Logitech Getting Ready for Windows 7

As one of the product managers in the Control Devices business unit (that’s Logitech’s way of saying mice and keyboards), I’m getting more and more questions about our support for Windows 7, particularly with today’s announcement from Microsoft. Rest assured, not only will we be supporting Windows 7, but we’ve been working closely with the Windows 7 team at Microsoft to improve the experience people will have when using our mice and keyboards with Windows 7.

One of my favorite new features is called Device and Printers. The beauty of Devices and Printers is that it provides one place where you can see all the peripherals attached to your computer, including your mouse and keyboard. You’ll be able to click on the picture of a device and configure it, and you’ll even be able to access Logitech software through Device and Printers. I think this will make it much easier for people to customize their mice, keyboards, webcams and other hardware attachments to their liking – and to take advantage of some of the features you might not have known how to configure in the past.

There will be much more to share as the official Windows 7 launch draws near, but for now I just want to let you know that we’ll be ready when Windows 7 is ready!


Senior Product Manager, Logitech


  • I also have a Logitech Illuminiated keyboard and G5 mouse, but don’t have that nice icon like you have in the prtrscrn.

    I tried in the control panel under devices and printers to change it but didn’t find it.

    Please enlight me howto change these icons in the real image of the peripheral.

  • Hi Jordi,

    We are in the development and testing phase for our device packages and they have not been released yet. The screenshot you see is an example of what will be available.


  • Initially I sent out a support email regarding an older webcam (the quickcam traveller, which is by all standards THE best webcam I’ve seen in the 8 years since I’ve had it) that didn’t have windows XP x64 drivers. The reply came, a very polite reply even, that summed up told me that there’s nothing that could be done. The reason I was so frustrated is because I purchased a quickcam express recently, and I find it to be utter crap, particularly regarding the drivers. Actually, particularly regarding the drivers, since even in manual mode, it decides that it knows better than me how it should work, thus turning the exposure/compensation down, regardless of the absolute lack of light (didn’t have this problem with the older webcam). I purchased the newer webcam, since I was thinking there’s absolutely, positively no possible way an 8 year old webcam can be better than one manufactured this year (regarding the image quality). I was wrong.

    Regardless of this, I went with the flow, and kept using the newer, worse webcam, since I had no other choice. Eventually, I switched to windows 7, 64 bit edition, and decided to install my webcam. Surprise!!!! Yet again, no drivers available, at least at this time for windows 7 (should I remind you that other manufacturers have had drivers available for a couple of months now ?). Then I went on downloading the xp 64 bit driver, and try to install it. Didn’t work, compatibility issues, so I tried to unpack the executable setup file, to extract the drivers and try to install them myself, since you’re unable to provide a nicely zipped driver package that I can just install myself. Well, that failed as well, but then again, I only spent about 30 seconds trying that. So right now I have no usable webcam, and I’m thinking that these will most likely be the last 30 seconds I’ve spent trying to use a logitech product.

    A friend of mine is using a Philips webcam on Windows 7. And the image quality is better as well. You used to be my favourite webcam company, and kept recommending you to everyone asking about a webcam. Now I can hardly be bothered to even consider purchasing any of your products.

    P.S.: I’ve successfully used windows XP drivers with windows 7, since they have the same architecture. Yet, Logitech doesn’t fail to disappoint, by not providing a compressed version of the barebone drivers for manual install.

  • I can’t wait for the release of beta drivers for my Logitech Pro 9000 Quickcam; for some reason the software no longer installs on the latest RC build of Win 7; I can use the camera in instant messenger and the like because Windows automatically installed drivers for it, but the Logitech software refuses to install on my x64 system, Please Logitech release some beta drivers!

  • So far, Logitech has been incredibly lax at providing drivers for W7 Beta and I’ve experienced only an unhelpful blanket response from the support forum.
    One of the great criticisms of Vista was the late delivery of drivers for hardware and my Logitech Pro 900 webcam is a current model. I cannot use this with the Beta and it is the ONLY harware that I have been unable to get working so far!

    Logitech need to get a MOVE ON on this. The RC is out on Tuesday. Where are the drivers?

  • Finally! I just came to the logitech site to ask you to hurry up! lol – I’m getting envious of so many people showing off their device stage and I still got nothing.

    One more thing, it’d be great if your software doesn’t keep Outlook open just for the sake of showing on my keyboard how many emails I have. If I close a program it’s because I really want it closed.

  • Hi BLOGItech, I’m using Win7 RC1, and I’ve lost the use of my webcam. What should I do? Should I wait for a Logitech Win7 driver, or just buy a MIcrosoft Webcam? MS already have Win7 drivers available. Any advice much appreciated. R.

  • I have been testing Windows 7 since the first public beta. Today I did a fresh install of Windows 7 RC. And STILL through ALL of the different versions the Quickcam 7 is THE ONLY thing that doesn’t work. My video card has had beta Windows 7 drivers for months now (way to go ATI). This is unacceptable and I will be ordering a new webcam after 7 years of always buying the newest Logitech cam. Goodbye Logitech and good riddence for your lack of customer support, concern, or care!

  • For all you guys that have installed Windows 7 (Beta or RC1), I would like to suggest that your best bet for working drivers (when you cannot find a Win7 one) would be a corresponding Vista driver.

