New Information about Logitech and Windows 7

I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on my April 30 and May 29 blog posts about Windows 7. For those of you who have installed Windows 7 RC or plan to install it when it officially launches in October, we’ve created a new section on our Web site about Logitech and Windows 7.

If you are using Windows 7 RC, please understand that we don’t provide technical support for pre-release software, although most Logitech products will work with the current Windows 7 RC without any action on your part. We look forward to providing support with the offical launch of Windows 7 in October.


Senior Product Manager, Logitech


  • Unfortunately the Vista x64 drivers don’t work for the S 5500 Webcam in Windows 7 x64. Release is right around the corner. Lets see some hustle!

    • Hi Michael,

      The S 5500 webcam will be compatible with Windows 7. LWS 1.0 should work, however in some instances, 64-bit drivers are having installation issues. Thanks for your patience.

      Best, Andy

  • Dear Logitech,
    The Plan to Release Win 7 Drivers is Best Left til AFTER Micro$oft releases
    win 7 retail, at which point you can make millions of more dollars selling your hardware
    (that’ll be incompatible or have reduced functionality with Windows 7) in the meantime.
    Besides, even if you could deal with that problem, if you release drivers now users could help report any bugs and help you fine tune the drivers in time for the Win 7 release date.
    Smart so smart. Obviously the Hardware designers are Great but some of the decision makers aren’t.
    Ignorantly Loyal Logitech Consumer

    2-g5 mice
    1-g9 mouse
    2-g15 keyboards
    x-530 and g51 speakers
    and countless cheaper Logitech mice, keyboards
    headphones, speakers etc. for friends
    and other peoples builds and upgrades that
    I’ve performed.

    • Hi Zalman,

      On July 17, we released 32- and 64-bit beta versions of the 3.03 software for G-series keyboards, which works with Windows 7. We are currently testing this internally, as well as evaluating feedback from users, and will release a final version of the 3.03 software before Windows 7 officially launches in late October.

      Links to beta software:

      Best, Andy

  • Please do release drivers soon – at least beta drivers – for Win 7 x64 for the laptop video cams. I don’t know how logitech isn’t utterly embarrased about this situation. 1 billion mice sold and yet they are so behind in drivers for other products.

  • My most needed drivers are for the Logitech G15 Keyboard and Quickcam Messenger webcam…i dont care 32 or 64bit,just do it!..RTM has been released,now you guys better do something about it,people are lightly pissed off and your drivers n hardware are the BEST…dont fail,please

  • I’ve got Win7 x64 RC installed myself and the Vista x64 drivers are adequately working. But seeing as the other people have mentioned and I’ve seen on other sites, it’s now RTM. Waiting diligantly for my mice (MX Rev) , webcam (Pro 5000), and momo wheel drivers. 🙂 Are you not the biggest input device hardware mfr? The smaller Seattle based company I work for was able to put out the very first certified Vista app, so there you go.

    We’re all waiting…

  • Hopefully you folks will get the rush on…The gaming community is in waiting for the G13/G15’s as well the mice updates soon!…I am surprised that Logitech has waited as long as they have. When it was Vista you guys did a rush on everything….

  • the interface of Windows 7 is great but in my opinion Windows XP is still a very solid and stable operating system. Right now, I would never give up XP for Windows 7.

  • My webcam (quickcam communicate STX) doesn’t work on Windows 7 64bits RTM. Any drivers available for this version?
    I hope so…

    • Hi xinito,

      Your best bet is to uninstall all previous versions of our webcam software. Then (making sure you have an active Internet connection), plug in the camera. Windows should provide the best compatible software. (If nothing is there, then the product is likely not supported for Win 7.)

      You should also check the download support pages, or manually check your software for an update by right clicking on the Quickcam icon in the system tray (bottom right).

      Best, Andy

  • Hi. I got my Logitech Quickcam Communicate STX working in Windows 7 x64 RTM (I’m an MSDN member) via Windows Update…the ONLY problem I have is being able to turn off the low light filter, which causes (and has always caused) an extremely choppy framerate for the camera. In Vista 64, as well as XP 32, its choppy unless I turn this off, but the problem here in Windows 7 is, I turned it off via the logitech webcam software…which isn’t compatible (only the driver via windows update is working). Is there any other way to turn off the low light filter and get my smooth framerate back?

    • Hi Hardkill,

      If you open up your video calling client of choice, usually under options or tools, there is a webcam settings button. Depending on the client, the RightLight control will be labeled as either RL, or low light boost. Also adding some light to your home environment will improve your experience.

      Best, Andy

  • Hello, Logitech! I have a quickcam 2500. I had a build 7260 and I updated my quickcam Software to version 12. Now when I have RTM of Win7 Windows updates only to version 11.8. Can you put version 12 to ftp? – Because I had no trouble with installation of v12. But v11.8 I can’t install. Thnx

  • and what about the windows 7 x64 drivers for orbit/sphere AF? Actual 12.0.1278(80) don’t work properly. Only mic function works.

