Crush Every Presentation with the Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote

How do you feel when you’re preparing to give a big presentation? Many rate public speaking as their biggest fear, even more worrisome than death.

For most, that fear stems from lack of confidence – a worry that people will judge them negatively both for the ideas they’re putting forth in their presentation, but also for factors that are seemingly out of their control, like technology failures. That’s why we’re so excited to share with you a new standard in presentation control, the Logitech® Spotlight Presentation Remote.

With Spotlight, you can effortlessly navigate slides, play videos and interact with on-screen content — highlighting and magnifying the parts you really want to draw the audience’s attention to — from up to 100 feet away. And with its companion app, you can also set time alerts, toggle pointer mode and activate custom controls, such as volume gesture commands. No more worries about technology failures — Spotlight takes away that anxiety and helps you crush your presentation every time.

Internationally best selling author on the topic of presentations and communications, Carmine Gallo, has taken an early look at Spotlight and believes it can help anyone become a better, more engaging presenter. When it comes to Spotlight, Carmine said:

“Logitech’s Spotlight gives presenters the freedom to move, to engage with the content, to use gestures, hand movements and to focus the audience’s attention. For anyone who presents as part of their job to pitch ideas, engage teams, or inspire employees and customers, the Spotlight wireless presentation remote is an elegant and useful tool that will take your presentation to the next level.”
What are some of your must-have tools when you make presentations?  For us, it’s a power outfit, Spotlight and a smile. Tell us yours in the comments below.