  • I too have been patient since installing Windows 7 Beta in January. I understand that Betas are not supported, but had hoped that at least by this time some drivers had been released to give us some compatibility with Windows 7, but nothing has surfaced. RC has now been released and still nothing. Other webcam manufacturers have had drivers available since the beginning and people have been using their webcams, so why hasn’t Logitech kept pace? Windows 7 RTM will be released very soon. I hope we have something from Logitech before that. I’ve had the camera for 6 months and have only been able to use it for 2 of those 6 months. What a shame.

  • Count me in (or out I guess). I’m joining the stream of folks who are ditching Logitech over this driver issue.

    I also am left with this dumb webcam as the only non-functional device on my Windows 7 machine. Logitech hardware isn’t enough better than other manufactures that I need to put up with this.

    Look for my Pro9000 on eBay soon…

    • @LarryE, Paris, Adam, Richard, Paul, Ely, Ivan, mtranda as well,

      If you have a 32-bit Win 7 system, you should upgrade to QuickCam 11.9 software. It is our beta level support for Windows 7 beta. To upgrade your software, right click on the System Tray icon and select \”check for upgrades.\” If your camera is supported in 11.9, the automatic system should get 11.9 and install it for you.

      If you have a 64-bit Windows 7 system, we should be releasing our beta level support within the next month and a half. I\’ll be sure to post an update here when it\’s released.


  • If Logitech doesn’t release beta drivers for windows 7 beta soon. I am will be looking at the competition. Afterall, some of them have windows 7 drivers avaliable, Microsoft for example, and their cameras are just as good as Logitechs if not better even.
    Now I have little kittens and wanted to setup live feed for others to watch, unfortunately I use windows 7, so tomorrow I will stop by at local walmart and pick me up Microsoft webcam and Logitech will go in the box together with the Logitech wireless keyboard that went crazy on me few monhts ago. I am using MS wired keyboard and mouse and i am happy with it.

    Sponsored by Microsoft together with Wal-mart!

  • Hi there Andy Hengel, thanks for taking the time to reply; a month and a half is a long time, but I’ll do my best to be patient, time sometimes flies after all… right? lol yes I do have the 64-bit version of Windows 7, so I have no choice than waiting for you guys, please don’t forget that we’ll be counting the days 🙂

  • Well, now that is good news. Thank you Andy. Yes, I did get the 64-bit version because of my 8GB of RAM. I’ve waited this long, I guess I can wait a little longer.

    Thanks for the info Andy. I for one appreciate the good news.

  • Are you going to update the Blueetooth support? my MX5000 works fine as a usb keyboard but it dosnt want to connect as bluetooth conneftion

  • Hello all, I have an Illuminated keyboard, and older Quickcam STX and a LX8 laser wireless mouse. I have had Win7 since the beta release and I am running 32 bit now upgraded to 7RC. My PC kept bluescreening on restart; I pursued uninstalling applications and products then re-installing with backups in between until I identified the problem is with the SetPoint software. As long as I don’t install it everything is just great except I can’t program the extended functionality of my mouse buttons. Note: for my QuickCam the 11.5 driver works and even with Skype 4.0. Just everything blows up with SetPoint lxmou.sys (Ithink) causes the BLue Screen.
    Also note: I submitted a support case and received the standard 24 hr. response automation e-mail but I have not heard from anyone, go figure.
    Thank you, looking forward to a remedy for SetPoint.

  • I have quickcam messenger (USB\VID_046D&PID_08FO).

    I was using 32bit Windows Vista and your camera worked properly using 11.5 drivers. But after SP1 I’ve lost sound and no new version from Logitech company showed up. I’ve used hack found on internet and by replacing one of sys files I got sound again. But It’s sad that I had to use some dirty tricks when Logitech claims it supports Windows Vista. And the truth is that SP2 is already out and drivers are not ready for SP1 yet.

    Now I’ve installed 64bit Windows 7 RC and of course Logitech cam is not working. As few persons stated above:


    I also got your keyboard and mouse but didn’t tried SetPoint software yet. Looking for post made by Grant maybe it would be better not to try. Look at Creative case – people want good hardware but with good drivers.

  • As a reseller of Logitech items, I am lost for words that Logitech has taken this long to consider jumping onboard with MS Windows 7 (Alpha, Beta, RC1) and to finally try a beta version. As Co-Owner of a Midwest Wholesaler for Technology I’m embarressed to listen to my clients including numerous retail outlets whom are hearing loud and clear from the end users “Why would Logitech and all its great release’s throughout the year’s trip and fall flat on their faces during a strong recession and not be on the ball with a beta almost a year ago when Windows 7 was released to Technet and other Alpha testers”. Last week a field rep from Logitech brands was in our sales office doing her normal ‘song & dance” to attempt to win us over with our buying power to look into purchasing forward for a nice discount due to inventory overages with Logitech and other brands, normally I dont waste my time on rep’s but this time we invited our rep into our board room and let her go into her spill about Logitech and we had only 1 interuption..”Have you heard any rumor or straight talk about Logitech getting on the ball with Windows 7? As we have very large clients that handle 10’s of thousands of external devices daily in their enviroments and preparing for the future those same Director of I.T. Dept Heads are doing their own field tests to prepare for the guaranteed move from Win XP to Win 7 due to the enourmous advantages that Microsoft finally listened and scraped Vista for business’s and now we haven’t seen the excitement of sales possibilities since upgrade from 3.11 WFW to Win 95A. But, to have our largest product vendor sitting in the corner and deciding wether or not to start a beta driver is totally out of touch with technology of today! Unfortunetly I was told by my rep to contact Logitech myself as our rep felt that her comments would fall on deaf ears. And after logging on today and checking for myself I’m astonished that all these comments made by end users are iraite, blistfull and obvious to me where I need to make significant changes to both business and my 6 month ordering of products as Microsoft secondary parts are completely incheck with drivers and support! Good Luck and I will check back in 6-12 months when X64 and other drivers are ready.

