Ultimate Ears Celebrates 20,000th Ear-Impression Recipient: Nyee Moses

We hit a new milestone this week – 20,000 sets of ear impressions! We have a huge wall of ears that continues to grow and (not to sound paranoid) I think they are collectively listening and policing us to make sure we stay on our toes and continue to innovate.

We are proud and happy to announce that our 20,000th ear impression recipient is one of our Artists to Watch, Nyee Moses. We are awarding her a new set of UE 7 Pros.

I met Nyee this week and was introduced to her music. I can say, enthusiastically, that this is a star in waiting – Nyee has a great and captivating personality, is concerned and active with environmental causes, and is intelligent with a very sweet disposition.

A little from her official bio: Nyee is considered an Indie recording artist with a knack for being a musical storyteller of diverse worlds. Her music resonates with a soulful blend of pop, soul, Latin, jazz, and African flavors. She spent her time growing up in upstate New York and Philadelphia and studied music early on in school and began writing to express herself. Influenced by the music her parents listened to, ranging from jazz to classical, as well as her own discoveries of pop and soul, she put together the pieces of what would become her sound as an artist. Released independently on her label, Nyee has been garnering critical acclaim and has been featured in trend-spotting blogs and national magazines.

Congratulations Nyee!


Director of Product Development, Ultimate Ears


  • Music from Nyee Moses a great indie artist is also featured in the upcoming romantic comedy “On The Market” coming this Fall 09.

  • I love and adore this artist, she is starlight divine illumination of brilliance! from a true fan
    who loves the custom design and the technology behind the ear impressions!

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