  • I have been patiently waiting for the software for the S5500 to work in W7-64. It is now October 14th and you still do not have a workable software. the Vista- 64 installs and the sound ie mic is working.
    On vidio and picture I get the message: ‘Webcamis in use by another application. Stop the application usingthe webcam and then press the reconnect button.’
    Of course the webcam is not in use by another application and hitting the reconnect button naturaly does nothing. Am I to assume that you have the software to be ready by Oct.23rd yet not even having a beta ready? Do you clowns really believe that I will ever again buy a Logitech product again?! What about those who have already purchased a new computer with W7 installed ( yes, the64-bit).
    Consequence: On or right after the 23rd I will go out and buy new mice,keyboards and cameras but none of yours!

  • quick cam v11.8 cant install on my compuer iam using windows 7 computer 64 bit
    i had this working when my old computer was 32 bit windows 7 it was ok can you help

  • It’s October by now, for quite some days actually. Still there’s no “Windows 7” download option. Not that I’m surprised about it.
    But what I really wonder: Here in the blog and even on this “win-7 page” on the site you’re referring to setpoint 4.72 while the only download option is 4.80 for quite some time now (at least some month). I know how to get 4.72, but why you recommend that version above 4.80?

    • Hi Markus,

      You’ll want to download SetPoint 4.80. The Windows 7 support page should reflect this, and not 4.72. Thanks for letting us know – we’ll fix that right away.


  • Really not impressed. My keyboard, mouse, webcam and speakers are all from logitech. I don’t need drivers for my speakers, but I need windows 7 drivers for everything else as I need the functions on these pieces of hardware to work.

    As you have stated on the blog Logitech, the windows 7 driver architecture is almost the same as that on windows vista. So………..what in the name of god are you doing with your time?

    You said you’d have drivers out for windows 7 by August. Well it’s now the 19th of October and my Windows 7 DVD will be falling through my letterbox in 3 days and you don’t have the drivers ready.

    Thanks very much for nothing. I’ve spent a fortune on your products (everything I have from you is top of the range), and you can’t provide the drivers I need.

    This is not like the move from xp to vista. This one should be easy. Please stop pissing your customers off.

  • It is now 19th October. Windows 7 is released on 22nd October. A LOT of people have had RTM since August. Where is the Windows 7 option for drivers Logitech? Come on eh! You have known for god knows how long that Windows 7 is being released on the 22nd October. If I do not see Windows 7 drivers for the G15 keyboard software on the 22nd October, I will never be buying another Logitech product in my life. And I will be sending in a complaint to customer support and beyond. It is totally unacceptable. Nvidia, Creative and ATi all managed to have beta Windows 7 drivers, and then fully working Windows 7 drivers a while ago. Why not Logitech?

    This is disgraceful.

    • Hi Mads,

      Version 3.03 of the GamePanel software was launched at the beginning of October and features full Windows 7 support for all G-Series keyboards and gameboards. The website currently does not allow for the selection of Windows 7 on the software download page, but the same 3.03 installer file supports Windows XP, Vista, and 7. If you select Windows Vista or Windows XP as your operating system from the download page, you will get Windows 7 software (either 32 or 64-bit) for your G15.

  • Thanks for that information Chris. But surely, it would have made more sense to advertise this as Windows 7 software if it works in Windows 7. It would have saved you a lot of hassle.

  • Where can I find Windows 7 64-bit drivers for my G5 mouse? Tried the site but couldn’t even see it listed anywhere. I tried the one for the G500 but they didn’t work.

  • Logitech says NO NEW software will be created for Z Cinema! I spent SO MUCH MONEY on that speaker set and NOW I cannot USE IT! Only used it for 3 months on vista before my machine broke. Logitech please make a new software for windows 7! I don’t think I’ll ever buy from Logitech again… just terrible service.

  • Comunicate stx working with manual driver install in win 7 x64. But there is only webcam function working withouth microphone and no any other settings. I bought this webcam today. And I will go to store and switch with Microsoft webcam tomorrow.

  • When will there be Windows 7 drivers for the Z-10 speaker set? And how about actually posting something in the FAQ/Troubleshooting section for Z-10 speakers?!



  • I just purchased the QuickCam for Notebooks Deluxe and have just discovered that it is not compatible with Windows 7. Is there any current or forthcoming solution to this problem??

  • It is just a shame because you say that a lot of webcmas works under Windows 7, but so far, mine included on the YES list of webcams working under W7, the fact is that the software is totally unable to be installed for the 64 bit version. It is a shame because a so huge and big company does not put the right drivers on its website for >Windows 7 whch is actually the main OS since October 2009.
    I have the Webcam Conmnect but unable to install it under Windows 7 64bit.
    Just a SHAME !

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