  • It’s bewildering to me that a company like Logitech has not been more on the ball in this migration to Windows 7. I’ve got a S510 keyboard/mouse combo that windows told me to remove before installation. Unfortunately I ignored that advice to result only in blue screen of death with the first boot of Windows 7. I had to repeat the entire process and I’m using my wired keyboard/mouse backups I’ll give the company the six weeks implied in the original post and, but rest assured I’ll be dumping my Logitech keyboard/mouse if win 7 drivers aren’t available by then. And I think I’m being generous in waiting this long.

  • Well I went to my local Bestbuy and bought a new Microsoft webcam VX-7000. It is just as good if not better then my Quickcam 9000. It is working 100% with Windows 7 RC and is even less grainy then my Quickcam 9000. As for Logitech I am embarrassed for you as a company for waiting over a YEAR and you are just NOW developing BETA DRIVERS?!? What a joke

  • Orbitcam loaded and installed today, finally, under Win 7 RC 64bit. Working properly as well, without the artifacts I got under earlier Win 7’s and Vista. Thank you Logitech.

  • For some strange reason, the webcam I have, QuickCam® Ultra Vision, does NOT work in Win7 x64 RC build 7100, which it did do in all other builds, 7000-7048-7057-7068-7077, that I used.

    In Messenger I get the message that it isn’t able to connect to the webcam.

    So any genuine drivers are more than welcome!

  • I am done with Logitech products. It used to be I would not touch any other brand, Creative, Microsoft, No Name. But as I have no way to install the drivers for WIndows7 RC 64bit for this, the only equipment not working right now, I guess I will go the way of most people and purchase a Microsoft (ouch) webcam.

    I bought this cam less than 3 months ago, wonder if the retailer will take it back or exchange it.

    Window 7 not sue to release till the holiday season 2009, guess Logitech may have drivers by then… maybe

    Will be too late for me.

  • I have the logitech quickcam im/connect working on windows 7 rc release do not use the drivers for vista. the drivers are in windows 7.update driver by browsing your computer but
    instead of searching your computer click on let me pick from list of device drivers on my computer it has about 10 for logitech try those they worked for me:)

  • I thought I would experiment and just let Windows 7 RC x64 install drivers for the webcam and guess what….it’s working. I just tested it with Windows Live Messenger and it worked just fine. As a matter of fact, the image is much better than it was in Vista x64. It’s actually HD and I am now a happy camper. Thanks yardjockey for the tip.

  • After reading the posts here I thought i’d plug in my Sphere AF and try Yardjockey’s idea. 3 installs of Windows 7 it took as every time I installed the drivers Windows wouldnt start. It started doing the auto install and as if by magic its working fine with full features on Windows 7 64-bit. Strange but at least i can use it now, was going to bin off Logitech and go and buy a Microsoft one

  • I too have had success with just letting Window 7 RC1 X64 edition detect my Logitech Webcam. In my case it’s the Logitech QuickCam for Notebooks. When I irst plugged it in, it said it couldn’t find the driver but I chose to search Windows Update and it successfuly matched the webcam and downloaded the driver. I’ve tried it out with Skype and it works fine there. I’ve not tried it with Windows Live Messenger (aka MSN) yet, but I’s sure it will work there too.

    At least it keeps me going until the Logitech drivers are out.

  • Hey Yardjockey,
    Are you 32 or 64 bit?
    I tried as you suggested with 32-bit, but there are no Logitech devices under Sound, Video and Game controllers.

  • Using Windows 7RC1 and Logitech illuminated keyboard. Sound control buttons on keyboard do not work if setpoint installed, work fine without it. Other buttons such CD EJECT do not work unless setpoint is installed. Understand WIN7 not released but hope you are working on this issue.

  • Window 7 RC1 X64 didn’t recognize my QuickCam and I couldn’t find any webcam drivers from Logitech. Not sure why Yardjockey had better luck than me. Very disappointed with my new webcam. 🙁

  • Actually I just found a driver on the web and the camera now works fine on my Windows 7 64 system. Weird that Logitech doesn’t at least make the driver available.

  • Hey guys, you are forgetting it’s just a Release Candidate.. yes i know, it’s is quite nicely worknig already but it’s not a finished product yet so be patient.

    I just think it’s ridiculous yelling “IM D0N3 W1T|-| WINDOWZ 7!!!!!!! CAN’T I HAZ DRIVERS PLZ??”

  • Giraffe, It would be nice if you could tell us where you found that driver 🙂

    Thank you!

  • Count me in also (or out perhaps).

