Logitech Mouse and Keyboard Support for Snow Leopard

For everyone who has been waiting for an update to our LCC software for mice and keyboards that supports Snow Leopard, we have good news. A new version that works with Snow Leopard — in 32 or 64-bit modes — is now available. You can download it at www.logitech.com/maclcc.


Senior Product Manager, Logitech


  • Hi:

    I am running snow leopard. I have installed the new LCC. When I start the Mac in single user mode, I receive multiple copies of the message:

    “Trying to change a collection in the registry
    com.Logitech.Control Center.HID driver(3.1.0) etc…


  • Logitech help desk can’t even provide me with a driver for my Attack3 joystick!! They said
    there was a problem with the site, that’s why there was no downloadable driver for Mac OS anything.

    They said they’d email me in a little while with a link to the driver. That was 4 hours ago.
    Logitech has no interest in Mac compatibility, or support for Mac users who buy Logitech products.

  • Also, I told the person on help desk that I couldn’t properly register my product because the site did not recognise the model number (M/N:) J-UJ18 on my product. He was not at all interested in that piece of information.

    • Hi dalewr99,

      For MAC users, software is not needed for the Attack 3, it is built in the Operating System.


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