470 cordless mouse and there are no support driveres for Windows 7 64 bit, and i know there is a standart driver that finds the mouse, but my driver somtimes frizes, and so i cant use the mouse unless i go in on the blue tooth menu and open the properties with my toutchpad on my laptop, so please relase a seperet driver thats updatet and without flaws, soutch as mine.

  • How about a *real* setup application for the harmony One remote?

    Something that isn’t just a poor (54Mb!) wrapper around a website that could win awards for poor usability (

    Something that doesn’t demand an internet connection before I can use my remote to turn on my TV

    Or just open up and publish the necessary API so the concordance developers can get on with doing the job properly…

  • I have a Dell XPS M1210 laptop running Windows 7 which works wonderfully with just about everything except the integrated QuickCam on the machine.

    Although the machine is not even out of warranty, I’m advised that neither Logitech nor Dell plan to provide updated drivers for it. I might have expected this sort of thing from Dell, but not from Logitech, whose products I have been buying for years. Aside from the ethical issues surrounding of this lack of support, it is really very poor business practice that will likely have long term consequences in market position.

    I request that Logitech reconsider its support for theDell XPSs M1210 Quickcam drivers.

  • Yes, Windows 7 64-bit drivers for the Dell XPS M1210 should be provided. It’s the right thing to do – near as I can tell this is an extremely popular model that Dell sold many of. I have also contacted Dell regarding this but I believe Logitech would still need to provide drivers to Dell.

  • I bought a Logitech QuickCam Pro 5000 less than 2 years ago. The product is still being sold.

    I upgraded my computer operating system to Windows 7. The QuickCam drivers and software would not install as it was blocked due to a compatiability issue.

    I contacted Logitech and they will not support the verision of QuickCam Pro 5000 that I have but there is another version of the same product that might work.

    Come on…Logitech should support a new product but they do not. I will not buy another Logitech product ever again as this is the 2nd time this has happened to me.

  • I’m another XPS1210 owner with the same webcam issue. I moved to Windows 7 32bit and the webcam device isn’t recognized. The driver (R151795) provided using troubleshooting didn’t work…any progress in getting support?

  • How is logitech up to speed with windows 7 drives? I was able to use my MX bluetooth with vista and had no issues and now can not get any drives for windows 7. Anyone know where or when to get the drivers?


  • Hi, I am having the same issue as Ralph Heerens

    [I’m another XPS1210 owner with the same webcam issue. I moved to Windows 7 32bit and the webcam device isn’t recognized. The driver (R151795) provided using troubleshooting didn’t work]

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