    I understand the somewhat reluctance (or resistance) from Logitech when the different Betas were out, but (as many before me has pointed out) the fact that RC1 is already released and that the RTM version of Win7 is just around the bend (roumerd to be released 15 october -09), makes it hard to understand/accept the lack of Win7-drivers for Logitech products, and especially Web cameras.


  • I have model no. 861206, this was never supported under Vista and I do not believe it will ever work under Win7 64 bit. I tried everything from above, but nothing is working. So I have to buy a new one, Microsoft probably. I do not want lose my money again buying product with such poor driver support. Goodbye Logitech!

  • i’ve been using w7 since it came out, its sad to see how logitech it’s way behind with the drivers, the only thing i can’t get drivers is for my QuickCam® IM™ and a sony flash drive….. that is really bad for a company like logitech…..

  • I am in the same position and wonder whether P/N 861206 might be supported in Win 7.

  • You can search Microsoft’s update site at http://catalog.update.microsoft.com/v7/site/home.aspx

    Do a search for “windows 7 client + Logitech”. I downloaded the drivers for my Quickcam Communicate STX but Win7bRCx64 would still not recognize that driver. So, I’m still without a webcam.

    I just hope this is not a snitting contest between MS and Logitech in which MS is seeking again to make its products the only products with driver support for THEIR new OS. After all, it IS Microsoft. And they have on rare occasions before been accused of “unscrupulous” marketing. Nothing like making it difficult or next to impossible for your competitors to create drivers for YOUR new (MS) OS to make your (MS) products look better than the competition (Logitech) – especially when they aren’t.

    When there are billions of dollars on the line, I tend to turn to the adage, “Is it really paranoia if they really are out to get you?”

    I recommend patience – and to remember that beta software should never be used as your main software. If you need your cam, then use the OS that works with it. When Windows 7 is finalized, THEN jump in with both feet if you like. For now, however, remember – BETA! Not for prime time yet!

  • Right now the only Win7 issue I’m having is the small buttons on my Trackman Marble won’t function. Really looking forward to those drivers.

  • I have a QuickCam Ultra Vision webcam. Has anyone had luck finding drivers for this webcam that works on Windows 7 RC1 64-bit?

    thanks in advance

  • I actually went ahead and installed it using compatablity mode the 64 bit vista driver on my vista RC1 for the orbit AF and guess what happened?! It so messed up my windows 7 rc1 I had to reinstall so I do not recommend trying it. Luckily for me it was a fresh install of rc1 so no real loss, but still crashing the entire OS because a beta driver isn’t even ready ? Crazy IMO. Common Logi get with the program! Shouts to MS on the greatest OS ever!

  • I am hosed.. thanks Logitech. I have a built in Logitech cam on my dell M1210. Windows7 has not been a surprise, but it seems so for Logitech. No driver for W7 still.

  • Andy,
    Where will news of the Win 7 RC 64bit drivers be posted? “Within a month and a half” from May 6 is before June 21st – at this stage does it look like you’ll meet, preceed or miss that date?
    Regards etc

    • Hi Finn,

      The Win 7 RC 64-bit drivers are on schedule to be released in the next two weeks.

      Best, Andy

  • Re: Quickcam Proo 9000, Windows / driver issue.
    Just pluged in my cam without software CD and windows update searc for driver. That is it.
    My cam is working with Skype, no problem at all.
    Additional software is not working, no big deal

  • Logitech will probably do what they did with vista and make everyone buy new webcams and not bother to even make drivers for the old ones being the greedy ***** they are. I have a quickcam pro for notebooks that they still wont even make vista drivers for yet I am able to use it with other drivers and no problems. hmm if I can make it work then they should obviously be able to release some drivers instaed of making most people that dont know how to find a work around buy new cameras. I will never purchase anything from logitech again because of that one greed induced incident!

    • Hi wraith,

      We actually do have Vista drivers for the Quickcam Pro for Notebooks. Our Win 7 RC webcam drivers will be released in the next two weeks.

      Best, Andy

  • First off, have the MX 5500 combo and all appears well on Windows 7 RC without any other drivers required. Only thing is you don’t have the funky control panel, and though would be nice to have the drivers for the control panel page to be available, that the keyboard and mouse combo worked without a problem during setup is good for me. Remember, even though Windows 7 is in release candidate stage, its still not fully what will be in the stores (perhaps vendor drivers tossed directly into the installation, or vendors releasing their drivers a month before Windows 7 release date).

    I also have a Harmony Remote (890), and am kinda stuck considering I don’t know if there are device drivers for it yet for Windows 7 built in (or delivered through a Windows Update).. If there is a certain way to update it on Windows 7 RC I’d like to know.

    I do like the new Windows 7 (though never had any real big beef about any issues with Vista), and think it leaves a lot of us in sort of limbo status: Do we downgrade back to Vista for our required Logitech apps, or blaze forward with Windows 7 RC hoping they won’t take too long til they are available? It’s a question we all need to ask. So, if having solid drivers and solid apps to function with your devices are important, stick with Vista til there’s full Logitech drivers available, else keep running with Windows 7 RC and deal with features that are currently not there but we all hope shall be soon.

    I still remember the days when you had to physically set jumpers for a serial port just in the hopes you might get your modem to work, with text based (DOS, TRS-DOS, true AT&T Unix, HPUX, etc), so waiting a few weeks or months for drivers for an OS that (even though is RC) is still not released, is a much easier pill to swallow.

  • Ok i have a little cheap quickcam chat that i bought a week before going to windows 7, and then after wards found out that it will not work on my W7 64bit, so basicly i just threw away $25. i mean really guys, you have drivers for vista, and windows 7 isnt much different. is making some simple webcam drivers really that hard of a job?

    • Hi JSMalinko,

      As mentioned earlier, we are on track to post Win 7 RC drivers within the next two weeks.

      Best, Kate

  • Choosing a 64-bit system I knew it will always be more difficult to find good drivers / softwares, however it still should not be a problem for one of the greatest webcam producers to keep up the pace with Microsoft (new platforms) & with the competitors, and publish a good working driver as fast as they can.
    It was well known for some time that Microsoft would release the RC version in April so it was in Logitech’s best interest to keep their customers satisfied and prepare drivers for both 32 / 64 bit systems but they have not. I have a kick-ass configuration which can run basically everything and the only thing not working under Win7 is the logitech product. What does that tell you?
    I would really appreciate an explanation for the delay, that might help me calm down. Unlike others who commented above I have to say I will not just got to the shop and buy another one from another manufacturer being a customer purchasing everything for a long term, so Logitech has put me in a really ackward position where I am exposed to their delays, incompetence and whatnot.

    A true believer (that Logitech pulls itself together and comes up with drivers real fast)

  • I have to echo the concerns of many of the posters here. The total lack of Logitech support of Windows 7 has really brought me great concern for any future Logitech purchases. I fail to see how a company that tries to show itself as a leader of its industry would wait so long and leave its customers cold on Windows 7.

    We’ve seen companies with only a fraction of the resources that Logitech has jump on Windows 7 and have put drivers out for a year now.

    I’m a big fan with my G15 Gaming Keyboard, my left handed mouse (PLEASE MORE LEFT HANDED TOYS), and my Quickcam…oh wait, my Quickcam is sitting collecting dust….

  • i am simply looking for drivers for the old clicksmart, (still my favorite camera) for vista, whats up?

  • Well, just finished installing Win7 64, works amazing, sees all my RAM, runs all my programs perfectly. Oh, wait, I’m sorry, not my quickcam.. Tried the vista drivers, But no… won’ work.

    I’m very displeased with the driver support for logitech already, When i got Vista i had to wait what seemed like forever to get my cam drivers. And now i have to do the same.

    Everyone else has Win7 64 drivers. Since it’s release in about a month, maybe two, I think you guys should to. Since i need my webcam for business. I will be purchasing from another vender with Win7 support.

  • If logitech is not releasing drivers for my Quickcam, because they want customer to buy new webcams, guess what? if i have to buy a new camera, is not gonna be Logitech…Period

  • Give us windows 7 version now, this is simply monopoly, we are testing windows 7 before its release we diserve fairness

  • Logitech has never been one to have early drivers. In fact, I can remember when they didn’t have drivers until a few weeks AFTER the release. I’m glad to see that after years of change, Logitech refuses to.

  • The Wave Keyboard appears with its picture in the Devices and Printers. Now if only the 64-bit drivers for the MX Revolution and QuickCam Pro 9000 can follow suit.

    Your hardware is great but the software seems to lag behind. This version of Windows is miles ahead of Vista and it would be worth it to be proactive and have drivers plus the software ready way before October 22nd.

    Just a thought.

  • What the! No driver compatability for G15 or G9?
    Come on guys and gals. happy to pay good money for good gear, but no drivers= no sales in the long term.

  • I am running Windows 7 RC 64 bit. The only device that I cannot get to function, even minimally, is a Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 that I JUST bought.

    I find it difficult to believe that Logitech will not support Win 7, both 32 and 64 bit, for their top-of-the-line products they are CURRENTLY selling as the Windows 7 RTM date approaches.

    I am a long time proponent of Logitech as a vendor of best in class products. If Logitech taked the position the the product they sell 3 months prior to an RTM are no longer supported and require a “product upgrade” I ssure you I will upgrade to a different vendor’s product line and recommend the same to those I support.

    Come on Logitech, don’t soil a sterling reputation. The clock is ticking….

    P.S. I need a new game controller will the Rumblepad support be as iffy as the camera….. support? You see a reputation has va

  • cmon guys! even u already don’t have finished drivers – tell us only when they r will be done.
    we have buying ur accesories coz they r the best – so show just a little respect…

    still with u 😉

  • logitech great products wouldnt use any thing else , but the support for windows 7 ?? hmm.. not happy

  • My Quickcam Pro 4000 is now reduced to a “USB Composite Device” in Windows 7 x64. Good thing it works when on chat, but couldn’t turn it on manually. Quick snap button does not work anymore… well, face tracking is no longer a feature 🙁

    Included software does not function, and can’t find the camera. Well, bottomline, would appreciate if all the features are back… W7 x64 drivers please. Thanks!

  • I’m not happy either. nVidia and Microsoft have both just released FINAL Win 7 drivers for their hardware products and Logitech hasn’t even released Beta drivers. Disgusting.

    Also whats with the download link disappearing for the QuickCam Sphere AF? Official Win 7 drivers (beta or otherwise) for this Camera and the Wave keyboard please!

  • Hello everyone, Logitech has released a new driver for Windows Vista; it’s version lws100_x64/x32, this one is full of new goodies and it appears to work just fine with Windows 7 it even adds capabilities to record in 16X9 HD mode check it out!

  • Wow.
    Thanks for screwing up logitech.
    Let’s see if I ever buy your bug ridden crap ever again. =D

  • When are we going to see the windows 7 support?? I am really missing the audi keys on my Ligitech Illuminated Keyboard

  • i was not very impressed with the fact that after installing windows 7 64 bit i was unable to find ANY windows 7 drivers for my g15. come on logitech lift your game so i can play mine in style !

  • I need to correct an earlier statement. I haved just done a clean install of Windows 7/64 bit and the sound keys are working correctly. So apparently the problem is that setpoint 4.72 breaks the sound keys and removing of setpoint leaves the keys still broken. I won’t be installing setpoint again until this is confirmed fixed.

  • Seriously. If you’re going to make a driver, make a 64 bit version too. Nearly every new computer on the planet has more RAM then 32 bit will support now. . .why the hell are you people pretending we all have 32bit vista on a dell from 2002?

  • Dear Logitech,
    The Plan to Release Win 7 Drivers is Best Left til AFTER Micro$oft releases
    win 7 retail, at which point you can make millions of more dollars selling your hardware
    (that’ll be incompatible or have reduced functionality with Windows 7) in the meantime.
    Besides, even if you could deal with that problem, if you release drivers now users could help report any bugs and help you fine tune the drivers in time for the Win 7 release date.
    Smart so smart. Obviously the Hardware designers are Great but some of the decision makers aren’t.
    Ignorantly Loyal Logitech Consumer

    2-g5 mice
    1-g9 mouse
    2-g15 keyboards
    x-530 and g51 speakers
    and countless cheaper Logitech mice, keyboards
    headphones, speakers etc. for friends
    and other peoples builds and upgrades that
    I’ve performed.

  • I am currently on a new system just built using Win7 x64 with a MX Revolution and a G15.

    I have no use of Up/Down Arrow keys, CTRL keys, G1-6 keys, Audio controls.

    Why can’t Logitech just release a “Beta” driver for their products before the offical release date of Win7? What do you get out of holding out on a driver for you products besides a bunch of angery consumers in a time when don’t want to stop people from buying your products?

  • I just installed Windows 7 RTM from my MSDN subscription, this must be as ready as windows 7 is going to be.

    “There will be much more to share as the official Windows 7 launch draws near, but for now I just want to let you know that we’ll be ready when Windows 7 is ready!”

    Now windows 7 is ready, where can i download the drivers for my mouse and keybord?

  • Ye I got my RTM MSDN version today and was please to see everything have driver support apart from my periphials 🙁

  • I have Logitech Z Cinema… Logitech MX 1100…and Logitech Webcam Pro 4500… Only these components of my PC have no drivers for Windows 7 RTM. Helooo RTM is here and no drivers ? This is the last time i ever bought Logitech products. You have just lost one customer.
    I’ll sell these products and buy MS or any other.
    Bye forever

  • Glad to hear that Windows 7 will be supported. I just wish marketing teams would stop using the term “the experience” when talking about using hardware and software. It’s not an “experience” to use a mouse or keyboard, it’s a bloody necessity.

    With both the Beta and RC versions being out for some time and now with the start of the RTM period already begun, surely this software or at least some form of beta version should have been available a long time ago.

  • I am very confused that Logitech have still not released Windows 7 drivers. Surely, when an OS is in beta, the drivers should also be in beta. The same should be said come RC. We, the end user, could actually help you test your drivers if you actually made them available to us!

    Nvidia, ATI, Creative and even Kodak (although it doesn’t say Windows 7, their printer driver does work) have managed to release either beta, or fully working driver now for Windows 7. Both for 32 and 64-bit. Surely Logitech could do the same. It makes no sense to me, to release a driver for a product AFTER it has been released to everyone, and then discover it has many faults/bugs that need to be fixed. You have a ready supply of people now running Windows 7 RTM. Surely, it would be in Logitechs best interests as a company of reliable and quality peripherals to use this to their advantage.

    I for one, hope you learn from this mistake. You only have yourselves to blame if the drivers fail on release day. If there are no Windows 7 drivers available a few days before the 22 October, I will have to seriously consider my use of Logitech products from then on. It is simply not acceptable.

  • Hi Mr. Hengel, I have a Dell XPS 1201 notebook, how shall I know when W7 driver for “Quick cam for Dell Notebooks is ready?

    Thanks in advace.

    Jose Antonio Patino

  • I for one, would like to see the Windows 7 drivers sooner rather than later. Surely, it makes sense to TEST a driver when the product is also being TESTED!

    That’s why Beta and RC are vital steps within software developement. Creative, Nvidia and ATI have all managed to get Beta drivers out, and now, fully functioning drivers.

    Surely a company, as big as Logitech can see, it is free testing for them, to release beta drivers as the development of Windows 7 has progressed.

    Now Windows 7 has gone RTM, and many people have their final copies, surely it would be a good idea to release a beta driver, so we can help iron out any bugs!

    Either way, I hope the final drivers are released a few days before the release of Windows 7, as I would like to prepare my drivers in advance. If they do not appear until after Windows 7 release, I will have to consider whether Logitech is still the best option for all my peripherals.

  • I have installed Win 7 for a couple of weeks already and I really enjoy it. Hardly few issues, mainly with devices without drivers such as my Logitech webcam QuickCam pro 4000 which I can’t manage to make it work.

    I won’t wait forever for the proper drivers and should I change my webcam, I will favour a brand which has already made itself ready for win 7.

  • “But for now I just want to let you know that we’ll be ready when Windows 7 is ready!”
    I like your optimism, but reality is, 7 is here and no signs of drivers and software from Logitech.
    Second disappointment with you guys, first one was inability to replace receiver for one of my Favorite mouse G7 and now this.
    Please post the update on your main website with approximate release dates , respect people’s time as a lot of us are wasting it looking for drivers that are not exist.
    PS. Yesterday replaced my G15 with MS one .I’m still using MX revolution but not sure for how long.

  • Well, I can recommend to everyone to look for another company.

    The way Logitech deals with W7 customers is not acceptable.
    The support guy was especially impolite.

    Anyway, markets are regulating themselves, so at some point of time such companies will be gone…

  • On Microsoft Windows 7 Professional x64bit RTM and no drivers for the system. If you started in May, it’s taken a LONG time to get them ready!

  • Not sure if it’s totally related, but, my first logitech product are my Z cinema speakers. the will be my first and last product. i can’t stand the remote; it loses focus on all windows! Totally disappointed.

  • Hmmm, blog post in April with nothing posted since then. Not much of a blog, wouldn’t you say?

    Anyway, I have a Logitech G15 keyboard that cannot use any of it’s features because Logitech didn’t even have the capability of changing their Vista x64 drivers to allow installation on Win7 x64. That’s five months of Logitech sitting with its thumb up its sphincter, leaving its customers looking like fools for choosing Logitech gear. Smart move Logitech… especially in THIS economy. See ya in the unemployment line.

  • add me to the list of dissapointed Logitech customers – their ability to keep up makes their hardware useless.

    I paid a lot of money for my keyboard and mouse – I’m still able to use them but not at its full potential.

    The device centre was supposed to be ready a while back and still nothing. I guess from now on I’ll be safer if I buy Microsoft devices instead of logitech.

  • Got the G15 working with Windows 7 64 bit and the lgps302_x64 installer from Logitech:

    1. Right click the file -> Properties -> Compatibility -> Select Vista SP2
    Then click apply, then OK.

    2. Right click again, and select ‘Run as Administrator’

    It should now install and all functionality is restored.

  • Thanks Rog,

    was pulling my hair out with the this driver is not compatable BS over and over again.

    The drivers were set to vista and i could not see how to change it, even tried to run as admin and it would not work.

    After finding your instructions, on the compatability tab people may need to first click

    “Change settings for all users” then select Vista Sp2.
    Then run as admin = Installs at last FFS

    Only took 20 minutes to get this installed……….

  • I have to say i own 4 logitech devices and its a pain in the ass sein none work properlly in windows 7 im so over logitech crap!

  • Andy Hengel | June 4th, 2009 at 11:56 am

    Hi JSMalinko,

    As mentioned earlier, we are on track to post Win 7 RC drivers within the next two weeks.

    Best, Kate

    Kate, this was posted on June 4th, today is September 24, and still no drivers

    • Hi Mike,

      Beta drivers for Windows 7 RC were in fact released within the timeframe I stated. More information here.

      Best, Kate

  • Frustrating. Sure looks bad for Logitech. Everything else works perfectly on Windows 7 Ultimate 64, but not my QuickCam Connect. Next one I buy will NOT be from Logitech, that’s for sure.

  • I am also upset that my Quickcam Communicate does not work with windows 7. This appears to be a ploy to get me to buy another webcam. Well I am not so dumb, if I have to buy one it will certainly not be Logitech.

    Additionally my cordless iTouch keyboards’ special media keys, you know, the entire reason I bought this keyboard? Well, they don’t work in windows 7 either.

    Don’t even get me started with the giant ball of bugs that is the Squeezebox Duet controller!

    Very dissatisfied customer.

  • Well,

    Logitech is always late. Yes. Many others are always early, but just as buggy. Windows 7 hasn’t been released yet. So let’ just wait and see if Logitech will come up with the drivers for all our hardware when W7 launches?

    Six months before the release of windows7 and people start complaining about unavailable drivers. What the hell?

    Very curious costumer who can wait for w7 when it’s ‘actually there’..

  • Most major manufacturers have release drivers and software throughout the Windows 7 Beta and RC phases. I know that ATI and nVidia have both been great about making sure the people testing Windows 7 have had access to working drivers.

    It shouldn’t be that much to expect a company like Logitech to provide updated software or drivers before the official release. MSDN users have had RTM since August 6th. That should have been when Logitech released updates.

  • I’m afraid I have to agree with most of the comments here. Developers got RTM versions a while ago already and still no support from logitech. I have many logitech products and I am very disappointed with there attitude towards windows 7 compatibility.

  • Anything at all Andy? Please don’t say soon. I don’t think anyone on the blog wants to hear soon. Been on RTM for over a month now on 5 64-bit PCs all with webcams but no software to run them. Drivers work that windows comes with or downloads, but adobe media encoder even with the low light light boost off still does not perform as it should.

  • Anything at all Andy? Please don’t say soon. I don’t think anyone on the blog wants to hear soon. Been on RTM for over a month now on 5 64-bit PCs all with webcams but no software to run them. Drivers work that windows comes with or downloads, but adobe media encoder even with the low light light boost off still does not perform as it should.

  • Yes, please give us an update. we are about a week away from GA of Windows 7 and would like to update our software. thanks for any insights you can provide!

    • Hi Jake (and others),

      As stated in previous posts, you can find information about Windows 7 support here.


  • Running Windows 7. diNovo Bluetooth Keyboard, Media Pad and Mouse. Works great until attempting to load Setpoint 4.6, 4.72, or 4.8. Bluetooth receiver attempts to locate devices but fails until software is uninstalled and system reboots.

    Then devices work but there are no advanced features to work with.

    Any advice?

  • The Windows 7 RTM 64-bit software makes the quickcam stx real choppy, was hoping logitechs driver would fix some of the issues, even with low light boost unchecked in adobe media encoder live, the quality just doesnt seem like what It should be, I usually have a few other options to tinker with the logitech software to make the image more fluid.

  • Hi,
    I have installed the windows 7 ultimate but i cant install my webcam that is the communicate stx but the older one (V-UAM14A). how can I install this?

  • I’m not sure I believe any of this commitment to Windows 7. I’ve had the full 64-bit RTM installed for quite a while. The only products I’ve had a problem with are Logitech’s Web Cam’s. The drivers refuse to install.

    When I unpackaged the EXE, windows wont recognize the drivers at all. The Quickcam program installs while outside of the EXE package, but still fails to start.


    Blaitant lies.

  • Still no Windows 7 release drivers available for the G19 or G13 gaming keyboards with less that a week to go for the new operating system? If I go to the products page and try to download drivers the options are only Vista, XP or Mac. I did manage to find a link eventually via your forums for a beta driver, but I (as many others) can’t get that driver to give full functionality to these devices. Customers seem to be left to post links to 3rd party sites for applications to make these products do what they are supposed to do.

    • Hi Ian,

      We’re working to include a Windows 7 option – in the meantime, if you select Windows Vista or Windows XP as your OS from the download page, the file that you download will be the non-beta version we designed for Windows 7. Thank you for your patience.


  • Hi guys,

    I just bought a new webcam (quickcam) for my wife, since she just upgraded from vista to windows 7, and her ancient webcam is no longer supported. Since the the package of your camera stated that it was compatible with vista, and you had plenty of time to make adjustments to (if at all needed) I am rather disappointed to find that the driver installation failed. Where are your win7 drivers?

    kind regards,

  • Hi, if i will adjusting volume, system goes slow down. On XP it’s everything ok 😉

    I have MX Revolution and Wave, W7 Ultimate 32bit.

  • Recently purchased a few USB Headsets, model number H330 for use with Cisco IP Communicator. These work perfectly as expected on Windows XP, and Windows Vista. However if I use these with Windows 7, the noise is unbearable. Playing an sounds, even from the Sounds control panel applet, you just get a high pitched squealling noise.

    Initially thought about drivers for Windows 7, but after searching your site, cannot find anything. Also you site says these headsets are compatible with Windows 7.

    Please help!



    • Hi Marc,

      Are you referring to the Logitech Gaming Headset G330? If so you, shouldn’t need drivers – the 330 is a corded USB headset that’s plug and play.


  • I have windows 7 and cant get the bilt in web cam to work on my DEll M1210. Help! Can I get the drivers from you?

  • I’ve been reading all of these posts, and I can’t believe that my $80 Clearchat Pro Headset is USELESS on a brand-new Windows 7 PC running Home Premium 64-bit. I tried to use a link to the G35 headset driver for 64-bit vista…..but you can’t get it from your site. C’mon guys, this is POOR support. If I go back to a headset/microphone that is non-USB, I’ll never support Logitech products again, and I buy a ton for our business.

    • Hi Rick,

      The Logitech ClearChat Pro USB is a plug and play headset that does not come with drivers. It should work with your Windows 7 PC once you plug it in. If you’re having problems, please contact customer support at http://www.logitech.com/support).


  • I have V470 mice about 2 years already. It works well with XP, but I had to use Vista so far, and I had a lot of issues with this mice: time-to-time it down and it was hard to reconnect it again, tilt-scroll doesn’t work, the original software from Logitech created a lot of lags… Howerver I got the W7 as upgrade, and I wounder that all problems being solved. I was wrong. XP and Vista at least worked sometimes. But with W7 I can only detect he mice, however it doesn’t work at all, even in time of inicialising it’s appear as present, but nothing else. I was fan of Logitech before, but I don’t thinkl I’ll ever buy any further products. Ha-ha, by the way – it is funny to find the suggestion on support-site that my mice works wwell with W7 and SetPoint v.4.8 software. 🙂 I was surprised again when I found that were are only XP/Vista software support available – so I just can’t choose W7. Also, in XP/Vista only v.4.72 version is available. Nice, pretty nice support. I wish you good lack, dear Logitech. I don’t think I ever touch to you and your products again.

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